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This is a list of Pokémon that appear in the Battle Maison and Battle Institute battle facilities in Generation VI. These Pokémon are used by the battle area Trainers at the facility. Depending on the Trainer, Pokémon with different attributes will be selected.

These Pokémon have predetermined combinations of items, moves, Natures, and effort values. The Pokémon's gender and Ability are random (with Hidden Abilities also randomly selectable), and individual values are determined based on the Trainer.

They are broadly split between two large classes which are either used by Trainers in normal Battle Maison challenges or Trainers in Super Battle Maison challenges. Every species in these broad classes has different variations (sets) that may have a different item, moves, Nature, and EV spread; Pokémon in the normal class have two sets each, while Pokémon in the Super class have four. Generally, a "higher" set is used by more advanced Trainers. Within these broad classes, however, there are also narrower groups and specialties that Trainers generally mix together to form themes or strategies for what may be considered their roster, from which their team is randomly selected. Many Pokémon are in multiple of these sub-groups.

Groups and specialties

Among the most frequently used groupings within the larger classes of Pokémon are the normal class's L and M groups (as labeled below) and the Super class's A, B, C, D, and Legend groups. These groups are complete subdivisions of their respective classes. The L and M groups essentially correspond to low-tier (mostly unevolved) and mid-tier Pokémon (mostly evolved). The A, B, C, and D groups are even subdivisions of all the non-Legendary Pokémon in the Super class. These groups are noted in the Group colum in the tables below.

Another frequent grouping is simply a group of all the Pokémon with a given type within a class or within another group. There are a few Pokémon that are excluded from these type groups, however:

Some less commonly used groups deal with specific themes. These groups include all sets for any species that fits in the group. These are listed in the Specialties column in the tables below.

  • Eevee: Contains all evolved forms of Eevee
  • Fossil: Contains all Pokémon that can be revived from a Fossil
  • Starter: Contains all starter Pokémon from all six generations
  • Sp Atk: Contains non-Legendary Pokémon with a base Special Attack of at least 120, plus Latios
  • Sp Def: Contains non-Legendary Pokémon with a base Special Defense of at least 100, plus Latias

A few Trainers also use groups centered around specific strategies. These groups are generally formed of a few specific Pokémon with sets that specifically support the strategy, and a number of species that fit the strategy for any of their sets. These are listed in the Specialties column in the tables below.

Normal challenge Pokémon at the Battle Maison

Super challenge Pokémon at the Battle Maison