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Lumiose Museum ミアレ美術館
Miare Art Gallery
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Lumiose City
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Kalos Lumiose City Map.png
Location of Lumiose Museum in Kalos.
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Lumiose Museum (Japanese: ミアレ美術館 Miare Art Gallery) is a large white building located on North Boulevard in Lumiose City, north-west of Hotel Richissime, that houses many paintings of people and locations in the Pokémon world. Entrance to the museum is free, but the player may opt to purchase an audio guide for PokémonDollar.png200 for the duration of their visit that allows them to interact with boxes next to the paintings to learn more about them. Once the player reaches a certain level of stylishness, the audio guide becomes free.

A number of the paintings in the museum are art that was released alongside previous Pokémon games or used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.



West Wing

Sinnoh's Battle Frontier

Sinnoh's Battle Frontier

Audio guide: The Battle Frontier is a Pokémon battle facility located in the Fight Area in the Sinnoh region.
It consists of five buildings: the Battle Tower, the Battle Factory, the Battle Arcade, the Battle Hall, and the Battle Castle.

Unova Region

Unova Region (depicting Castelia City)

Audio guide: Various kinds of Pokémon and people gathered in the region, so it's like a universal melting pot.
That's why the region is called Unova.

Johto Region

Johto Region (depicting Ecruteak City)

Audio guide: The region is full of legends and old history related to Pokémon.

East Wing

The Courtyard of the Palace

Audio guide: The courtyard of the Parfum Palace.
A statue that celebrates cooperation between Pokémon and people stands in the courtyard.
This work is part of a series depicting sceneries that inspired overseas artists while they were traveling in Kalos.

Glittering Cave

Audio guide: It's a dark and narrow cave. The source of its eerie light is a plant called Luminous Moss.
This work is part of a series depicting sceneries that inspired overseas artists while they were traveling in Kalos.

Laverre City

Audio guide: A city that looks like a hideaway for fairies.
A huge tree stands in the center, and the Pokémon Gym is nestled in the tree.
This work is part of a series depicting sceneries that inspired overseas artists while they were traveling in Kalos.

Anistar Sundial

Audio guide: A sundial that shines, reflecting the setting sun.
For some reason, the artist depicted the sundial reflected in a mirror. Therefore, it's reversed.
This work is part of a series depicting sceneries that inspired artists from overseas while they were traveling in Kalos.


West Wing

Town Volunteers

Audio guide: This work depicts volunteers working with Pokémon by feeding and grooming them.
In addition to showing the Pokémon what they can do for them, they bring people and Pokémon closer together.

This painting is the art from the card Town Volunteers (Aquapolis 136).

Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon

Audio guide: In certain regions, people express gratitude on special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, by giving a bouquet of Gracidea flowers.
This masterpiece is a moving tribute to the artist's departed mother.

Mr. Briney's Compassion

Mr. Briney's Compassion

Audio guide: This painting depicts an old man who keeps a flying Pokémon close at hand.
Incidentally, the man's name is Mr. Briney, and the Wingull's name is Peeko.

This painting is the art from the card Mr. Briney's Compassion (EX Dragon 87).

East Wing

Poké Ball Factory

Audio guide: This factory makes Poké Balls and ships them all over the Kalos region.
This painting is part of a series on technology in Kalos, and the ever-increasing number of Poké Balls expresses the artist's desire to be connected to all Pokémon.

Kalos Power Plant

Audio guide: This plant uses gas from composting waste to generate electricity.
This painting is part of a series on technology in Kalos, and it expresses the sorrow of wanting to leave some legacy behind, even though we pass on and disappear.

Kalos Power Plant

Audio guide: This power plant uses fire to generate electricity.
This painting is part of a series on technology in Kalos, and the fierce combustion fully communicates the passionate fire of the energy of life.

Kalos Power Plant

Audio guide: This plant uses heat from the ground to generate electricity.
This painting is part of a series on technology in Kalos, and the plant is a sharp commentary on the hidden passion that lies just beneath everyone's surface.



Before defeating the Champion:

Nothing is on the wall.

Audio guide: A historical painting of Kalos is scheduled to adorn the wall.

After defeating the Champion:

The King, the Pokémon, and the Key (during chapter 4 of the Looker Bureau: "The painting is covered in graffiti.")

