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エックス X
X Adventures.png
Age 12
Gender Male
Birthday November 6
Blood type AB
Eye color Blue-gray
Hair color Black
Hometown Vaniville Town (original hometown unknown)
Region Kalos
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Calem

X (Japanese: エックス X) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


X is a former Pokémon Trainer who was shown to be very strong, even as a small child. However, the pressure he got from the paparazzi eventually got to him, which caused him to become a shut-in who refused to leave his house despite his friends' protests. From his years of being secluded alone from society and his peers, he is given the title of "Loner" (籠る者 Loner).


Prior to X & Y arc

As a young boy, X took part in the Kalos Junior Tournament and won. Impressed by his talent and skill, the press constantly followed X in an attempt to interview him regardless if he wanted to or not. Tired of the interviews, rumors being spread, and adults exploiting him to make money, X eventually chose to remain holed in his room and avoid all outside contact, even from his childhood friends, Y, Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna. As his parents worked overseas, Y's mother, Grace, would bring food for X to eat.

X & Y arc

X as a child

X debuted in An X-cuse to Come Out and Play. He was first seen rejecting one of Y's attempts to get him to leave his house and come outside. Later, the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal appeared in Vaniville Town and began fighting, causing mass panic and destruction. After failing to get X to escape with her, Y helped get Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna to safety. Y returned to X's house only to find it under attack by the Team Flare members Aliana and Mable. The two scientists aimed to steal X's Mega Ring. When Kanga was injured protecting X, Li'l Kanga reacted to the Mega Ring, allowing it to Mega Evolve into Mega Kangaskhan and drive the villains off. Once X and Y reunited with their friends, Y decided that with their home destroyed and Team Flare after them, the best option was to leave town. X and his friends then set off on a journey, together for the first time in years.

In Inn-teresting Developments, the group arrived in Aquacorde Town. Y and the others stayed at an inn for the night while X slept in the tent on Y's Rhyhorn's back. The inn was actually a Team Flare trap designed to keep Y and the others inside while Aliana and Mable attempted to kidnap Li'l Kanga while X wasn't looking. Y broke free and informed X of the situation, but when he tried to Mega Evolve Li'l Kanga again, it failed. Having no other options, X and Y used the Chespin and Froakie Trevor got from Professor Sycamore to defeat the scientists.

In Kangaskhan...Kangascan't, the group stocked up on supplies in Santalune City. There, they met Viola, who allowed everyone to investigate photos she took of the Vaniville incident at the Santalune Gym. Despite Y telling everyone to be wary of adults they didn't know, she and the others cautiously accepted Viola's offer. Frustrated and confused by this behavior, Shauna refused to go and ran off. At the Gym, X revealed he received the Mega Ring from a man named Gurkinn shortly after he won the Kalos Junior Tournament. Later that night, another Team Flare scientist named Celosia appeared. Using a Honedge, Celosia took control of Shauna's mind and used her to steal Kanga's Kangaskhanite. X teamed up with Korrina, another Gym Leader and fellow user of Mega Evolution, to defeat Celosia and retrieve the Mega Stone. After learning that X obtained his Mega Ring without the proper succession ceremony, Korrina refused to acknowledge X as a true Mega Evolution Successor and angrily left without telling him more about it.

In What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes, the group came across a sleeping Charmander belonging to Sycamore and took it with them. At Lumiose City, X stayed behind while Y and the others went to Lysandre Café to have Trevor's broken Holo Caster repaired. Finding it odd that X had yet to add Chespin to his team, Sycamore challenged the boy to a battle, hoping to change his mind. X accepted, but left Chespin to battle alone. When Chespin refused to give up, X couldn't help but give it a command. Chespin eventually lost, but X accepted it as a member of his team, giving the nickname Marisso. He also took Charmander and named it Salamè. X and Sycamore then went to meet up with the others.

