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The setting for the competition
The logo of the competition

The Manalo Conference[1] (Japanese: アローラリーグ・マナーロ大会 Alola League Manalo Conference), also referred to as the Alola Pokémon League (Japanese: アローラポケモンリーグ Alola Pokémon League), is the Alola League general championship competition founded by Professor Kukui. It is intended to be a replacement for an old, abandoned part of the island challenge ritual in which trial-goers battled at the peak of Mount Lanakila.

It was officially unveiled in The Dealer of Destruction! during a press conference held on Aether Paradise. The tournament is held at the recently completed Manalo Stadium, and is sponsored in part by the four island kahunas of Alola and Lusamine, the president of the Aether Foundation.

Unlike previous League tournaments, in which Trainers were required to collect a given number of Gym Badges in order to sign up, the Manalo Conference has no entry requirements, meaning that any willing Trainer is allowed to enter.

The tournament began in Battle Royal 151! and concluded in Enter the Champion!, with the award ceremony being interrupted by the appearance of three Guzzlord. The winner was declared as the first Champion of Alola. Originally, the winner was meant to battle the Masked Royal in an exhibition match afterwards, but when the Masked Royal's true identity was exposed to the public, Professor Kukui became the Champion's opponent in the exhibition match instead. The exhibition match started in Exhibition Unmasked! and concluded in From Z to Shining Z!, bringing the Manalo Conference to an end.


Opening ceremonies

Before the competition starts, a party is held where contestants can interact with one another. Professor Kukui welcomes the participants and shows a video of Masked Royal explaining how the preliminary round works.



All of the participating Trainers compete in a Battle Royal. Only the last 16 whose Pokémon remain standing at the end advance to the next round. The battles are refereed by the four island kahunas of AlolaHala, Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu.

The 16 contestants in the first round

First round

The first round consists of one-on-one Single Battles. The 16 Trainers are randomly matched up by a computer. The winners advance to the quarterfinals. Each of the island kahunas referees two consecutive battles.


The quarterfinals consist of one-on-one Single Battles. The eight Trainers are randomly matched up by a computer. The winners advance to the semifinals. Each of the island kahunas referees one of the battles.


The semifinals consist of two-on-two Single Battles. The four Trainers are randomly matched up by a computer. The winners advance to the finals. A random island kahuna is selected before each battle to referee it.

The scoreboard used during the Exhibition Match


The finals consist of a three-on-three Single Battle refereed by Professor Kukui. The winner will be declared the winner of the Manalo Conference and is allowed to have an exhibition battle with the Masked Royal.

Exhibition Match

The exhibition battle consists of a Full Battle between the newly crowned Champion and Professor Kukui (originally planned to be a one-on-one with Kukui appearing as the Masked Royal), refereed by Hala. The result of the battle has no bearing on the winner's status.

Known contestants

Ash, the winner, with the Manalo Championship Trophy
Trainer Place
Ash Winner
Gladion Runner-Up
Guzma Top 4
Kiawe Top 4
Lana Top 8
Sophocles Top 8
Hau Top 8
"Jamesio" Top 8
Lillie Top 16
Acerola Top 16
"Jessina" Top 16
Mina Top 16
Mallow Top 16
Samson Top 16
Ilima Top 16
Faba Top 16
Kahili Top 151
Oluolu Top 151
Master fisherman Top 151
DJ Leo Top 151
Plumeria Top 151
Tupp Top 151
Zipp Top 151
Rapp Top 151
Mad Magmar Top 151
Mr. Electric Top 151
Pikala Top 151
Hiroki Top 151


First round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
   Ash Ash's Meltan  
   Faba Hypno        Ash Ash's Rowlet  
   Hau Raichu      Hau Decidueye  
   Samson Exeggutor          Ash Ash's TorracatAsh's Pikachu  
   Ilima Kangaskhan          Guzma ScizorGolisopod  
   Guzma Scizor        Guzma Golisopod
   Mallow Mallow's Tsareena      Lana Lana's Primarina  
   Lana Lana's Primarina          Ash Ash's MelmetalAsh's PikachuAsh's Lycanroc
   Kiawe Kiawe's Marowak          Gladion Gladion's SilvallyGladion's ZoroarkGladion's Lycanroc
   Acerola Gengar        Kiawe Kiawe's Charizard  
   Sophocles Sophocles's Vikavolt      Sophocles Sophocles's Vikavolt  
   Mina Ribombee          Kiawe Kiawe's MarowakKiawe's Turtonator
   Lillie Snowy          Gladion Gladion's LycanrocGladion's Silvally  
   Gladion Gladion's Umbreon        Gladion Gladion's Lycanroc
   "Jessina" Jessie's Wobbuffet      "Jamesio" James's Mareanie  
   "Jamesio" James's Mareanie  

Exhibition Match

Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash Ash's Incineroar Ash's IncineroarAsh's LycanrocAsh's RowletAsh's PikachuAsh's MelmetalAsh's Naganadel Win
Professor Kukui's IncineroarBraviaryVenusaurEmpoleonLucarioGuardian deities (anime)#Tapu Koko* Loss


  • This is the only Pokémon League Conference where:
  • The Manalo Conference is the League Conference where Ash has placed the highest, ranking as the winner. This surpasses his preceding runner-up position in the Lumiose Conference.
  • This tournament has 27 named contestants, more than any other Pokémon League Conference.
  • The Manalo Conference having a total of 151 competitors could be a reference to the original 151 Pokémon of Generation I.
  • The fake names and disguises Jessie and James use while participating in the tournament are based on Sina and Dexio's names and designs from the Alola-based Generation VII games.
  • This is the longest Pokémon League Conference to date, lasting 16 episodes (11 if the post-finals episodes aren't counted).
  • The exhibition match against Professor Kukui is a reference to the Champion battle from Pokémon Sun and Moon, where Professor Kukui serves as the player's final opponent at the Pokémon League. Also, Tapu Koko's participation in the battle could be a reference to the battle against it in the same games.
  • This is the final League Conference to date where Ash participates in.

In other languages

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Manalo Conference
France Flag.png French Ligue d'Alola
Germany Flag.png German Alola-Liga
Israel Flag.png Hebrew וועידת מנלאו V’eedat Manalo
Italy Flag.png Italian Lega Pokémon di Alola
Poland Flag.png Polish Konferencji Manalo
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Conferência de Manalo
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Manalo Conference
Spain Flag.png Spanish Liga Pokémon de Alola
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Manalo-konferensen
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Manalo Konferansı

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