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The Pokémon League representative in Alfornada

Pokémon League representatives are non-player characters introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. They are affiliated with the Paldea League, offering challenges to Trainers taking on the League. They award the player an item prize for defeating a certain number of Trainers in a specified area.

In the core series games

Pokémon League representatives are primarily found at Pokémon Centers around Paldea, though some can be encountered at the base of watchtowers as well. They offer the player various prizes, such as TMs and held items, in exchange for defeating an equal or greater number of Trainers in the area they specify.


Representative location Area of focus No. of Trainers to defeat Reward
Mesagoza (South) Pokémon Center South Province (Area One) 4 TM082 (Thunder Wave)
Cortondo (East) Pokémon Center South Province (Area Two) 5 TM027 (Aerial Ace)
South Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center South Province (Area Three) 7 Shell Bell
South Province (Area Four) Watchtower South Province (Area Four) 5 Rocky Helmet
South Province (Area Five) Pokémon Center South Province (Area Five) 7 Eviolite
Alfornada Pokémon Center South Province (Area Six) 7 TM165 (Flare Blitz)
East Province (Area One) Pokémon Center East Province (Area One) 5 Loaded Dice
Levincia (South) Pokémon Center East Province (Area Two) 6 TM084 (Stomping Tantrum)
Zapapico (East) Pokémon Center East Province (Area Three) 7 Punching Glove
North Province (Area One) Pokémon Center North Province (Area One) 6 TM150 (Stone Edge)
North Province (Area Two) Pokémon Center North Province (Area Two) 5 TM156 (Outrage)
North Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center North Province (Area Three) 4 TM159 (Leaf Storm)
West Province (Area One) - North Pokémon Center West Province (Area One) 9 Clear Amulet
Porto Marinada Pokémon Center West Province (Area Two) 4 Focus Sash
Medali (East) Pokémon Center West Province (Area Three) 5 Amulet Coin
Cascarrafa (North) Pokémon Center Asado Desert 5 TM149 (Earthquake)
Casseroya Watchtower No. 2 Casseroya Lake 7 TM142 (Hydro Pump)
Dalizapa Passage Pokémon Center Dalizapa Passage 4 Expert Belt
Glaseado Gym Pokémon Center Glaseado Mountain 10 TM143 (Blizzard)


  • Aloud, upon being approached
"Been having some nice battles?!"
  • If talked to
"Hello there! I'm a Pokémon League rep! Been having some nice Pokémon battles?"
"So far, you've defeated <number defeated> Trainers here in <location>!"
  • Before the player completes the challenge
"Once you defeat <number required> Trainers, you'll get a lovely prize!"
  • After the player completes the challenge
"On behalf of the Pokémon League, here's your lovely prize."
"We're holding this challenge for other areas around Paldea, too! Stop by and try them!"
  • If talked to after receiving the prize
"Thanks for taking part in our challenge!"

In other languages

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