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Rich Boy
おぼっちゃま High-class Child
ORAS Rich Boy.png
Art from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Other names
Introduced in Generation III
Appears in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver
Black, White, Black 2, and White 2
X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire
Gender Male only
Female Counterpart Lady
Notable members Roman, Chaz
Anime debut A Full Course Tag Battle!
TCG debut [[(TCG)|]]
TCG card {{{card}}}
Manga debut PW04 (Be the Best! Pokémon B+W)
Deprogramming Porygon-Z
PMDP20 (Pocket Monsters DP)

A Rich Boy (Japanese: おぼっちゃま High-class Child) is a type of Pokémon Trainer that debuted in the Generation III games. They are depicted as boys dressed in elaborate and fancy clothing. Their female counterpart is a Lady.

They generally use weak Pokémon but pay out a large amount of money as a reward; the largest recorded prize money after a Trainer battle was PokémonDollar.png10,240, which can be multiplied to PokémonDollar.png20,480 with an Amulet Coin or Luck Incense. Many of their Pokémon also carry Nuggets. They use Full Restores to heal their own Pokémon in battle, which can be humorous early-game.

In X and Y, Rich Boys appear in the Battle Chateau, where they are classified as a Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, or Duke. They also appear in the Battle Maison so there are no Rich Boys that can be battled outside of the Battle Maison.


Spr RS Rich Boy.png Spr DP Rich Boy.png Spr BW Rich Boy.png Spr B2W2 Rich Boy.png
Sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire,
and Emerald
Sprite from
Generation IV
Sprite from
Black and White
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Rich Boy E OD.pngRich Boy RSE OD 2.png Rich Boy IV OD.png Rich Boy V OD.png
Overworld sprites from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Overworld sprite from
Generation IV
Overworld sprite from
Generation V
VSRich Boy.png VSRich Boy ORAS.png
Rich Boy XY OD.png XY Rich Boy Icon.png Rich Boy ORAS OD.png ORAS Rich Boy Icon.png
Overworld model from
Generation VI*
Icon on the PSS from
X and Y
Overworld model from
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Icon on the PSS from
Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire,
and the PGL
Colo Rich Boy.png Colo Rich Boy 2.png
Models from Colosseum


XY Rich Boy.png
Art from X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire*

Trainer list

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Emerald

See more: List of Battle Frontier Trainers (Generation III)/Rich Boy

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Special Trainers

  • Rich Boy Antoin, at the Battle Resort, chooses his team from among seven different possible teams.

Pokémon Colosseum

Story Mode

Battle Mode

In the anime


In A Full Course Tag Battle!, Roman is based on the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl sprite for a Rich Boy, just as Kylie is based on the Lady Trainer class.

In the manga

Dol, a Rich Boy

Be the Best! Pokémon B+W

A Rich Boy by the name of Dol (Japanese: ドル Dol) appears in Be the Best! Pokémon B+W.

Monta meets him on the Battle Subway and asks him for a battle. He sends out his powerful Bouffalant and Swoobat. Monta was no match for him and with some sneaky moves, Dol easily defeated Monta. Several days later Monta asks him for a rematch which he accepts. Thinking the outcome will be the same, Monta edges on but with Monta's new moves and held items, Dol is defeated.


Dol's Bouffalant
Dol's Bouffalant was first used in a battle alongside Swoobat against Monta's Snivy and Boldore. Snivy hits Bouffalant with a Leaf Tornado. However, Bouffalant did not take any damage due to its Sap Sipper Ability. Bouffalant uses Horn Attack on Snivy fainting it. Bouffalant then hits Boldore with a powerful attack fainting it.

In a rematch against Monta, Bouffalant starts off with an Head Charge, which hits Snivy but is unaffected by Snivy using Protect. It then uses Megahorn on Boldore, in which Boldore retaliates with Bulldoze. It is eventually finished off by Boldore's Stone Edge.

Bouffalant's known moves are Horn Attack, Head Charge, and Megahorn, and its Ability is Sap Sipper.

Debut Challenge the Battle Subway!
Dol's Swoobat
Dol's Swoobat was first used in a battle alongside Bouffalant against Monta's Snivy and Boldore. After Snivy faints, Monta decides for Boldore to use a Rock-type move on Swoobat because it would be super effective, but Swoobat uses Fly to evade it and Bouffalant hits Boldore with a powerful attack knocking it out.

In the rematch against Monta, it uses Fly once again to get out of reach of Boldore but is shot down by Boldore's Smack Down. It goes in for a Heart Stamp which Boldore is able to withstand with its held item. It is then hurt slightly by Boldore's Bulldoze and taken out by Snivy's Slam as Snivy survived Boldore's Bulldoze attack using the Air Balloon.

Swoobat's known moves are Fly and Heart Stamp.

Debut Challenge the Battle Subway!

Pocket Monsters DP

Okane Daisukī

(Japanese: オカネダイスキー Okane Daisukī), a character from Pocket Monsters DP, is based on the Rich Boy class. He appeared in PMDP20, where he was seen walking with a Nuzleaf, Wobbuffet, and some other people. His Japanese name is a pun of "I love money".

An unnamed Rich Boy appeared in PMDP58 in a battle facility, where he battled Red's Clefairy using Roselia and Togekiss.


Here is a listing of the unnamed Rich Boy's Pokémon:

Rich Boy's Roselia
The Rich Boy sent out Roselia as his first Pokémon to battle Red's Clefairy. After blocking Clefairy's Pound, the Rich Boy immediately recalled Roselia.

Roselia's only known move is Protect.

Debut PMDP58
Rich Boy's Togekiss
Togekiss is another of the unnamed Rich Boy's that was sent out to battle Red's Clefairy. Even though Clefairy made the battle mismatched by using his gas as a weapon, Togekiss was still able to win.

Togekiss's only known move is Sky Attack.

Debut PMDP58

Pokémon Adventures

Diamond & Pearl chapter

In Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas, a Rich Boy appeared in the Seven Stars Restaurant with a Lady.

Platinum chapter

A Rich Boy appeared with a Haunter in Deprogramming Porygon-Z, waiting at the queue for the Battle Castle.

Black & White chapter

A Rich Boy briefly appeared in Nimbasa City in Unraveling Mysteries.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

A Rich Boy was one of the people swarming the Mossdeep Space Center in Omega Alpha Adventure 10.


Rich Boy's Haunter
Haunter was seen with its Trainer at the Battle Castle.

None of Haunter's moves are known.

Debut Deprogramming Porygon-Z
Rich Boy's Haunter
Blitzle was briefly seen with its Trainer in Nimbasa City.

None of Blitzle's moves are known.

Debut Unraveling Mysteries

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 富家少爺 Fugā Siuyèh
Mandarin 富家少爺 / 富家少爷 Fùjiā Shàoyé *
有錢小少爺 Yǒuqián Xiǎoshàoyé *
France Flag.png French Richard
Germany Flag.png German Schnösel
Italy Flag.png Italian Elegantone
South Korea Flag.png Korean 도련님 Doryeon-nim
Spain Flag.png Spanish Niño bien

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