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Starting Lana's trial

The island challenge (Japanese: 島めぐり island-visiting) is a rite of passage for burgeoning Pokémon Trainers in the Alola region. Trainers can partake in these rites once they turn 11.[1] The island challenge involves traveling through each of the four major islands of Alola and completing various trials (Japanese: 試練 trial) on each. The goal of those taking the island challenge is to become the strongest Trainer, known as the island challenge champion.


The island challenge amulet

Participants in the island challenge are given an island challenge amulet to identify them. These participants are called trial-goers. The island challenge consists of several trials on each of the Alola region's four islands, with each usually headed by a Trial Captain. Trials are not limited to Pokémon battles; they may involve finding designated items or a test of knowledge, among other tasks. Trials are all difficult tasks that require Trainers to prove themselves. To complete the trial, the Trainer must defeat a Totem Pokémon in an SOS Battle, which allows the Totem Pokémon to call an ally Pokémon to assist them. Some Totem Pokémon can call more than one ally. It is stated that there are 7SM/8USUM trials active at any given time, though not all of them may be presided over by a Trial Captain.

The final trial on each island is called the grand trial (Japanese: 大試練 grand trial). In the grand trial, the Trainer must battle the island kahuna. If they complete an island's grand trial, they are recognized as having cleared all of that island's trials and can move on to the next island. Clearing each trial rewards the trial-goer with a stamp on their Trainer Passport.

Previously, after a trial-goer had completed all four of their grand trials, they were tasked to fight all four of the island kahuna in a row on top of Mount Lanakila, similar to that of an Elite Four found in other regions. A trial-goer who has finished their island challenge and defeated all four kahuna in this final trial is called an island challenge champion. Unlike the Champions found in Pokémon Leagues, there can be multiple island challenge champions. Kahili is one of these island challenge champions who have previously finished their island challenge. During the story of Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, Alola gets its own Pokémon League building and Elite Four, retiring this part of the island challenge.

In Alola legend, the island challenge was inspired by the events of Necrozma being defeated by the hero and the guardian deities, using the Z-Power and Sparkling Stones scattered throughout the islands. This series of events is repeated through the plot of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Trial Captains are known to have previously completed their own island challenge before getting their position offered by the kahuna of the island.


During a trial, the player cannot flee from battles (including with Teleport), Roar will fail, Wimp Out and Emergency Exit will not activate to allow a Pokémon to flee nor switch, and wild Pokémon cannot be caught. If the player leaves the trial site before completing the trial, they have to start the trial again. Upon completing a trial, the player earns a Z-Crystal.


Similar to Badges, completing trials can expand the amount of items purchasable in Poké Marts, and completing grand trials will make outsider Pokémon obey the player.


Stamps by obedience level
Up to Lv. 20 No stamp requirement
Up to Lv. 35 Melemele Trial Completion
Up to Lv. 50 Akala Trial Completion
Up to Lv. 65 Ula'ula Trial Completion
Up to Lv. 80 Poni Trial Completion
All Pokémon Island Challenge Completion

Poké Mart stock

Left cashier


Melemele Island

Ilima's trial

In this trial, the player must find and battle two YungoosSUS/Alolan RattataMUM and a GumshoosSUS/Alolan RaticateMUM. The Pokémon can be found in the dens scattered around the cavern. Along the way, the player will face two Team Skull Grunts and battle one of them. Once defeated, the two grunts will unknowingly help the player finish the trial.

Grand trial

In this grand trial, the player has to defeat Kahuna Hala.

Akala Island

Lana's trial

This trial begins with Lana leading the player through Brooklet Hill, requesting an investigation into the cause of splashing water in the area, with the help of their new ride Pokémon, Lapras. Upon reaching the Totem's Den, the player must defeat the Totem Pokémon, which emerges from the splashing water in the center. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the trial site is merely in the Totem's Den, and the explicit trial consists of simply defeating the Totem Pokémon. It is revealed later in the trial that the cause of the splashing water are some Dewpider and some Solo Form Wishiwashi, and the player has to defeat them before moving downstream. There are also other Trainers in the area, which will challenge the player if eye contact is met.

Kiawe's trial

In this trial, three pairs of dances are performed, and the player has to identify what is different between each pair, battling two Alolan Marowak and a Hiker in between dances.

Mallow's trial

In this trial, the player has to find ingredients hidden in the trial site, and battle some Pokémon, respectively two Fomantis and a Sudowoodo to retrieve them. However, there is a method to avoid battling the Pokémon in the Lush Jungle. After collecting all of them, they are used to create an aroma that lures the Totem Pokémon.

Grand trial

In this grand trial, the player has to defeat Kahuna Olivia.