In Pangoro Poses a Problem, Sycamore went inside the Prism Tower to have an interview. While the group waited outside, X sensed danger and led everyone inside to investigate. There, they found Alexa under attack by the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief. X battled and defeated the editor-in-chief's Pangoro, rescuing Alexa's Heli in the process. Fearing Lumiose wasn't safe for them either, X and the others left town while Alexa went to stay with Viola. As they left, an Electrike that helped power the Prism Tower started following X.

In Fast-Thinking Froakie, Y's clothes were taken by the Electrike that had been following the group. Electrike was defeated by Y's Croaky, but it only wanted Y to retrieve a Manectite that was stuck on a tree. Y initially refused, but was convinced to help when Electrike evolved into a Manectric while sitting on her head. The group was approached by Clemont, the Lumiose City Gym Leader, who offered to help find the stone with one of his inventions. Before Clemont could grab the stone, a Team Flare Grunt stole it and ran away. X, Trevor, and Manectric chased the Grunt to Parfum Palace, only for the Kangaskhanite to be taken as well. X teamed up with Manectric, officially adding it to his team, where it was named Élec. With Trevor's assistance, both Mega Stones were retrieved, allowing X to Mega Evolve Élec into Mega Manectric and send the Grunt running off. The Grunt dropped a clipboard containing a list of Mega Stones and the corresponding Pokémon that can Mega Evolve with them. X and Trevor returned to the others and met Cassius, who helped Y and the others battle the Grunt's other Pokémon.

In Dancing Vivillon, Cassius used a helicopter to transport X and the others to Cyllage City, where Clemont had seen Y's mother being taken away by Team Flare members. The vehicle was attacked by a group of students from Y's Sky Trainer school. Y fought her classmates while X and Élec took out Celosia's Aegislash, who was manipulating the Sky Trainers in secret. The damage dealt to the helicopter caused a propeller blade to snap off and hit Y, sending her crashing down to Route 9. Cassius made an emergency landing in Cyllage, but the damage done to the cycling area angered the Cyllage City Gym Leader, Grant. While Cassius dealt with Grant, X and the others left him behind to search for Y. Shauna and Tierno suggested that after Y was found, they should find Team Flare's base and confront the villains there.

In Gathering Klefki, X and the others found Y on Route 8. Y informed everyone that Team Flare planned to use mind-controlled Vanville Town residents as forced labor to move the dormant tree form of Xerneas back to their hideout and have it power a device known as the ultimate weapon. The group decided to let Team Flare take the tree so they could follow the villains back to their hideout. Later, Celosia arrived to oversee the operation to move Xerneas. Noticing her mother among the laborers, Y leapt in to save her, only for her Sky Suit to fail due to the damages it sustained earlier. X attempted to have Li'l Kanga and Élec Mega Evolve at the same time, but it failed, giving Essentia the chance to capture everyone with her Trevenant. Celosia tried to kill X, but was stopped by the timely arrival of Korrina, Diantha, and Gurkinn.

In Changing Gengar, Korrina and Diantha faced Team Flare while Gurkinn freed X and the others. Gurkinn apologized for not telling X about Mega Evolution, revealing that only a single Pokémon can Mega Evolve at a time. Gurkinn gave X his Mega Evolution-capable Gengar as a gift, which was then named Garma. By Mega Evolving Garma into Mega Gengar, X defeated Essentia and forced her to run away. X, Trevor, and Tierno went ahead to help Korrina while Y and Shauna helped Diantha. X's group found Korrina, only to discover that Celosia managed to defeat her. Korrina succeeded in freeing the townspeople from Celosia's control, but couldn't prevent Xerneas from being taken and had her Key Stone stolen as well.

In Quilladin Stands, the rescued townspeople and Korrina were taken to a hospital in Laverre City. Blaming himself for what happened to Korrina, X shut himself in the base of a large tree. Trevor and a Klefki Grace befriended tried comforting X, but he ignored their attempt. The voice of Xerneas spoke to X telepathically, urging him to fix his mistake instead of shutting himself from the world again. X noticed a pair of glasses Klefki was holding and noticed they were broadcasting an image of Geosenge Town. Realizing the glasses belonged to Clemont, X concluded that he must be held captive by Team Flare. Taking Xerneas's advice, X and his team set out to infiltrate the Team Flare Secret HQ.

