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The apprentice (Japanese: でし apprentice) is a character from Pokémon Emerald located in the Battle Frontier.

In the core series games

The apprentice will look up to the player for their skill and strategies, and asks the player to assist them by recommending which Pokémon to use on their team as well as items and moves. In time, the apprentice will state that they feel that they have learned everything they can from the player and depart the Battle Tower, after which they can be encountered in the facility. After answering all their questions, a different apprentice will take their place, and the cycle is repeated.

The apprentice will be assigned to a random fixed position in the Tower in Single Mode, much as Anabel is always fought at the 35th and 70th battles. Players can also encounter the Apprentice in the Battle Salon, where they will offer to partner the player in a Multi Battle. The Apprentice's Pokémon's Natures will be random and all Pokémon will have 85 EVs in each stat.

List of Apprentices

The apprentice that appears can be one of 14 Trainer Classes. Which one appears is chosen at random.

Trainer Class Japanese English French Italian German Spanish
Spr RS Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Alann Alain Adelfo Claus Teo
Spr RS Youngster.png
Lionel Lionel Caio Ludwig Leo
Spr RS Lass.png
Layla Layla Astrid Sonja Lola
Spr RS School Kid M.png
Male School Kid
Sonny Herve Fedro Wenzel Santi
Spr RS School Kid F.png
Female School Kid
Macy Amelie Cleo Maria Elisa
Spr RS Triathlete Runner M.png
Male Triathlete
Donte Brahim Glauco Josef Roque
Spr RS Triathlete Runner F.png
Female Triathlete
Amira Laure Dafne Amelie Lara
Spr RS Beauty.png
Kali Jodie Ilenia Karo Elsa
Spr RS Gentleman.png
Arturo Arturo Romolo Brian Arturo
Spr RS Aroma Lady.png
Aroma Lady
Annie Annie Imelda Ines Rosa
Spr RS Black Belt.png
Black Belt
Tyrese Andy Paride David Chicho
Spr RS Guitarist.png
Lamont Xav Orfeo Jürgen Jorge
Spr RS Hiker.png
Dillen Rene Indro Detlef Pedro
Spr RS Ruin Maniac.png
Ruin Maniac
Dante Dante Raoul Lothar Pablo
Spr RS Fisherman.png
Dallas Bruno Learco Ansgar Manolo
Spr RS Sailor.png
Frank Frank Olindo Frank Mauro


There are several different questions that each apprentice can ask; some will always be asked while some questions may not be asked at all. Apprentices will ask the player a random number of questions, ranging from a minimum of five to a maximum of 14.

Question Answers
Which Battle Tower level setting should they use?* Level 50 or Open Level
Which Pokémon should they use?* This question will be asked three times and give the player a choice between two random Pokémon from a set list.
Which item should their Pokémon hold? The player chooses an item from their bag for the apprentice to have their Pokémon hold. The player may also choose for the Pokémon to not hold anything. If an item has already been suggested to the current apprentice previously they will ask if the player means for the Pokémon to not hold anything. If the apprentice doesn't ask about a hold item for a particular Pokémon, that Pokémon won't have a held item.
Which Pokémon should they send out first? The player chooses one from the three Pokémon on the apprentice's team to be sent out first. If the apprentice doesn’t ask this question, the order will be in the order which the player chose the apprentice’s Pokémon.
Which move should they have on this Pokémon? The player chooses one of two random moves from one of their Pokémon's learnset for the apprentice's Pokémon to learn. It is possible for the apprentice can ask about multiple moves for a single Pokémon, but which Pokémon they ask about is random.
What should they say when they're victorious?* The player sets a phrase using the easy chat system.

