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ハネムーン Honeymoon
SM Sightseers Saito.png
Art from Sun and Moon by Naoki Saito
Other names
Introduced in Generation VI
Appears in X and Y
Sun and Moon
Gender One male, one female
Counterpart Tourist
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Honeymooners (Japanese: ハネムーン Honeymoon) are a pair of Pokémon Trainers introduced in Generation VI. In Generation VI, Honeymooners are depicted as a male and a young female Tourist on their honeymoon who can challenge the player to a Double Battle. In Generation VII, the pair is formed by a male and a female Sightseer.


VSHoneymooners.png VSHoneymooners SM.png
VS portrait from
X and Y
VS model from
Sun and Moon
Sightseer m SM OD.pngSightseer f SM OD.png
Overworld models from
Sun and Moon


XY Honeymooners.png
Art from X and Y

Trainer list

Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon Sun and Moon

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

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A pair of Honeymooners make cameo appearances in Kangaskhan...Kangascan't and What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes?, where they were looking at a map while in Santalune City and Lumiose City.


Hoppip appears with the Honeymooners in Kangaskhan...Kangascan't and What Does Charmander Do When It Dozes?.

None of Hoppip's moves are known.

Debut Kangaskhan...Kangascan't

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 蜜月夫婦 Mahtyuht Fūfúh
Mandarin 蜜月夫婦 / 蜜月夫妇 Mìyuè Fūfù
France Flag.png French Jeunes Tourtereaux
Germany Flag.png German Hochzeitsreisende
Italy Flag.png Italian Sposini
South Korea Flag.png Korean 허니문 Honeymoon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Recién Casados

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