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プルメリ Plumeri
Sun Moon Plumeria.png
Art from Sun and Moon
Gender Female
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Pink, yellow (highlights)
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Trainer class Team Skull Admin, Pokémon Trainer
Generation VII
Games Sun and Moon
Specializes in Poison types
Member of Team Skull
Rank Admin

Plumeria (Japanese: プルメリ Plumeri) is the Admin of Team Skull. She is considered the "big sister" of the team, due to how she runs operations strictly but also cares for her underlings. She specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. She is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Team Skull Admin (Japanese: スカルだんかんぶ Team Skull Executive).

In the games

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Plumeria appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon as the sole Admin of Team Skull. She is first encountered and battled at the Akala Outskirts before Olivia's grand trial, where she expresses her anger at the player for them having defeated many Team Skull Grunts. Her next appearance is in front of the Aether House on Route 15, where she will also battle the player for the second time. While the player is taking down Team Skull at Po Town, Plumeria returns to the Aether House, taking Lillie and Nebby to Aether Paradise. She makes her final main game appearance at the Ancient Poni Path, first observing the player battling multiple Team Skull Grunts, after which she asks the player to bring Guzma back after he disappeared into the Ultra Wormhole with Lusamine. She also gives them a Poisonium Z as a sign of apology.

Following the disbandment of Team Skull during the post-game, Plumeria is one of the possible Trainers who will challenge the player in a Title Defense battle at the Pokémon League, having been convinced to do so by Nanu and Molayne. In Pokémon Sun, she also appears as a Trainer at the Battle Tree.


Plumeria's Pokémon are kept in Ultra Balls.

First battle

Second battle

Title Defense battle

Battle Tree

Plumeria appears in the Battle Tree exclusively in Pokémon Sun. She uses three of the Pokémon below in Single Battles, four in Double Battles, and two in Multi Battles.


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version

Ten Carat Hill
"I'm Plumeria—the Team Skull Admin."
"So you're Sun, huh? Hmmph. I guess you do look like a Trainer who can get things done."
"I got this! Settling the score for my cute little henchmen is part of my job!"
"If you're gonna give him advice, you better tell him how to deal with defeat!"
"You really think you can take out my adorable Pokémon with your Z-Power?"
  • Upon being defeated
"Hmmph! I guess I just have to hold that loss."
  • After being defeated
"What did you say your name was? Sun? You're quite the Trainer! You won't get off so easy next time, though! I hope you're looking forward to the next time we meet!"