Ula'ula Island

Sophocles's trial

In this trial in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player has to help Sophocles open a security door by answering several audio questions and fighting Pokémon in between. After answering the last question, the player battles the Totem Pokémon. After defeating the Totem Pokémon, Molayne will also congratulate the player and gift them with a Steelium Z.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player has to help Sophocles lure out the Totem Pokémon by lining up Charjabug together to power a Vikavolt-shaped machine, and battling an Elekid and an Electabuzz between each power increase.

Acerola's trial

In this trial, the player has to take a photo of the Totem Pokémon in the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart. After drawing the attention of the Totem Pokémon by photographing other Ghost-type Pokémon in the area, the player follows the Totem Pokémon to the back room and battles it after taking a photo of it. After photographing the other Ghost-type Pokémon, a Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar, respectively, will promptly attack the player.

Grand trial

In this grand trial, the player has to defeat Kahuna Nanu.

Poni Island

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player's experience with Poni Island's portion of the island challenge is a bit different than that of the other islands. While Poni Island does have a Trial Captain named Mina, whom the player briefly meets, she does not have any trial for the player. Instead, Hapu's grand trial is the player's first challenge on Poni Island. After that, the player is confronted by a natural trial at the Vast Poni Canyon on their way to the Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, however, Mina has a trial ready for the player, and all the trials are done in a different order, starting with the Vast Poni Canyon trial, continuing with Mina's trial after the events surrounding Necrozma, and concluding with Hapu's grand trial, which has been moved to Exeggutor Island.

Vast Poni Canyon trial

At the end of the Vast Poni Canyon, before the player can reach the Altar of the SunneSUS/MooneMUM, the player must defeat a Totem Pokémon who guards the entry point. A Jangmo-o and a Hakamo-o will also assail the player before they reach the Totem Pokémon.

Mina's trial

In Mina's trial, appearing only in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player begins by battling Mina, who will reward the player with the Pink Petal upon winning. Next, she orders the player to defeat the other Captains in Alola and receive their petals (with Nanu taking Acerola's place). Each Captain will offer to take the player to the next Captain's location after obtaining their petal, and some Captains (depending on the version) challenge the player to battle them before giving out their petal.

When the player has collected all the petals and returns, Mina assembles them into the Rainbow Flower, which summons the Totem Pokémon to her house.

Grand trial

In this grand trial, the player has to defeat Kahuna Hapu.

Final trial

In the past, after clearing all trials and grand trials, usually challengers would head to the summit of Mount Lanakila and have a final trial, where they have to defeat all four kahunas in a row in order to be acknowledged as an island challenge champion. However, this final trial ceremony has now been replaced with the newly founded Pokémon League. Becoming the Champion earns the player the Island Challenge Completion stamp, getting all outsider Pokémon regardless of level to obey the player.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version

Kukui's trial

In this trial, the player must find and photograph four elusive Pokémon. Upon capturing each Pokémon in a photo, they will attack the player. The first two Pokémon the player can find are Jangmo-o, who are followed by a Hakamo-o, with Totem Hakamo-o being the final subject.

In the anime

Ash facing Hala in the Melemele grand trial

In the anime, the island challenge is a way for Trainers to obtain Z-Crystals, and it is said to have been created in order to raise Trainers to love and protect the islands of Alola as well as the people and Pokémon who inhabit them, as explained in To Top a Totem!. The challenges are made up of lesser trials which must be passed before challenging the island kahuna in a grand trial. These trials are not presided by Trial Captains, and trialgoers are able to freely challenge a Totem Pokémon without having someone providing guidance or supervising them. Most Totem Pokémon are said to follow the lead of their island's guardian deity.

All trials seen in the anime work similarly to the Vast Poni Canyon trial from the games, with Trainers being rewarded by the Totem Pokémon itself if successful in battle. However, Hala contradicts this by noting that it is rare for a Totem Pokémon to directly give the Z-Crystal to the Trainer themselves. Another difference lies in the fact that completing all trials in an island is not required for a battle with the island kahuna; Trainers will earn the right to face off against a kahuna after completing just one trial.

Over the course of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, Ash took the island challenge in conjunction with his studies at the Pokémon School. He competed in his first trial in To Top a Totem!, when he cleared the Verdant Cavern trial, earning a Normalium Z from the Totem Gumshoos in the process. Since then, he also cleared the Melemele grand trial in Trial and Tribulation!, the Lush Jungle trial in Currying Favor and Flavor!, the Akala grand trial in Trials and Determinations!, the Thrifty Megamart trial in A Battle Hand-Off!, the Ula'ula grand trial in Guiding an Awakening!, and the Poni grand trial in A Grand Debut!.

