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The Eevee users are a group of nine Trainers around Alola who use Eevee or one of its evolved forms. Each of these Trainers has a unique Trainer class based on the Pokémon they use, such as Eevee User. These Trainers constitute a challenge that the player can undertake after they become the Champion.

At the Thrifty Megamart at Royal Avenue, Kagetora—a man at the leftmost cash register—will initially tell the player to visit him again once they become the strongest Trainer in Alola. When the player speaks to him after becoming the Champion, he will explain that he's looking for a capable Trainer to defeat eight Trainers he was always trying to beat 30 years ago: the other Eevee users. He promises to reward the player if they can manage this feat.

Prior to speaking to Kagetora, the player will not be able to find any of the other Eevee users anywhere. They only appear once the player is tasked with finding them.

Trainer list

Vaporeon User Polly

Polly used to be a Swimmer called the Wild Whirlpool of Alola. The player can find her on the third floor of the Trainers' School on Route 1, where she works as a cleaning lady with the help of her Vaporeon.

Flareon User Chad

Chad was a magician who used fire, had a quick temper, and loved to fight. The player can find him in the lobby of the Tide Song Hotel in Heahea City, where he always used to stay. He is currently in his retirement, both from work and battling, and would rather relax to a massage, but he is willing to battle the player.

Jolteon User Jane

Jane used to be an energetic Lass whose looks belied her tyrannical personality. The player can find her in Malie City Community Center, in the sitting area. She doesn't remember Kagetora, but she remembers Pokémon battles and is willing to battle the player.

Espeon User Ishaan

Ishaan was an exceptionally handsome man who worked at the Geothermal Power Plant on Blush Mountain, where the player can also find him now.

Umbreon User Braiden

Braiden is a man who was rumored to have once died and come back to life (though in reality he was simply in hospital for a long time), and who Kagetora refers to as "the immortal ruler of the night". He frightened people everywhere. The player can find him at the Hau'oli Cemetery, where he used to hold a ceremony of some sort.

Glaceon User Rea

Rea was a cool beauty who was merciless in pursuing her opponents and was known as Miss Absolute Zero. The player can find her in her hometown of Iki Town, in the southwest house. Her sole desire now is to spend as much time as she can with her grandchildren.

Leafeon User Linnea

Linnea was a beautiful, world-famous model. The player can find her at the north end of Hano Beach, near the Hano Grand Resort where she always stayed between jobs. She is determined to maintain her youthful looks as long as money and medicine can manage. Despite this attitude, she admits that her body still feels its age.

Sylveon User Kira

Kira is the granddaughter of the original Sylveon User, Sakura, who was a pure woman who Fairy-type Pokémon adored like a queen. She was a descendant of the seafolk, but, unbeknownst to Kagetora, she passed away a year ago. The player can find Kira, who takes care of Sylveon now, in the Seafolk Village, in the Steelix ship in the east. According to Kira, Sakura also tried to teach her about battling before she passed away.

Eevee User Kagetora

Kagetora was a young Trainer who always used to challenge the other Eevee users, but never won. Now he has a wife and child, along with other new worries like a mortgage. He initially sets the player on a quest to find and defeat the other eight Eevee users in his stead. After the player accomplishes this feat, he will ask the player for a battle, and if the player wins, he will reward the player with Eevium Z.

In the anime

Kagetora in the anime

Kagetora briefly appeared in Turning Heads and Training Hard!, where he had a battle with Ilima. He was eventually defeated, giving Ilima an Eevium Z as a reward.

Kagetora reappeared in a flashback of Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!, where he had his Z-Crystal stolen by a Pheromosa.


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Kagetora's Eevee
Eevee is Kagetora's only known Pokémon. It was used in a battle against Ilima and his Eevee, but was defeated.

Eevee's only known move is Take Down.

Debut Turning Heads and Training Hard!
Voice actors
English Erica Schroeder

Voice actors


Language Voice actor
Japanese 最上嗣生 Tsuguo Mogami
English Sam Black
Finnish Arto Nieminen
European French Jean-Marc Delhausse
Polish Jerzy Dominik
Brazilian Portuguese Ricardo Juarez


In other languages

Vaporeon User Polly

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese シャワーズつかいの エリーゼ Showers Expert Elise
Chinese Cantonese 水伊布行家艾麗澤 Séuiyībou Hòhnggā Ngaaihlaihjaahk
Mandarin 水伊布行家艾麗澤 / 水伊布行家艾丽泽 Shuǐyībù Hángjiā Àilìzé
France Flag.png French Marine l'Experte en Aquali
Germany Flag.png German Aquana-Profi Enya
Italy Flag.png Italian Elise (Esperta di Vaporeon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 샤미드 전문가 엘리제 Shamid Jeonmun-ga Ellije
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experta en Vaporeon Eloísa

Flareon User Chad

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ブースターつかいの クラウド Booster Expert Cloud
Chinese Cantonese 火伊布行家克勞德 Fóyībou Hòhnggā Hāklouhdāk
Mandarin 火伊布行家克勞德 / 火伊布行家克劳德 Huǒyībù Hángjiā Kèláodé
France Flag.png French Claude l'Expert en Pyroli
Germany Flag.png German Flamara-Profi Aiden
Italy Flag.png Italian Claude (Esperto di Flareon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 부스터 전문가 클라우드 Booster Jeonmun-ga Keullaudeu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experto en Flareon Cirilo

