Team Yell Grunt (Trainer class)

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Team Yell Grunt
エールだんのしたっぱ Team Yell Underling
Sword Shield Team Yell Grunt.png
Artwork from Sword and Shield
Other names
Introduced in Generation VIII
Appears in Sword and Shield
Gender Both
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A Team Yell Grunt (Japanese: エールだんのしたっぱ Team Yell Underling) is a type of Pokémon Trainer introduced in Generation VIII. They are members of Team Yell who are dressed in punk attire. They are fervent fanatics of Marnie.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 吶喊隊的手下 Naahphaam-déui-dīk Sáuhah
Mandarin 吶喊隊的手下 Nàhǎn-duì-de Shǒuxià *
France Flag.png French Sbire de la Team Yell
Germany Flag.png German Team Yell Rüpel
Italy Flag.png Italian Recluta Team Yell
South Korea Flag.png Korean 옐단 조무래기 Yell-dan Jomuraegi
Russia Flag.png Russian Ворчун Команды Крикуны Vorchun Komandy Krikuny
Spain Flag.png Spanish Recluta del Team Yell

Lower members: Team Yell Grunts
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