Mr. Goods

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Mr. Goods

Mr. Goods (Japanese: ミスター・グッズ Mr. Goods) is a non-player character in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. He is found near the Poffin House in Hearthome City. Although he claims he can't remember who he is or his real name, he has dedicated himself to seeking rarities. He gives goods to Trainers once they have met certain requirements. These items can be placed in the Trainer's Secret Base located in The Underground.


Contest Trophies

Mr. Goods rewards a Trainer with a colored trophy for achieving first place in the Master Rank of any Super Contest category.

Contest Reward
Beauty Master Rank Beauty Cup Sprite DPPt.png Beauty Cup
Cool Master Rank Cool Cup Sprite DPPt.png Cool Cup
Smart Master Rank Clever Cup Sprite DPPt.png Clever Cup
Tough Master Rank Tough Cup Sprite DPPt.png Tough Cup
Cute Master Rank Cute Cup Sprite DPPt.png Cute Cup


When certain milestones are reached in the Underground, Mr. Goods will give a Trainer a colored crystal.

Achievement Reward
Meet 100 players in the Underground Blue Crystal Sprite DPPt.png Blue Crystal
Give 100 items to other players in the Underground Pink Crystal Sprite DPPt.png Pink Crystal
Dig up 100 Fossils in the Underground Red Crystal Sprite DPPt.png Red Crystal
Trap 100 people in the Underground Yellow Crystal Sprite DPPt.png Yellow Crystal

Tower Trophies

After achieving a certain number of winning streaks in the Battle Tower, Mr. Goods will reward the player with another group of trophies.

Achievement Reward
Winning streak of 10 at the Battle Tower Bronze Trophy Sprite DPPt.png Bronze Trophy
Winning streak of 50 at the Battle Tower Silver Trophy Sprite DPPt.png Silver Trophy
Winning streak of 100 at the Battle Tower Gold Trophy Sprite DPPt.png Gold Trophy


Mr. Goods will also reward a Trainer for other miscellaneous achievements.

Achievement Reward
Beat all 8 Gym Leaders Gym Statue Sprite DPPt.png Gym Statue
Enable Wi-Fi Connection* and access the Global Trade System Globe Sprite DPPt.png Globe



Artist IV OD.png
Mr. Goods's overworld sprite from
Generation IV


Language Name Origin
Japanese ミスター・グッズ Mister Goods From goods
English Mr. Goods From goods
French Rico Lexion From collection
German Herr Deko From Dekoration, decoration
Italian Sig. Omaggi From omaggi, homages, presents
Spanish Sr. Curiosidades From curiosidades, curiosities
Korean 미스터 굿즈 Mister Goods From goods

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