Jolteon User Jane

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese サンダースつかいの オロチマル Thunders Expert Orochimaru
Chinese Cantonese 雷伊布行家歐洛奇瑪爾 Lèuihyībou Hòhnggā Āulokkèihmáhyíh
Mandarin 雷伊布行家歐洛奇瑪爾 Léiyībù Hángjiā Ōuluòqímǎ'ěr *
雷伊布行家奥洛奇玛尔 Léiyībù Hángjiā Àoluòqímǎ'ěr *
France Flag.png French Violaine l'Experte en Voltali
Germany Flag.png German Blitza-Profi Lyn
Italy Flag.png Italian Olivia (Esperta di Jolteon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 쥬피썬더 전문가 종희 Jupithunder Jeonmun-ga Jonghui
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experta en Jolteon Genoveva

Espeon User Ishaan

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese エーフィつかいの カイザー Eifie Expert Kaiser
Chinese Cantonese 太陽伊布行家凱撒 Taaiyèuhngyībou Hòhnggā Hóisaat
Mandarin 太陽伊布行家凱撒 / 太阳伊布行家凯撒 Tàiyángyībù Hángjiā Kǎisā
France Flag.png French Raymond l'Expert en Mentali
Germany Flag.png German Psiana-Profi Hugh
Italy Flag.png Italian Caesar (Esperto di Espeon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 에브이 전문가 카이저 Ebeui Jeonmun-ga Kaijeo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experto en Espeon Cesario

Umbreon User Braiden

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ブラッキーつかいの ゼロック Blacky Expert Zerokku
Chinese Cantonese 月亮伊布行家澤羅克 Yuhtleuhngyībou Hòhnggā Jaahklòhhāk
Mandarin 月亮伊布行家澤羅克 / 月亮伊布行家泽罗克 Yuèliàngyībù Hángjiā Zéluókè
France Flag.png French Enrique l'Expert en Noctali
Germany Flag.png German Nachtara-Profi Kol
Italy Flag.png Italian Zenioch (Esperto di Umbreon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 블래키 전문가 제록 Blacky Jeonmun-ga Jerok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experto en Umbreon Fabricio

Glaceon User Rea

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese グレイシアつかいの シトネ Glacia Expert Citone
Chinese Cantonese 冰伊布行家希特內 Bīngyìhbou Hòhnggā Hēidahknoih *
冰伊布行家希特奈 Bīngyìhbou Hòhnggā Hēidahknoih *
Mandarin 冰伊布行家希特內 Bīngyībù Hángjiā Xītènèi *
冰伊布行家希特奈 Bīngyībù Hángjiā Xītènài *
冰伊布行家希特娜 Bīngyībù Hángjiā Xītènà *
France Flag.png French Ingrïda l'Experte en Givrali
Germany Flag.png German Glaziola-Profi Fjolla
Italy Flag.png Italian Frigia (Esperta di Glaceon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 글레이시아 전문가 여선 Geulleisia Jeonmun-ga Yeoseon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experta en Glaceon Fabiola

Leafeon User Linnea

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese リーフィアつかいの ルネ Leafia Expert Rene
Chinese Cantonese 葉伊布行家芮奈 Yihpyìhbou Hòhnggā Yeuihnoih *
葉伊布行家露奈 Yihpyìhbou Hòhnggā Louhnoih *
Mandarin 葉伊布行家芮奈 / 叶伊布行家芮奈 Yèyībù Hángjiā Ruìnài *
葉伊布行家露奈 Yèyībù Hángjiā Lùnài *
France Flag.png French Marguerite l'Experte en Phyllali
Germany Flag.png German Folipurba-Profi Florence
Italy Flag.png Italian Runya (Esperta di Leafeon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 리피아 전문가 르네 Lipia Jeonmun-ga Reune
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experta en Leafeon Irina

Sylveon User Sakura

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ニンフィアつかいの サクヤ Nymphia Expert Sakuya
Chinese Cantonese 仙子伊布行家櫻雅 Sīnjíyìhbou Hòhnggā Yīngngáh
Mandarin 仙子伊布行家櫻雅 / 仙子伊布行家樱雅 Xiānzǐyībù Hángjiā Yīngyǎ
France Flag.png French Vanessa l'Experte en Nymphali
Germany Flag.png German Feelinara-Profi Alva
Italy Flag.png Italian Sakuya (Esperta di Sylveon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 님피아 전문가 작야 Nimpia Jeonmun-ga Jagya
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experta en Sylveon Silvana

Sylveon User Kira

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ニンフィアつかいの キラリ Nymphia Expert Kirari
Chinese Cantonese 仙子伊布行家奇拉利 Sīnjíyìhbou Hòhnggā Kèihlāaileih
Mandarin 仙子伊布行家奇拉利 / 仙子伊布行家奇拉里 Xiānzǐyībù Hángjiā Qílālì
France Flag.png French Désirée l'Experte en Nymphali
Germany Flag.png German Feelinara-Profi Emma
Italy Flag.png Italian Clara (Esperta di Sylveon)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 님피아 전문가 지영 Nimpia Jeonmun-ga Jiyeong
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experta en Sylveon Ania

Eevee User Kagetora

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese イーブイつかいの カゲトラ Eievui Expert Kagetora
Chinese Cantonese 伊布行家影虎 Yībou Hòhnggā Yíngfú
Mandarin 伊布行家影虎 / 伊布行家影虎 Yībù Hángjiā Yǐnghǔ
France Flag.png French Yves-Olive l'Expert en Évoli
Germany Flag.png German Evoli-Profi Evan
Italy Flag.png Italian Ismeno (Esperto di Eevee)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 이브이 전문가 영환 Eevee Jeonmun-ga Yeonghwan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Experto en Eevee Severino

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