Possible Pokémon

Bug Catcher RSE OD.png
Bug Catcher Alann
Youngster RSE OD.png
Youngster Lionel
Lass RSE OD.png
Lass Layla
School Kid m III OD.png
School Kid Sonny
Battle Girl RSE OD.png
School Kid Macy
Triathlete Runner m OD.png
Triathlete Donte
Triathlete Runner f OD.png
Triathlete Amira
Beauty RSE OD.png
Beauty Kali
Pinsir Pinsir Shuckle Shuckle Golduck Golduck Ninetales Ninetales Fearow Fearow Machamp Machamp Golem Golem Ninetales Ninetales
Heracross Heracross Mightyena Mightyena Alakazam Alakazam Machamp Machamp Raichu Raichu Magneton Magneton Magneton Magneton Golduck Golduck
Beautifly Beautifly Ludicolo Ludicolo Xatu Xatu Shuckle Shuckle Wigglytuff Wigglytuff Dodrio Dodrio Dodrio Dodrio Alakazam Alakazam
Dustox Dustox Swellow Swellow Mightyena Mightyena Mightyena Mightyena Starmie Starmie Starmie Starmie Electrode Electrode Weezing Weezing
Shiftry Shiftry Hariyama Hariyama Gardevoir Gardevoir Linoone Linoone Kingdra Kingdra Heracross Heracross Starmie Starmie Lanturn Lanturn
Breloom Breloom Manectric Manectric Swalot Swalot Manectric Manectric Linoone Linoone Mightyena Mightyena Mightyena Mightyena Sceptile Sceptile
Ninjask Ninjask Swalot Swalot Wailord Wailord Zangoose Zangoose Beautifly Beautifly Exploud Exploud Pelipper Pelipper Gardevoir Gardevoir
Shedinja Shedinja Torkoal Torkoal Grumpig Grumpig Seviper Seviper Shiftry Shiftry Nosepass Nosepass Medicham Medicham Mawile Mawile
Volbeat Volbeat Whiscash Whiscash Flygon Flygon Whiscash Whiscash Delcatty Delcatty Aggron Aggron Sharpedo Sharpedo Milotic Milotic
Illumise Illumise Crawdaunt Crawdaunt Altaria Altaria Kecleon Kecleon Medicham Medicham Armaldo Armaldo Glalie Glalie Salamence Salamence
Gentleman E OD.png
Gentleman Arturo
Lady RSE OD.png
Aroma Lady Annie
Black Belt RSE OD.png
Black Belt Tyrese
Guitarist RSE OD.png
Guitarist Lamont
Hiker RSE OD.png
Hiker Dillen
Hiker RSE OD.png
Ruin Maniac Dante
Fisherman RSE OD.png
Fisherman Dallas
Sailor RSE OD.png
Sailor Frank
Ninetales Ninetales Vileplume Vileplume Machamp Machamp Magneton Magneton Golem Golem Sandslash Sandslash Golduck Golduck Starmie Starmie
Alakazam Alakazam Bellossom Bellossom Golem Golem Electrode Electrode Muk Muk Golem Golem Tentacruel Tentacruel Gyarados Gyarados
Muk Muk Corsola Corsola Rhydon Rhydon Weezing Weezing Rhydon Rhydon Crobat Crobat Seaking Seaking Lanturn Lanturn
Mightyena Mightyena Sceptile Sceptile Blaziken Blaziken Crobat Crobat Skarmory Skarmory Sceptile Sceptile Starmie Starmie Quagsire Quagsire
Claydol Claydol Breloom Breloom Vigoroth Vigoroth Exploud Exploud Donphan Donphan Flygon Flygon Octillery Octillery Shuckle Shuckle
Banette Banette Roselia Roselia Slaking Slaking Nosepass Nosepass Blaziken Blaziken Lunatone Lunatone Kingdra Kingdra Swampert Swampert
Dusclops Dusclops Flygon Flygon Hariyama Hariyama Manectric Manectric Camerupt Camerupt Solrock Solrock Sharpedo Sharpedo Pelipper Pelipper
Absol Absol Altaria Altaria Aggron Aggron Sharpedo Sharpedo Solrock Solrock Claydol Claydol Wailord Wailord Wailord Wailord
Walrein Walrein Cradily Cradily Medicham Medicham Absol Absol Tropius Tropius Cradily Cradily Glalie Glalie Whiscash Whiscash
Salamence Salamence Milotic Milotic Zangoose Zangoose Metagross Metagross Salamence Salamence Armaldo Armaldo Gorebyss Gorebyss Crawdaunt Crawdaunt


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In the manga

Pokémon Battle Frontier

Enta from the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga was based on the apprentice.

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