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ハイド Hyde
Hyde SwSh.png
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Galar
Relatives Mustard (father), Honey (mother)
Generation VIII
Games Sword and Shield

Hyde (Japanese: ハイド Hyde) is a character in The Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield. He is the son of Mustard and Honey.

In the games

Despite his young age, Hyde is an intelligent child, having invented things such as the Exp. Charm and the Cram-o-matic. He prefers staying indoors and is never seen outside the Master Dojo.

When the player first arrives at the Master Dojo, Hyde gives them an Exp. Charm that he created. Afterwards, the player can give him 500 Watts to make his Cram-o-matic operational. As thanks, Hyde lets the player use the machine any time they want, sharing recipes about combining items in exchange for 100 Watts per recipe. After the player has defeated Mustard for the third time, Hyde will give the player a Porygon with its Hidden Ability.


Gives away

Normal Unknown
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Porygon Lv.25
Magnet Rise
Electric Status
Thunder Shock
Electric Special
Psychic Special
Conversion 2
Normal Status


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハイド Hyde From hydrangea
English, Italian Hyde From his Japanese name
German, French Hortensio From Hortensia (synonym of Hydrangea)
Spanish Idrán From Hydrangea
Korean 하이드 Hyde Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 海德 Hǎidé Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 海德 Hóidāk

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