Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
ポケットモンスター ブリリアントダイヤモンド
Brilliant Diamond EN boxart.png
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond's boxart, featuring Dialga
Pokémon Shining Pearl
ポケットモンスター シャイニングパール
Shining Pearl EN boxart.png
Pokémon Shining Pearl's boxart, featuring Palkia
Basic info
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Category: RPG
Players: 1-2, 4 players simultaneous
Connectivity: N/A
Developer: ILCA, Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation VIII core series
Release dates
Japan: November 19, 2021
North America: November 19, 2021
Australia: November 19, 2021
Europe: November 19, 2021
South Korea: November 19, 2021
Hong Kong: November 19, 2021
Taiwan: November 19, 2021
Japanese: Pokémon.co.jp
English: Official site
Nintendo.com (Brilliant Diamond)
Nintendo.com (Shining Pearl)
Brilliant Diamond JP boxart.png
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Japanese boxart
Shining Pearl JP boxart.png
Pokémon Shining Pearl Japanese boxart

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond (Japanese: ポケットモンスター ブリリアントダイヤモンド Pocket Monsters Brilliant Diamond) and Pokémon Shining Pearl (Japanese: ポケットモンスター シャイニングパール Pocket Monsters Shining Pearl) are the second paired Generation VIII games that are enhanced remakes of the fourth-generation titles Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The games will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

The games were announced worldwide on the 25th Anniversary of the release of Pokémon Red and Green on February 27, 2021 at 12 am JST through Pokémon Presents. The paired versions will be released worldwide on November 19, 2021. All copies of the game are playable in nine languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. These are the first core series games not to be developed directly by Game Freak.


Overall, the game's graphical style is different compared to Pokémon Sword and Shield. The camera returns to a mostly top-down viewing angle similar to the original Diamond and Pearl, while the player and NPCs appear with chibi proportions in the overworld but regular proportions in battle. The regular overworld appears to use random encounters only, while Pokémon Hideaways in the Grand Underground use symbol encounters.

The games have been stated to include every Pokémon that was featured in the original Diamond and Pearl; while it is unclear precisely what this means, several Pokémon from the Platinum expansion of the Sinnoh regional Pokédex, such as Houndoom and Porygon-Z. Pokémon outside Pokémon Platinum's Pokédex, such as Sentret, have also seen in pre-release footage, having previously been availble in the original games via the Poké Radar. Additionally, the official website has a screenshot showing Bidoof's stat screen with a Pokédex number of 399, its number in the National Pokédex.

New features

  • The Underground has been replaced with the Grand Underground.
  • Amity Square now supports up to six walking Pokémon instead of just one. (Only Pokémon that could walk in Amity Square in the original games have been seen so far, plus the three unevolved starters. Grotle has been shown in promotional artwork for the feature, suggesting that the evolved forms of the starters will be supported as well.)
    • The player may also pose for screenshots and save them to the Nintendo Switch's Album.
    • The Poffin-making minigame can now be performed inside Amity Square. The player's walking Pokémon surround the bowl during the minigame; the significance of this (if any) is unknown.
  • The Pokétch has a new "Hidden Moves" app allowing the player to call wild Pokémon to perform field moves corresponding to the original game's HMs.
    • These wild Pokémon seemingly do not need to be from the surrounding area, as a Bibarel is shown performing Rock Climb on Mt. Coronet.
    • With the Nintendo Switch's lack of a bottom screen, the Pokétch has been shown either absent from the screen, present in the top right corner of the screen, or enlarged to take up the majority of the screen (during which the regular overworld in the background has a blur filter applied). A pointer cursor is seen in all screenshots featuring the enlarged Pokétch screen, but specific controls are unknown.
      • It is implied that at least some touch features of the Pokétch are available even when not enlarged, as an off-center Dowsing Machine circle can be seen in one screenshot.
  • The miniature sprites used for all Pokémon between Generation III and Sword and Shield now appear to have been entirely replaced by miniature outlined 3D models.
  • The plain circle icon for the Normal type now depicts two nubs resembling Bidoof's ears.
  • The games will use a new origin mark.

Features from recent generations

Returning features

  • Super Contests return for the first time since Platinum, and are renamed Super Contest Shows.
  • Seals return for the first time since HeartGold and SoulSilver, and are now called Stickers.
    • The player may now earn Stickers from completing Super Contest Shows or by defeating Gym Leaders.
    • There are now "over 90" different Stickers in the game, up from 77. "Ribbon Sticker C" and "Ribbon Sticker D" have been seen in screenshots as new Stickers.
    • Up to 20 Stickers may be placed on a Ball Capsule, up from 8.
    • The menu for positioning Stickers on a Ball Capsule now supports 3D movement for more detailed placement.
  • The Union Room returns for the first time since Generation V.
    • There are now two rooms, called the "Local Room" and "Global Room", the latter of which newly supports online connections.
  • TMs are set to be single-use again, which was the case for all Pokémon games before Generation V.
    • Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, however, all TMs are set to have repeatable acquisition methods.


The game is planned to receive Pokémon HOME connectivity at some point in 2022. The game will not support Ranked Battles.

Game-exclusive Pokémon

The following Pokémon are only obtainable in one game of this pair.[1] In order to obtain Pokémon exclusive to the other game of this pair, they must be traded either from that game or from another compatible game of Generation VIII which has that Pokémon available. Alternatively, all Pokémon listed below may be transferred from any previous game via Pokémon HOME.

Brilliant Diamond
408 408 Cranidos Rock
409 409 Rampardos Rock
434 434 Stunky Poison Dark
435 435 Skuntank Poison Dark
483 483 Dialga Steel Dragon
Shining Pearl
410 410 Shieldon Rock Steel
411 411 Bastiodon Rock Steel
431 431 Glameow Normal
432 432 Purugly Normal
484 484 Palkia Water Dragon



Spr 4d 025 m.png

025Pikachu BDSP.png

Male Pikachu's sprite in Diamond and Pearl compared to its artwork in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
  • The artwork of both humans and most Pokémon for these games is based on their sprites in the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ポケットモンスター ブリリアントダイヤモンド・シャイニングパール
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢 晶燦鑽石/明亮珍珠
Mandarin 寶可夢 晶燦鑽石/明亮珍珠
宝可梦 晶灿钻石/明亮珍珠
France Flag.png French Pokémon Diamant Étincelant et Perle Scintillante
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon Strahlender Diamant und Leuchtende Perle
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon Diamante Lucente e Perla Splendente
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬스터 브릴리언트 다이아몬드・샤이닝 펄
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon Diamante Brillante y Perla Reluciente


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