Ash's classmates have completed some trials as well. Kiawe completed Olivia's grand trial on Akala Island prior to Alola to New Adventure!, receiving a Z-Ring and Firium Z as a reward. Lana completed the trial on Brooklet Hill in Big Sky, Small Fry! by defeating a Totem Wishiwashi in its School Form with her Popplio, receiving a Waterium Z from the Pokémon as a reward. In Run, Heroes, Run!, Kiawe completed a trial set up for him by Tapu Fini, earning a Flyinium Z from the guardian deity as a reward. In A Recipe for Success!, Mallow cleared a trial set up by Oranguru, receiving a Grassium Z from Tapu Koko as a reward.

In The Dealer of Destruction!, the final trial atop Mount Lanakila was acknowledged, but was said to have been long since abandoned. Unlike in the games, where this trial consisted of battling the four island kahunas in a row, this former trial simply involved a battle between those who had cleared their island challenge.

In the manga

An island challenge amulet in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

In Pokémon Move Specialist Professor Kukui, Hala, Olivia, and Nanu orchestrated a tournament to be held at an Iki Town festival. The winner of the tournament would be awarded an island challenge amulet and be given the task of doing the island challenge in order to calm the guardian deities, who had been angered by something. In The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer, it was revealed that the last of people to take on the island challenge had been Professor Kukui and Molayne, as Hala had been unable to find any worthy Trainers to take it on since then. In The Final Match and a Surprising Finale!, Sun won the tournament and was awarded the amulet as the grand prize.

Sun was given his first trial by Lana, and was tasked with defeating the totem of Brooklet Hill, a School Form Wishiwashi. Eventually, he completed the trial by defeating the lead Wishiwashi, causing it to revert back into its component Solo Form Wishiwashi.

Sun's second trial happened at the Thrifty Megamart and was given to him by Acerola. For the trial, Sun had to take a photo of the Totem Mimikyu inside. He eventually managed to calm it down and captured it, allowing him to take the photo and complete the trial.

Pokémon Horizon

The island challenge has no age limit and is open to anyone of all ages. Akira was seen completing a trial on Melemele Island by defeating a Totem Lucario, as well as completing Olivia's grand trial later on.


  • According to the chief of the sea folk, long ago, Exeggutor Island used to be a trial site.
  • Although it is made clear that adults cannot take part in the island challenge[citation needed], several adult NPCs are among the people who may attempt Ilima's trial while the player is tasked with substituting for a Trial Guide at Route 2.

In other languages

Island Challenge

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 諸島巡禮 Jyūdóu Chèuhnláih
Mandarin 諸島巡禮 / 诸岛巡礼 Zhūdǎo Xúnlǐ
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Ostrovní výzva
Denmark Flag.png Danish Øudfordring*
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Eiland uitdaging*
Eiland beproeving*
Finland Flag.png Finnish Saarihaaste
France Flag.png French Tour des Îles
Germany Flag.png German Inselwanderschaft
Israel Flag.png Hebrew אתגר האי Etgar Ha'Eee
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Sziget Kihívás
Italy Flag.png Italian Giro delle isole
South Korea Flag.png Korean 섬 순례 Seom Sullye
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Øyutfordring
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyzwanie Wysp
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Desafio da Ilha
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Desafio das ilhas*
Desafio da ilha*
Russia Flag.png Russian Вызов острова*
Испытание острова Ispytaniye ostrova*
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Reto de las islas
Spain Flag.png Spain Recorrido insular
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Ö-utmaningen*
Öns utmaning*

Island Challenge trial

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Øprøvelse
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Øyutfordringsprøve
Poland Flag.png Polish Próba Wyzwania Wyspy
Russia Flag.png Russian Островное испытание Ostrovnoye ispytaniye
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Ö-utmaningsprövning

Grand trial

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 大試練 Grand trial
Chinese Cantonese 大考驗 Daaih Háauyihm
Mandarin 大考驗 / 大考验 Dà Kǎoyàn
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Nejvyšší zkouška*
Velká zkouška*
Denmark Flag.png Danish Stor prøve
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Grote proef
Finland Flag.png Finnish Suurkoe
France Flag.png French Grande Épreuve
Germany Flag.png German Große Prüfung
Israel Flag.png Hebrew מבחן גדול Mivkhan Gadol
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Főpróba
Italy Flag.png Italian Grande Prova
South Korea Flag.png Korean 큰 시련 Keun siryeon
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Stor prøve
Poland Flag.png Polish Wielka Próba
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Grande Prova
Russia Flag.png Russian Великое испытание Velikoye ispytaniye
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gran Prueba
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Stor prövning*
Stor utmaning*

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  1. Hala: "The island challenge Kukui spoke of... It is a journey to overcome your own limitations, as you travel to the far corners of Alola and meet with others along the path. It is the great adventure that children in the Alola region embark upon, along with their Pokémon, once they reach 11 years of age!" (Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)

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