X and his Pokémon

In Gyarados Changes, X arrived at his destination, only to find that Emma had followed him. Emma helped X clear a path into the Secret HQ, but as soon as they entered the building, X accidentally stepped on a warp tile, transporting him into the control room for the ultimate weapon. There, he met Xerosic, one of Team Flare's scientists, and Lysandre, the leader of Team Flare. With the Key Stone stolen from Korrina, Lysandre used his Mega Gyarados to face X. As their battle progressed, X had Élec use its Lightning Rod to drain electricity from the absorber, weakening the device and allowing Xerneas to revert back to its true form. Despite this, Lysandre activated the ultimate weapon anyway, summoning the device from underground like a flower bud.

In Flabébé Blooms, Y and the Kalos Gym Leaders tried to keep the ultimate weapon from blooming. After managing to sneak into the building, Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna found Clemont and met AZ, a giant man Lysandre was holding prisoner. Once AZ was freed from his cell, Trevor and the others found X, only to discover he had already been defeated. Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna tried removing the ultimate weapon's key, but couldn't pull it out before it fired. AZ stayed behind to allow Xerneas to take X and the others back to the surface. To Lysandre's frustration, the combined efforts of X, his friends, and the Gym Leaders successfully weakened the ultimate weapon enough that it was unable to take any innocent lives. Once everyone reunited with Y, Xerneas decided to join her team and was nicknamed Xerxer. Y told Xerxer to destroy the ultimate weapon next, but was interrupted by Malva, who managed to capture Yveltal. Their clash was stopped by Xerosic, who revealed that due to Xerneas and Yveltal being evenly matched, Lysandre ordered a ceasefire. Xerxer confirmed this and decided to retreat, taking X and the others with it as it flew off.

In Pinsir Glares, the group rested at the Lost Hotel. Ramos revealed that Team Flare blamed the Vaniville children and the Gym Leaders for the destruction caused by the ultimate weapon. Due to this, X and the others were advised to keep hiding from the public while the Gym Leaders worked to rebuild the destroyed areas. Gurkinn later gave his Key Stone to Y along with a Mega Ring, officially making her a Mega Evolution Successor. On Route 15, X and Y looked for Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution to catch, eventually coming across a wild Pinsir that was guarding an unconscious Scyther. The group was approached by Blue, who explained that Scyther was drained of its life energy, but would one day return to normal if it had strong willpower. Happy knowing its friend was still alive, Pinsir agreed to join X's team and was named Rute. Trevor then received a call from Sycamore, who asked everyone to head to Anistar City so he could aid them on their journey.

X activating five Key Stones at once

In Hawlucha Attacks, X and the others arrived in Anistar, where they found Sycamore under attack by a group of Hawlucha. Once taken to safety, Sycamore revealed that ultimate weapon's blast affected the Key Stones, giving them the ability to track Mega Stones, but only from 8 PM to 9 PM. Realizing the Hawlucha were under a Trainer's command, X and Y stayed behind while Tierno and Shauna borrowed their Mega Rings and went to search for stones for X's Rute and Y's Solsol. Y went ahead and found the Hawlucha's Trainer was Essentia, leading to a battle on the rooftops. Later, X was approached by Essentia disguised as Y using her Expansion Suit's texturing feature. X easily saw through the ruse and had Rute damage Essentia's helmet. The real Y arrived with the others. Tierno and Shauna returned the Mega Rings and handed over the Pinsirite and Absolite they found, allowing Rute and Solsol to Mega Evolve into Mega Pinsir and Mega Absol. Essentia retaliated by sending out Xerxer, who she took control of with her suit's Poké Ball Jack function

In Zygarde Appears, X and Y combined their attacks to damage Essentia's suit further, freeing Xerxer from her control. The battle was interrupted by the arrival of Zygarde, who had come to suppress Xerxer's power. Essentia chose to shift her priorities by capturing Zygarde and had her Trevenant bind it. Zygarde tried powering itself up by absorbing the power of nature, but this left it completely defenseless, allowing Essentia to easily catch it and escape. Afterward, Sycamore received a call from Sina and Dexio, who found out that Team Flare went into hiding in the Pokémon Village.

