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Baron redirects here. For the character from The Rise of Darkrai, see Baron Alberto.

バロン Baron
XY Monsieur.png
Art of Denis from X and Y
Other names
Introduced in Generation VI
Appears in X and Y
Gender Male only
Female Counterpart Baroness
Notable members Ash, Farrell
Grant (anime; formerly)
Anime debut XY020|Breaking Titles at the Chateau!
TCG debut [[(TCG)|]]
TCG card {{{card}}}
Manga debut {{{manga}}}

A Baron (Japanese: バロン Baron) is a type of Pokémon Trainer that debuted in Generation VI. This Trainer class is a title of nobility, granted in the Battle Chateau, and Trainers with this class only appear there. Baron is the lowest rank of nobility for males, ranking below Viscount. Its counterpart for females is Baroness.

The male player character is granted the title of Baron upon first visiting the Battle Chateau. All opponent Barons use parties of one Pokémon at level 15 (if no Writ of Challenge is active).


Sprites and models

Barons include five Rich Boys, a Monsieur, and a Butler.

VSMonsieur.png VSButler.png VSRich Boy.png
Denis's VS portrait from
X and Y
Moray's VS portrait from
X and Y
Rich Boys' VS portrait from
X and Y
Monsieur XY OD.png Butler XY OD.png Rich Boy XY OD.png
Denis's overworld model from
X and Y
Moray's overworld model from
X and Y
Rich Boys' overworld model from
X and Y

Trainer list

Pokémon X and Y

An active writ in the Battle Chateau may change the levels of Trainers' Pokémon or the reward they give.

In the anime

Nico as a Baron in the anime

In Breaking Titles at the Chateau!, Ash and his friends met brothers Nico and Chester, the first of whom had achieved the rank of Baron. His rank was upgraded into Viscount after he defeated another Baron-ranked Trainer, Farrell, in a battle. Later, Ash was also granted with the Baron rank after he had defeated Chester in a battle.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 男爵 Nánjué
Denmark Flag.png Danish Baron
Finland Flag.png Finnish Paroni
France Flag.png French Baron
Germany Flag.png German Baron
Italy Flag.png Italian Barone
South Korea Flag.png Korean 배런 Baron
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Baron
Poland Flag.png Polish Baron
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Barão
Spain Flag.png Spanish Barón
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Baron
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Baron

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