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Daisy Oak
オーキド・ナナミ Nanami Okido
Daisy Adventures.png
Daisy as she appears in Pokémon Adventures
Gender Female
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Blue (younger brother), Professor Oak (grandfather), Samson Oak (cousin-twice-removed) (games)
Blue (younger brother), Professor Oak (grandfather) (Adventures)
Gary (younger brother), Professor Oak (grandfather) (TEToP)
Trainer class Coordinator, groomer, Doctor*
Generation I, II, III, IV
Games Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold and SoulSilver

Daisy Oak (Japanese: オーキド・ナナミ Nanami Okido) is the older sister of Blue, and the granddaughter of Professor Oak. She is known as May (Japanese: サツキ Satsuki) in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga.

In the games

In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Daisy gives the player a Town Map (despite her brother, Blue, telling her not to) if they visit her after receiving a starter Pokémon.

In FireRed and LeafGreen, after the player enters the Hall of Fame, Daisy will tell the player how happy their Pokémon are. Moreover, she will give free grooming to one of the player's Pokémon, making it happier, once every 512 steps taken. As mentioned in her Fame Checker entries, Daisy is well known for being adored by all kinds of Pokémon. It is said that when she's around, even the most ferocious Pokémon calm down. Daisy enjoys tea every day, and buys hers from the Celadon Department Store. She's also a champion Pokémon Coordinator, having won the Spring Pokémon Contest some years back. In her house, there is a photo of "the lovely and sweet Clefairy."

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, as well as in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Daisy gives free grooming to one of the player's Pokémon once per day between 3 and 4 PM.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, in addition to raising friendship, Daisy's grooming will also raise a Pokémon's Beauty by 32 and sheen by 22. This is not displayed anywhere in-game, and the Pokémon must be traded to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum for these stats to become visible. Despite this, a Feebas that receives at least six groomings can still evolve into Milotic. A Pokémon whose sheen is already maximized cannot be groomed this way. In reference to her enjoyment of tea in FireRed and LeafGreen, a large mug of tea sits on Daisy's table, and she mentions that she "usually has tea about this time" after grooming a Pokémon. After grooming Pokémon seven times and being shown a Pokémon with maximum friendship, Daisy will give the player Blue's Pokégear number, allowing them to call him and arrange rematches with him.

Fame Checker

This is a list of the Fame Checker's information on Daisy in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Pallet Town Research Lab - Aide*
  • What does this person do?
"If you show Daisy your Pokémon, she can tell how much it likes you.
Occasionally, she will even groom a Pokémon for you."
Vermilion City - Woman*
  • What is this person like?
"But the person who is most liked by Pokémon is Daisy, I think."
Water Labyrinth - Man*
  • What is this person like?
"She was gently grooming Pokémon...
She was a little angel.
That little girl's name...
I think it was Daisy."
Viridian City - Pokémon Journal*
  • Family and friends?
"Prof. Oak reportedly lives with his grandchildren, Daisy and [rival]."
Celadon Mansion - Old Lady*
  • What is this person like?
"A girl from Pallet Town, Daisy, she enjoys tea every day.
She visits the Celadon Dept. Store to buy some tea."
Four Island - Pokémon Journal
  • There's a rumor...
"The Spring Pokémon Contest's Grand Champion is Daisy Oak of Pallet Town!"
Message from Daisy
  • From: Daisy
  • To: [Player]
"While I was comfortably enjoying my tea breaks, you've grown very skilled and powerful.
I hope you'll remain a good rival to my little brother."


Red, Blue, and Yellow

"Hi <player>! <Rival> is out at Grandpa's lab."
"Grandpa asked you to run an errand? Here, this will help you!"
"Use the Town Map to find out where you are."
"Pokémon are living things! If they get tired, give them a rest!" RB
"Spending time with your Pokémon makes them more friendly to you." Y

Gold, Silver, and Crystal

  • Anytime that is not between 3pm and 4pm
"Hi! My kid brother is the Gym Leader in Viridian City. But he goes out of town so often, it causes problems for the trainers."
  • Between 3pm and 4pm
"Hi! Good timing. I'm about to have some tea. Would you like to join me? Oh, your Pokémon are a bit dirty. Would you like me to groom one?"
No:"You don't want to have one groomed? OK, we'll just have tea."
Yes: "Which one should I groom?"
"OK, I'll get it looking nice in no time."
"There you go! All done. See? Doesn't it look nice? It's such a cute Pokémon."
  • After having a Pokémon groomed
"I always have tea around this time. Come join me."

FireRed and LeafGreen

"HI, <player>! My brother, <rival>, is out at Grandpa's Lab."
"<player>, I heard that you had a battle against <rival>. I wish I'd seen that!"
"Grandpa asked you to run an errand? Gee, that's lazy of him. Here, this will help you."
"You can use the Town Map to find out where you are, or check the names of places."
"Just like people, Pokémon are living things. When they get tired, please give them a rest."

HeartGold and SoulSilver

"Hi! My kid brother is the Gym Leader in Viridian City. But he goes out of town so often, it causes problems for the trainers."
  • PokéGear registration
"You are really into grooming! Say! Would you like my kid brother's number? He's the Gym Leader at Viridian City. Have you challenged him? Do you want to register him?"
Yes:"Give him a call when you feel like it. He can be overly confident, but he still needs company. He says he won't have any plans on Sunday nights... Giggle!"
No:"Really? You won't? I see… How disappointing."
  • Between 3PM and 4PM
"Hi! Good timing. I'm about to have some tea. Would you like to join me? Oh, you seem to keep your Pokémon a bit on the dirty side. Grooming them helps them become more beautiful and friendly. Would you like me to groom one?"
No:"You don't want me to have one groomed? OK, we'll just have tea."
Yes:"Which one should I groom?"
"There you go! All done. See? Doesn't it look nice? It's such a cute Pokémon."
  • After having a Pokémon groomed
"I always have tea around this time. Come join me."