In Malamar Traps, X, his friends, Blue, and Diantha set off to confront Team Flare at the Pokémon Village. X noted that ever since their trip to Anistar, Salamè refused to leave its Poké Ball. Along the way, the group was attacked by Xerosic, who had his Malamar put everyone to sleep with Hypnosis. After evolving into a Greninja, Croaky and X teamed up to battle Xerosic. They knocked Malamar down, but it got back up and put Croaky to sleep, leaving X with no other option but to use Salamè. The Poké Ball was slapped away by Malamar, who attempted to destroy it, only for Marisso to step in and protect Salamè, evolving into Chesnaught in the process. Marisso's bravery gave Salamè the confidence to come out and fight. Salamè then blew on its tail, revealing it was in possession of a Charizardite X the entire time.

In Charizard Transforms, X and Blue stayed behind to keep Xerosic busy while Trevor and the others went ahead. After evolving into a Charizard, Salamè and Blue's Charizard Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X and Y. Their combined power easily overpowered Xerosic, defeating him. X and Blue went to help their friends, who had gotten into battles with the other Team Flare scientists. After he was saved from Bryony, Trevor revealed that Team Flare was collecting Pokémon from the village so their life energy could be used to refuel the ultimate weapon. Y and Trevor chose to stay behind and assist Tierno and Shauna while X and Blue went to the village.

X's team achieving multiple Mega Evolutions at once

In Yveltal Steals, X and Blue arrived at the Pokémon Village, where they were attacked by Mewtwo. Lysandre hoped that by battling each other, Mewtwo would be weakened enough for him to catch. Mewtwo instead attacked Lysandre before Mega Evolving into Mega Mewtwo Y. Lysandre retaliated by using a device to summon Essentia and control her like a puppet. By talking into the device, Essentia would repeat Lysandre's words, allowing him to command Zygarde. Mewtwo's Trainer was revealed to be Blaine, who had come to help. Blaine and Mewtwo kept Zygarde still, allowing X to have Marisso shatter Essentia's helmet, revealing her true identity to be Emma. X tried helping Essentia out of the suit, but she refused, stating she wanted to help Cassius with the money she received from helping Team Flare. Cassius came and told Emma that she didn't need to work for Team Flare and had his Gourgeist break Lysandre's controller. Emma tried to command Zygarde, but was stopped by Lysandre's Gyarados. Lysandre took Zygarde's Poké Ball and had it send everyone flying with Land's Wrath. Y arrived and used Solsol to take Lysandre's Mega Ring and retrieve Korrina's Key Stone. Though angered by this, Lysandre made a speech to the entire Kalos region, informing the public of Team Flare's plan to destroy everything with the ultimate weapon. By borrowing Key Stone of his allies, X was able to activate Mega Evolution for his entire team at once.

In Xerneas Gives, X launched an assault on Lysandre and Zygarde. The stress of maintaining multiple Mega Evolutions at once prevented X from focusing on anything other than Zygarde. As the fight went on, pieces of Zygarde started to break off. Xerxer informed everyone that it and Yveltal were returning to their dormant tree and cocoon forms, ensuring that Zygarde would have no reason to remain in Kalos. This allowed X to launch one final attack and completely separate Zygarde into its Cells, leading to Lysandre's defeat. With Team Flare's schemes foiled, X and his friends said farewell to their allies and returned to Lumiose City, where the townsfolk went about their daily lives as if nothing had happened.

