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Horace (Japanese: トキオ Tokio) is a character of the day who appeared in Time After Time!. He is from Cianwood City.

Young Horace

Three years prior to the events of the episode, Horace encountered Goh while he was out searching for a Celebi. The two quickly became friends after realizing they were both looking for Mythical Pokémon and equally knowledgeable. With the help of Mr. Norris's Sunflora, they searched for Celebi together in the Ilex Forest, only to encounter several wild Pokémon that scared them off. They agreed to meet again the next day, but unbeknownst to Goh, Horace had fallen ill and was unable to make it that day. Goh assumed Horace had stood him up and began holding a grudge against him.

A year later, Horace returned to the forest where he discovered the Ilex Forest shrine. He begged Celebi to take him back to a year ago so he could keep his promise with Goh, but his wish was never granted. Horace instead wrote an apology letter and put it inside of the shrine, hoping Goh would come back and find it.

Two years later, in the present day, Horace had become a Trainer. He returned to the shrine, where he reunited with Goh, who had discovered the letter. The two apologized for what happened in the past and rekindled their friendship.


This listing is of Horace's known Pokémon in the anime:

Horace's Chikorita
Chikorita is Horace's only known Pokémon. It was present with him when he visited the Ilex Forest shrine and reunited with Goh.

None of Chikorita's moves are known.

Debut Time After Time!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高垣彩陽 Ayahi Takagaki
English Jenny Yokobori
Hebrew שחר ירימי Shachar Yarimi
Polish Jakub Strach
Brazilian Portuguese Wagner Follare
Latin American Spanish Edgar Luna
Oliver Díaz (younger)


Language Name Origin
Japanese トキオ Tokio From 時 toki (time)
English, French,
Brazilian Portuguese
Horace From hōra (Latin for time)
German Hu From Doctor Who, a science fiction TV series about time and space travel
Italian Gionata
Korean 시웅 Siung From the hanja reading of the Japanese name 時雄 Tokio. Contains 시 (時) si (time).
Chinese (Mandarin) 時央 Shíyāng From the Japanese name 時央 Tokio. Contains 時 shí (time).

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