Audio guide: A painter in later years portrayed a king from 3,000 years in the past.
Many of the episodes depicted in this painting differ from historical facts.
For instance, we know that the king's dearest Pokémon was not at his side when he had the key to the ultimate weapon.
Nevertheless, the painter's technique is outstanding.

West Wing

Forest Guardian

Audio guide: This painting has an amusing story.
It is said that Noctowl foresees seven different futures, mixes them together, and picks one.
The fact that Noctowl can see its surroundings even in darkness is the basis of the story.

This painting is the art from the card Forest Guardian (Aquapolis 123).

Fossil Excavator

Audio guide: It depicts a person and Pokémon excavating a Fossil in the Underground in Sinnoh.
It captures the delightful moment of discovery.

This painting is the art from the card Fossil Excavator (Mysterious Treasures 111).

Battle Subway

Battle Subway

Audio guide: In the Unova region, the Battle Subway is a popular venue for Pokémon battles.
The artist has now devoted himself to battles. This is his last known work.

East Wing

Golurk and the Knight

Audio guide: This painting depicts a knight-errant who continues his travels with a Pokémon, Golurk.
The painting expresses the knight's identity and his suffering as its primary subjects.
It is regarded as an example of romanticism.

A Man and Mew

Audio guide: They say a man of power at the time forced the artist to add the Mythical Pokémon Mew to spread the word of how great he was.

A Sketch of a Windmill

Audio guide: This sketch is by an artist known to be a polymath, as in someone with a wide-ranging knowledge of painting, architecture, and civil engineering.
The design of the windmill that stands in Dendemille Town today is based on this sketch.

The Sea of Kalos

Audio guide: This piece is a key work in the rise of the realist movement.
It depicts with keen accuracy the scenery in an area near Coumarine City in Kalos.

Farmers and Pokémon

Audio guide: It captures the lives of Pokémon and farmers who lived together with the land.
It was painted about 80 years ago and is regarded as an example of naturalism.

A Castle in Kalos

Audio guide: Around the time the Parfum Palace was built, aristocrats who served the king created unique castles in their territories.
This work is highly praised as a piece that captures that period in time.


Item Location Games
TM Dragon VI TM82 (Dragon Tail) 1F, from an Ace Trainer in the west wing  X  Y 
Looker Ticket Looker Ticket 1F, in front of a lady sitting down (post-game)  X  Y 

In the anime

Lumiose Museum in the anime

The Lumiose Museum appeared in Confronting the Darkness!. A professor named Belmondo and his creation, the Dark Clembot, planned to break into the museum as part of one of their crimes. However, their plans were foiled by Ash, his friends, and the original Clembot.

In the manga

Lumiose Museum in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

The Lumiose Museum appeared in Magearna Moves, where it was targeted for theft and vandalism by an individual who appeared to be Essentia. Surveillance camera footage showed the culprit next to the Mythical Pokémon Magearna, making them seem like accomplices. However, when Trevor, Cassius, and Gurkinn's students tried to catch Magearna, Trevor realized it was innocent and helped it to stop the culprit, which turned out to be a robot that Xerosic had built and abandoned, and had now reactivated on its own. It also turned out that Magearna had only come to the museum to see a painting featuring its creator, which it was allowed to continue to do.


  • The painting A Sketch of a Windmill on the top floor is likely a reference to Leonardo da Vinci. The audio guide describes the painting's artist as a polymath, and the painting itself is similar in appearance to many of da Vinci's red chalk drawings.
  • An Espurr standing in front of A Man and Mew on the third floor responds with "De-gahh! ♪" when interacted with. This could be a reference to French Impressionist Edgar Degas, the famous sculptor and painter.
  • A little girl sitting on a couch in the west wing of the third floor claims that a piece she drew is in the museum.
  • The Ace Trainer who gives the player TM82 mentions that his partner learned the move in the Village of Dragons.
  • In the games, the museum's exterior looks like the UNESCO Headquarters conference room, whereas in the anime it is based on the Louvre, but without the crystal pyramid.

In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Lumiose Museum
Finland Flag.png Finnish Lumiose-museo
France Flag.png European French Musée d'Illumis
Germany Flag.png German Illumina-Kunstmuseum
Italy Flag.png Italian Museo di Luminopoli
South Korea Flag.png Korean 미르박물관 Mireu Bakmulgwan
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Lumiose museum
Poland Flag.png Polish Muzeum Lumiose
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Museo de arte de Luminalia
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Lumiose museum


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