In Floette Returns, AZ approached the Vaniville children and revealed he created the ultimate weapon. Noting how the people shunned X and his friends despite their hard work, AZ suggested Team Flare's ambitions weren't wrong and went to activate the ultimate weapon again. Everyone tried stopping AZ, but he retaliated with his Golurk. When one of Golurk's attacks was about to hit Y, AZ stepped in and took the attack himself. AZ survived, but the ultimate weapon's key was destroyed. The battle was merely an act to prevent X and the others from heading down the path Lysandre took. With his mind at ease, AZ thanked the Vaniville children, only to be shocked at the return of the Floette that left him 3,000 years ago. After saying goodbye to AZ, the group was greeted by Sycamore, the Gym Leaders, Alexa, Bonnie, and Yvette. Sycamore proposed a party and parade as a celebration for the Vaniville Children's efforts, but they refused. X and his friends returned home, where Y reunited with her mother.

Three months later, X's house had been fully rebuilt. He dismantled the tent on Rhyrhy's back and thanked it for allowing him to ride on it during the course of their journey. X revealed to Y that he planned on going to Shalour City in order to officially become a Mega Evolution Successor. Just before leaving, X thanked Y, but was surprised when she told him to stop whispering, causing X to blush.


With the exception of Kanga and Li'l Kanga's nicknames, which are based on the English name of Kangaskhan, X gives his Pokémon nicknames based on the Pokémon's French name. Garma is another exception as his name is a combination of Gengar's Japanese and French names.

On hand


Li'l Kanga
Kanga and Li'l Kanga
Main article: Kanga and Li'l Kanga

Kanga (Japanese: ガル Garu), the mother Kangaskhan, and Li'l Kanga (Japanese: コガル Kogaru), the child Kangaskhan, are X's Pokémon. X has had the two of them since childhood, where he used them to win a Junior Tournament, getting him the eye of the paparazzi. After becoming a shut-in, X began neglecting the two, which forced Tierno to feed them in his stead. X's refusal to leave his house had a negative effect on Li'l Kanga, causing her to imitate her Trainer and refuse to leave her mother's pouch despite being well over three years old. With X's Mega Ring, Li'l Kanga can Mega Evolve into a Mega Kangaskhan. Kanga is level 50, has a Bold nature, and her Characteristic is "very finicky."

Debut An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
Main article: Marisso

Marisso (Japanese: マリソ Marisso) was given to Trevor from Professor Sycamore as a Chespin alongside Croaky and Fennekin in the hopes that they would break X out of his depression. Although Tierno stated that one of the first partner Pokémon should go to X and Y, X refused to let Chespin go on his team despite using him to battle against Team Flare. After using him to battle Professor Sycamore in Chespin Sows the Seeds of Change, X decided to let Chespin join his team after seeing him do his best in the battle despite his own lack of interest in winning. In Quilladin Stands, after training in Laverre City, Marisso evolved into a Quilladin. While battling against Xerosic and his Malamar in Chesnaught Protects, Marisso evolved into a Chesnaught. He is level 42, has a Hardy nature, and his Characteristic is "somewhat stubborn."

Debut An X-cuse to Come Out and Play

Main article: Salamè

Salamè (Japanese: サラメ Salamè) originally belonged to Professor Sycamore as a Charmander. X and his friends first encountered him sleeping on Route 4 and soon took the runaway Charmander back to its owner. After losing to him in a battle in Chespin Sows the Seeds of Change, X decided to take Charmander and named him Salamè. In Quilladin Stands, after training in Laverre City, Salamè evolved into a Charmeleon. During a battle against Xerosic in Charizard Transforms, he evolved into a Charizard. He has a habit of holding his tail. With X's Mega Ring, Salamè can Mega Evolve into a Mega Charizard X. He is level 40, has a Lonely nature, and his Characteristic is "nods off a lot."

Debut They Have a Flare for a Li'l Kanga-Napping

Main article: Élec

Élec (Japanese: エレク Élec) was originally an Electrike used alongside other Electric-type Pokémon to power the Prism Tower during a blackout. Upon seeing X defeat the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief, he became impressed with X and followed the group when they left Lumiose City. He soon approached and attacked the group to lead them to a Manectite hidden in a tree. During the commotion, he evolved into a Manectric. When a Team Flare Grunt stole the Manectite, X let the Manectric join his team and named him Élec. With X's Mega Ring, he can Mega Evolve into Mega Manectric. He is level 49, has a Naughty nature, and his Characteristic is "mischievous."

