Rising Star Duo (Trainer class)

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Rising Star Duo
ホープコンビ Hope Combination
VSRising Star Duo SM.png
VS model from Sun and Moon
Other names
Introduced in Generation VII
Appears in Sun and Moon
Gender One male, one female
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A Rising Star Duo (Japanese: ホープコンビ Hope Combination) is a pair of Pokémon Trainers introduced in Generation VII. A Rising Star Duo is depicted as a pair of male and female Rising Stars who challenge the player to a Double Battle.


VSRising Star Duo SM.png
VS model from
Sun and Moon
Rising Star m SM OD.pngRising Star f SM OD.png
Overworld models from
Sun and Moon

Trainer list

Pokémon Sun and Moon

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 新星組合 Sānsīng Jóuhahp
Mandarin 新星組合 / 新星组合 Xīnxīng Zǔhé
France Flag.png French Dresseurs en Herbe
Germany Flag.png German Trainerhoffnungen
Italy Flag.png Italian Duo Giovani Speranze
South Korea Flag.png Korean 호프콤비 Hope Combi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Dúo Promesa

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