Charles Goodshow

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Charles Goodshow
タマランゼ会長 President Tamaranze
Charles Goodshow.png
Mr. Goodshow
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color White
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Anime debut All Fired Up!
English voice actor Jimmy Zoppi
Japanese voice actor Masaharu Satō

Charles Goodshow (Japanese: タマランゼ会長 President Tamaranze), often referred to as Mr. Goodshow, is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is the President of the League Competition Committee. He made his debut appearance in All Fired Up!.


Original series

Mr. Goodshow debuted in All Fired Up!, where he was introduced by Officer Jenny as the President of the Pokémon League Torch Committee. During the torch relay that took place prior to the Indigo Plateau Conference in the Kanto region, he watched over the flame of the Legendary Pokémon Moltres to make sure no harm would come to it.

When Ash attempted to join the ceremonial relaying of the torch as one of the torch runners, Officer Jenny tried to stop him, saying he looked like a troublemaker. However, Mr. Goodshow stepped in and defended Ash while also informing Officer Jenny that how a person looked on the outside was not as important as who they were on the inside. As a result, Ash was allowed to run with the flame.

Mr. Goodshow and Cynthia during the Lily of the Valley Conference

In A Claim to Flame!, Mr. Goodshow appeared during the opening ceremonies of the Johto League general championship competition, the Silver Conference. He was seen giving out balloons to greet the attendees. He also had a cameo appearance in Can't Beat the Heat!, in which he was shown watching the Full Battle between Ash and his rival Gary in the eighth-finals of the tournament.

Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

In Like a Meowth to a Flame, the Team Rocket trio stole the flame during the opening ceremonies of Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference and tried to fly away with it, but Mr. Goodshow was confident that Ash would get the flame back. Mr. Goodshow's intuition was right as Ash was able to safely return the flame to its rightful place, allowing the tournament to go on as planned. In At the End of the Fray, he made another cameo to present Tyson with the championship trophy.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Mr. Goodshow made small, non-speaking appearances during the Lily of the Valley Conference in Sinnoh. In An Old Family Blend!, he viewed the opening ceremony with Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia. He then spent the remaining episodes in that arc watching battles with Cynthia.


Mr. Goodshow next to Tyson during the Ever Grande Conference

Charles Goodshow is the head of the committee responsible for organizing the Pokémon League Conferences taking place in several regions across the Pokémon world. He is an energetic old man who greatly enjoys overseeing the various tournaments promoted by the Pokémon League.

As the President of the Pokémon League Torch Committee, he observes the ceremonial relaying of the torch to ensure that the flame will safely arrive at the stadium. He is also seen during the opening ceremonies of many League Conferences, shouting words of encouragement to the participating Trainers, as well as during the closing ceremonies, awarding the winning Trainer with the championship trophy.

Charles Goodshow also appears to have an interest in Pokémon Contests, as he revealed in Like a Meowth to a Flame that he watched the Hoenn Grand Festival on the television, and that he admired May's performance in it.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 佐藤正治 Masaharu Satō
English Jimmy Zoppi
Arabic مروان فرحات Marwan Farhat (EP074)
Unknown voice actor (EP266)
Czech Jiří Prager
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
European French Daniel Nicodème (EP266, AG125)
Italian Tony Fuochi
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Krzysztof Zakrzewski (EP074)
Andrzej Chudy (EP266)
Brazilian Portuguese Mário Jorge Montini (EP074)
José Parisi Jr. (EP266)
Roberto Leite (AG125)
Spanish Latin America Daniel Abundis (EP074)
Federico Romano (EP266)
César Arias (AG125, EP266*)
Spain Eduardo Moreno (EP074)
Ramón Repáraz (EP266)
Roberto Cuenca Martínez (AG125)



Language Name Origin
Japanese タマランゼ会長 President Tamaranze See Trivia.
English, Italian Charles Goodshow
Chinese 達馬嵐其會長 President Dámǎlánqí Transliteration of his Japanese name
Danish Charles Godtshow Literally "Charles Goodshow"
Norwegian Herr Goodshow Literally "Mister Goodshow"
Swedish Farbror Goodshow Literally "Uncle Goodshow"

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