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Gym Trainer
ジムトレーナー Gym Trainer
VSGym Trainer Fairy F.pngNone.png
VS model of Ballonlea Stadium's Gym Trainer from Sword and Shield
Other names
Introduced in Generation VIII
Appears in Sword and Shield
Scarlet and Violet
Gender Both
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Notable members Wakaba, Avery (formerly)
Anime debut Kabu's Battle Training! (Horizons)
TCG debut S-P Promotional cards
TCG card Gym Trainer
Manga debut Rising!! Opal of Ballonlea (Adventures)

A Gym Trainer (Japanese: ジムトレーナー Gym Trainer) is a type of Trainer class introduced in Generation VIII. They are depicted as men and women who wear the uniforms of their Gym's type. Their purpose is to help their respective Gym Leaders execute their Gym missions, and naturally, they specialize in the same type as their respective Gyms.

In Generation VIII, Gym Trainers use various Poké Balls to contain their Pokémon, depending on their Gym:

While the term "Gym Trainer" has been used in previous generations to describe Trainers who fight in Gyms, they battled under a variety of other Trainer classes instead.



VSGym Trainer Grass M.pngVSGym Trainer Grass F.png VSGym Trainer Water F.png VSGym Trainer Fighting M.pngVSGym Trainer Fighting F.png VSGym Trainer Ghost M.pngVSGym Trainer Ghost F.png VSGym Trainer Fairy F.png
Turffield Stadium VS models from
Sword and Shield
Hulbury Stadium VS model from
Sword and Shield
Stow-on-Side Stadium VS models from
Stow-on-Side Stadium VS models from
Ballonlea Stadium VS model from
Sword and Shield
VSGym Trainer Rock M.pngVSGym Trainer Rock F.png VSGym Trainer Ice M.pngVSGym Trainer Ice F.png VSGym Trainer Dark M.png VSGym Trainer Dragon M.pngVSGym Trainer Dragon F.png
Circhester Stadium VS models from
Circhester Stadium VS models from
Spikemuth Gym VS model from
Sword and Shield
Hammerlocke Stadium VS models from
Sword and Shield

Trainer list

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In the anime

Wakaba, a Gym Trainer in the anime
Main article: Wakaba (HZ020)

Wakaba, a character of the day training under Kabu at the Motostoke Stadium, is based on Galar's Gym Trainers from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

In the manga

Gym Trainer Annette in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield arc

In Rising!! Opal of Ballonlea, a female Hammerlocke Gym Trainer was seen in the Hammerlocke Gym lobby, giving Bede a letter sent to him by Opal. She was then seen cowering in fear once a crash was heard.

Annette, a Gym Trainer from the Ballonlea Stadium, appeared in Swaying!! Murky Memories. She was seen helping Bede train in order to take over as a new Gym Leader.

In Swaying!! Murky Memories, a Spikemuth Gym Trainer was seen looking out at the Route 9 Tunnel entrance after a crash was heard from the other side.

During the Darkest Day, a male and a female Hammerlocke Gym Trainers were seen looking after the fainted Pokémon that Dynamaxed in Hammerlocke.

Annette's Slurpuff
Slurpuff was seen battling against Bede during his training to take over the Ballonlea Gym.

None of Slurpuff's moves are known.

Debut Swaying!! Murky Memories

In the TCG

Related cards
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Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Gym Trainer Su Shining Fates Uncommon 059/072 S-P Promotional cards   102/S-P
Shining Fates Rare Ultra 068/072 Shiny Star V SR 192/190
Silver Tempest Uncommon 158/195      
Silver Tempest Rare Ultra 191/195      


The unused female Spikemuth Gym Trainer VS model

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 道館訓練家 Dougún Fanlihngā
Mandarin 道館訓練家 / 道馆训练家 Dàoguǎn Xùnliànjiā
France Flag.png French Dresseur d'Arène ()
Dresseuse d'Arène ()
Germany Flag.png German Arenatrainer
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Pelatih Gym
Italy Flag.png Italian Allenatore Palestra ()
Allenatrice Palestra ()
South Korea Flag.png Korean 체육관 트레이너 Cheyukgwan Trainer
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Treinador de Ginásio
Spain Flag.png Spanish Entrenador Gimnasio ()
Entrenadora Gimnasio ()

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Spikemuth Gym Trainers
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Locations: Spikemuth

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