Daisy Oak I OD.png Daisy Oak II OD.png Daisy Oak III OD.png Spr FRLG Daisy Oak.png Daisy Oak OD.png
Overworld sprite from
Generation I
Overworld sprite from
Generation II
Overworld sprite from
FireRed and LeafGreen
Fame Checker sprite from
FireRed and LeafGreen
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HeartGold and SoulSilver

In the manga

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

May Oak in the Japanese version

Daisy apparently does not exist in the anime, but in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, which is based on the anime, she appears as May (Japanese: サツキ Satsuki). Ash has a very obvious and powerful crush on her, and trying to impress May is one of Ash's biggest motivations to do well and not give up on his Pokémon journey.

Ash and May seem to be friends or at least acquainted, as he speaks with her before he leaves Pallet Town and she gives him a Town Map before he leaves, much like Daisy gives one to Red/Leaf in the games. He also writes her a letter with details on his progress as a Pokémon Trainer in Play Misty For Me.

She is drawn with an oversized bust in the original Japanese version, though it is heavily toned down in the English translations.

Pokémon Adventures

Daisy is the granddaughter of Professor Oak and the older sister of Blue.


As a young girl, she competed in Pokémon Contests alongside Courtney.

Yellow chapter

Daisy debuted in Extricated from Exeggutor, where she was seen helping her grandfather as his new research assistant.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

In Playful Porygon2, Daisy was sent to search for Blue as it was nearly his turn in the Gym Leader exhibition tournament. As she walked, she noticed that it was unusually hot, which she assumed was due to a lack of air conditioning. After making her way up the stairs, she found Blue and Silver facing off against Entei. After Entei escaped, Silver attempted to chase it down. When Blue tried to follow Silver, he was stopped by Daisy, who informed him about his battle against Chuck. Later, Daisy went to inform the Pokémon Association Chairman about the heat caused by Entei.

In The Last Battle XII, Hiro found Daisy and Bill lying on the ground unconscious. Bill used his body to protect Daisy from falling rubble caused by the Masked Man's attack on the Indigo Plateau. After bandaging his wounds, Daisy helped Bill fix the Pokémon Transfer System. With it, many Trainers from around Kanto and Johto were able to send in their Pokémon to help stop the Masked Man.

After the Masked Man's defeat, in The Last Battle XIV, Daisy was shown to have become Bill's new assistant and was replaced by Crystal at Professor Oak's laboratory.

Platinum chapter

In Tackling Togekiss, it was revealed that Daisy had become a doctor. She traveled to the Sinnoh region to heal Platinum's Pokémon, who had come down with an illness. In The Final Dimensional Duel IX, Daisy and Yanase Berlitz came to the conclusion that Platinum's Pokémon were actually infected with the Pokérus.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

In Omega Alpha Adventure 11, Daisy went with Red and Green to meet with Bill, only to find him injured after Maxie and Archie stole the Ruby and Sapphire from him. While Red and Green chased after the thieves, Daisy stayed behind to tend to Bill's wounds.


Daisy was given a Chansey who was nicknamed Seych (Japanese: ラキっち Laki-tchi) from her grandfather.

Seych's only known move is Softboiled.

Debut Punching Poliwrath
Daisy's Clefairy
Clefairy only appeared in a flashback while Daisy was participating in a Contest with Courtney.

Clefairy's only known move is Follow Me.

Debut It All Ends Now III

Pokémon Zensho

Daisy Oak in Pokémon Zensho

The Pokémon Zensho manga depicts the scenario where Daisy gives Satoshi a Town Map. Later on, in Lavender Town with Shigeru, Oak tells Satoshi and Shigeru the story on how she and her brother lost their parents in a car accident when they were young, resulting in him raising them since.


Language Name Origin
Japanese オーキド・ナナミ Nanami Okido From 七実の木 nanami-no-ki (oriental holly)
サツキ Satsuki* From 皐月 satsuki (Satsuki azalea)
English Daisy Oak From daisy and oak
May* From May, possibly in reference to Satsuki being the traditional name of the fifth month of the lunar calendar
German Sarah Eich From Eiche (oak)
Spanish Dalia Oak From dalia (dahlia)
French Nina Chen From chêne (oak)
Italian Margi Oak From margherita (daisy)
Korean 남나리 Namnari* Similar to her Japanese name and possibly from 나리 nari (lily)
나미 Nami* Similar to her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 奈奈美 Nàinàiměi* From the Japanese name 奈奈美 Nanami
娜娜美 Nànàměi* Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 奈奈美 Noihnoihméih* From the Japanese name 奈奈美 Nanami
那米 Náhmáih* Partial transcription of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Daisy Carvalho* From her English name and carvalho (oak)
May Carvalho*
Vietnamese Okido Nanami Transcription of her Japanese name

Daisy Oak's Pokémon

Language Name Origin
Japanese ラキっち Laki-tchi From ラッキー Lucky (Chansey)
English (Viz) Seych From Chansey
Chinese (Mandarin) 吉利 Jílì From 吉利蛋 Jílìdàn (Chansey)
Brazilian Portuguese Chansi*
From Chansey
From Chansey and the diminutive suffix -inha
Vietnamese Rakicchi Transcription of Japanese name

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