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Akala Outskirts
"So, you're the one Gladion was talking about? ...Hmph. You don't look like anything special to me."
"I'm Plumeria."
"I help keep Team Skull together. I'm like a big sister to all these numskulls. You have realized what idiots all these guys are, right?"
"But don't you think some dummies are cute in their dumbness? You know what I mean, right? You picking on my cute, dumb brothers and sisters is really annoying me!"
  • Being defeated
  • After being defeated
"Hmmph! You're pretty strong. I'll give you that. But mess with anyone in Team Skull again, and I'll show you how serious I can get."
Route 15
"Back so soon, hmm? I wasn't expecting you just yet."
"It takes these dumb Grunts way too long to deal with you kids..."
"So I guess it's my turn now!"
"What? I told you before. Next time you get in our way, I'm not holding anything back!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Hmmph! I can't even stand myself right now!"
  • After being defeated
"Hmmph. Guess you are pretty tough. Now I understand why my Grunts waste so much time battling kids."
"But if you want us to return the Pokémon, then you'll have to come to us. Alone. The boss is dying to meet you, hmmph! See you at our base in Po Town!"
Aether House (flashback)
"Not gonna disappear this time, huh? Seems like maybe the tall tales we heard about you were wrong."
"It's fine. There's nothing more for us to take from you."
"Which reminds me..."
"Maybe we're not the only ones around here who could be called Pokémon thieves. Is that what you are, huh? A thief?"
Ancient Poni Path
"That's enough. No one wants to see a sore loser."
"Hmmph. You, girlie... Lillie, right?"
"You really ready to do this finally?"
"To be honest, I've treated you really badly. Even if I was just doing the work the president told me to do, I shouldn't have done all that. Even if I apologize now, I know it's probably too late for you to forgive me, though."
"See, Guzma... he really likes the president. She's the only adult who ever seemed to see how strong he was."
"You know...deep down, you're kind of like the president. You've gone in a different direction, but I can tell you have the same strength in your convictions."
"Bring Guzma back, if you can. I know you've got no reason to help... but no one can make up for what they've done if they're gone."
"And you, <player>. Looks like you were special after all. You didn't just stand up to Team Skull. You even took on the darkness inside Aether. Looks like you're the real deal. The realest Pokémon Trainer I've seen around. Take good care of our little princess here. This is my way of saying sorry, OK? Take it. It's Poisonium Z."
"Oh yeah... you got your first stone directly from Tapu Koko, didn't you, <player>? You'd better take care of it. That's one special Z-Ring you've got there. A Trainer is only a Trainer because of the Pokémon with them. If you ever forget that, you'll bring the wrath of the tapu down upon yourself. You should be fine, though."
"I'm out of here."
Pokémon League
First challenge
  • Before battle
"Those old dudes Molayne and Nanu somehow talked me into doing this. I'm starting from scratch as a Pokémon Trainer and doing it right this time. I've got a Z-Ring and everything, so I might actually be able to live up to their expectations."
  • Being defeated
"Hunh! I can't even stand myself right now!"
  • After being defeated
"Even when I give it my all, I'm nothing compared to you! Maybe my Pokémon and I need to go through more together to deepen our friendship. I'm out of here, Champ."
Subsequent challenges
  • Before battle
"My team and I are battling for all the Pokémon we took out on our way here!"
  • Being defeated
"Hunh! I can't even stand myself right now!"
  • After being defeated
"I failed I always do. I promised myself I wouldn't! I told myself I would never fail again! It's all right to feel a little jealous, right? How else am I supposed to get stronger? My team and I really did take out so many Pokémon to make it here!"
Battle Tree
  • Before battle
"I don't believe that people understand each other if they battle, but I'll face you anyway."
  • Being defeated
"Yeah, yeah, you win... You're really a big deal!"
  • If the player is defeated
"I've got pride, too. I mean, I was in Team Skull."


VSPlumeria.pngVSPlumeria 2.png
VS models from
Sun and Moon
Plumeria SM OD.pngPlumeria 2 SM OD.png
Overworld models from
Sun and Moon


Language Name Origin
Japanese プルメリ Plumeri From Plumeria
English, Italian,
Dutch, European Portuguese
Plumeria Similar to Japanese name
French Apocyne From apocyne (Indian hemp) or Apocynaceae (the family that contains both plumeria and Indian hemp)
German Fran From Frangipani (common name for Plumeria)
Spanish Francine From franchipán (Plumeria rubra)
Korean 플루메리 Peullumeri Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 布爾美麗 / 布尔美丽 Bù'ěrměilì Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 布爾美麗 Bouyíhméihlaih Mandarin-based transliteration of Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Pluméria Similar to her English name
Russian Плумириа Plumiria Transcription of English name

Team Skull Admin

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese スカルだんかんぶ Team Skull Executive
Chinese Cantonese 骷髏隊幹部 Fūlòuh-déui Gonbouh
Mandarin 骷髏隊幹部 / 骷髅队干部 Kūlóu-duì Gànbù
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Administrátorka týmu Skull*
Admin týmu Skull*
France Flag.png French Admin Team Skull
Germany Flag.png German Skull-Vorstand
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Koponya Csapat Admin
Italy Flag.png Italian Ufficiale Team Skull
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스컬단의 간부 Seukeol-dan-ui Ganbu
Poland Flag.png Polish Admin Zespołu Skull
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Administradora do Team Skull
Russia Flag.png Russian Админ Команды Череп Admin Komandy Cherep
Spain Flag.png Spanish Comandante Skull

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