Debut Charging After Electrike

Garma (Japanese: ラスマ Lasma) originally belonged to Gurkinn. He was first used by Gurkinn to stop Celosia's Aegislash from killing X. After explaining his hard-to-control personality, Gurkinn gave X the Gengar, which X nicknamed Garma and bonded with by appealing to his showboat nature. With X's Mega Ring, he can Mega Evolve into Mega Gengar. He is level 49, has a Quirky nature, and his Characteristic is "somewhat of a clown."

Garma's known moves are Shadow Punch, Confuse Ray, and Dark Pulse, and his Ability is Levitate as a Gengar and Shadow Tag as a Mega Gengar.

Debut Tying Trevenant

Rute (Japanese: ルット Rute) was first seen on Route 15, where he watched X and Y try to find Mega Evolution-capable Pokémon to add to their teams. Later, Rute attacks X and his friends after they come across the body of an unconscious Scyther. X easily binds him with Marisso's vines, but Rute easily stops X's attempts to capture him by crushing the Poké Ball X throws with his pincers. X realizes that the Scyther was actually Rute's rival, but had its life energy drained through mysterious circumstances. Without a way to fix its rival, Rute became frustrated and needed an outlet to channel his frustration, which is why he attacked. X decides to let Rute join him while Scyther recuperates from its condition. With X's Mega Ring, He can Mega Evolve into Mega Pinsir. He is level 48, has a Quiet nature, and his Characteristic is "thoroughly cunning."

Rute's known moves are Storm Throw, Feint, and Superpower, and his Ability is Hyper Cutter as a Pinsir and Aerilate as a Mega Pinsir.

Debut Pinsir Glares


X's Gogoat
X was seen riding this Gogoat from the Gogoat Shuttle service when he and Professor Sycamore went to meet up with Y, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno.

None of Gogoat's moves are known.

Debut Chespin Sows the Seeds of Change
X's Mamoswine
X and his friends used these Mamoswine to travel through Route 17 to reach Anistar City so that they can meet with Professor Sycamore.

None of Mamoswine's moves are known.

Debut Hawlucha Attacks
Main article: Croaky

X teamed up with Y's Croaky (Japanese: けろけろ Kerokero) to battle Xerosic near Pokémon Village. By filling X's ears with water, Croaky kept X awake from the effects of Xerosic's Malamar's Hypnosis. Although X and Croaky got a sneak attack in, Xerosic utilized Malamar's Ability to slow Croaky down, allowing Malamar to put him to sleep with Hypnosis.

Debut An X-cuse to Come Out and Play


Pokémon competitions


  • X is nicknamed X-Ey (Japanese: エッP Eh-P) by Shauna.
  • X is the only Pokédex holder to have been given two first partner Pokémon from a professor.
  • X is 4'11" (149 cm) tall and weighs 88 lbs (40 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese エックス X From Pokémon X
English, German,
Spanish, Vietnamese
X From Pokémon X
French X
From Pokémon X
Starts with the letter X
Chinese (Mandarin) 艾克斯 Àikèsī Transliteration of his Japanese name
Thai เอ็กซ์ X Transliteration of his Japanese name

X's Pokémon

Main article: Kanga and Li'l Kanga → Names
Main article: Marisso → Names
Main article: Salamè → Names
Main article: Élec → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラスマ Lasma From Ectoplasma, Gengar's French name
English Garma Possibly a combination of Gengar or Gangar (Gengar's Japanese name) and Ectoplasma (Gengar's French name)
French Gar From Gangar, Gengar's Japanese name
German Lasma Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 拉斯魔 Lāsīmó Partial transliteration of its Japanese name. Contains 魔 (demon)


Language Name Origin
Japanese ルット Rute From Scarabrute, Pinsir's French name
English Rute From Scarabrute, Pinsir's French name
French Kai From Kailios, Pinsir's Japanese name
German Pinsy From Pinsir
Chinese (Mandarin) 路特 Lùtè Transliteration of its Japanese name

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