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Brock's siblings: (top row) Salvadore, Yolanda, Forrest, Tommy, Cindy, (bottom row) Suzie, Timmy, Billy, and Tilly

Brock's siblings are the nine younger brothers and sisters of Brock, and recurring characters who appeared in the Pokémon anime. They are the children of Flint and Lola, and appear to all be relatively close in age. They all first appeared under Brock's care in Showdown in Pewter City.

The most notable among them is the oldest son after Brock, Forrest (Japanese: ジロウ Jirō), who was first referred to by name and became more defined than the rest of the children in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!. The remaining childrens' names were listed in Grating Spaces: Salvadore (Japanese: サブロウ Saburō), Yolanda (ヨモコ Yomoko), Tommy (ゴロウ Gorō), Cindy (ムツコ Mutsuko), Suzie (ナナコ Nanako), Timmy (ヤオキ Yaoki), and the twins Billy (クロウ Kurō) and Tilly (トオコ Tōko).

Like Brock and their father, they all have very narrow, squinty eyes and coarse textured hair. None of the children inherited Lola's eyes, though some seem to have skin and hair color closer in tone to their mother's.


All of the children are extremely close to their big brother Brock, and they seem to view him as more of a parent figure than their own parents. This is understandable, given both Flint and Lola left home to pursue their own interests, leaving all the children, the house and the Pewter Gym all in the care of Brock, their oldest son. He took on all these heavy responsibilities and cared diligently for all his brothers and sisters, proving his devotion and love for his family. They all love him in turn; in their debut episode, when he was losing a battle, they all grabbed onto Ash because they knew their big brother didn't want to have his Onix hurt. Whenever Brock battles at the Gym, his siblings watch and root for him.

With the exception of Forrest, they are too young to train Pokémon and have none of their own. Salvadore, as the third oldest brother, acts as referee during Forrest's battles at the Gym (although if Brock is battling, then Forrest himself takes over this responsibility).

Forrest and the rest of Brock's siblings made a reappearance in a fantasy during the Poké Problem segment of SM042.


Borrowed from Brock

Brock's Ludicolo
Main article: Brock's Ludicolo

When Brock visited the Pewter Gym after returning from Hoenn, he found that his siblings loved having Ludicolo around, and therefore when he left to rejoin Ash he decided to leave Ludicolo with his siblings.

Debut The Lotad Lowdown
Voice actors
Japanese Fumihiko Tachiki
English Eric Stuart (AG105-AG124)
Bill Rogers (AG177-present)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Jirō: 朴璐美 Romi Park
Saburō: 津村まこと Makoto Tsumura (SS001) / 半場友恵 Tomoe Hanba (AG177)
Yomoko: 藁谷麻美 Asami Waragai (SS001) / 井浦愛 Ai Iura (AG177)
Gorō: くまいもとこ Motoko Kumai (EP005) / おやまだひろこ Hiroko Oyamada (SS001) / 森愛子 Aiko Mori (AG177)
Mutsuko: 林原めぐみ Megumi Hayashibara (EP005, AG177) / 寺田はるひ Haruhi Terada (SS001)
Nanako: 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani (EP005, AG177) / 高田奈央美 Naomi Takada (SS001)
Yaoki: 犬山イヌコ Inuko Inuyama (EP005, AG177) / 松来未祐 Miyu Matsuki (SS001)
Kurō: 根本圭子 Keiko Nemoto (SS001) / 吉川友佳子 Yukako Yoshikawa (AG177)
Tōko: 近藤光世 Mitsuyo Kondō (SS001) / 佐々木日菜子 Hinako Sasaki (AG177)
English Forrest: Andrew Rannells (4Kids dub) / Jeanne Intile Burns (TPCi dub)
Salvadore: Pete Zarustica (4Kids dub) / Jamie Peacock (TPCi dub)
Yolanda: Amy Palant (4Kids dub) / Hilary Thomas (TPCi dub)
Tommy: Rachael Lillis (4Kids dub) / Billy Beach (TPCi dub)
Cindy: Veronica Taylor (4Kids dub) / Sarah Natochenny (TPCi dub)
Suzie: Veronica Taylor (4Kids dub) / Jamie Peacock (TPCi dub)
Timmy: Nathan Price (4Kids dub) / Jamie Peacock (TPCi dub)
Finnish Forrest: Petri Hanttu (AG177)
Salvadore: Aku Laitinen (AG177)
Tommy: Pasi Ruohonen (AG177)
Cindy: Henna Haverinen (AG177)
Timmy: Pauli Virta (EP005) / Petrus Kähkönen (AG177)
Suzie: Minna Tasanto (EP005) / Jenni Sivonen (AG177)
Polish Tommy: Małgorzata Maślanka
Cindy: ???
Timmy: Renata Berger
Spanish Latin America Forrest: Eduardo Garza (SS001) / Héctor Emmanuel Gómez (AG177)
Salvadore: Claudio Velázquez (SS001) / Ricardo Bautista (AG177)
Yolanda: ??? (SS001) / Liliana Barba (AG177)
Tommy:  ??? (EP005) / ??? (SS001) / Moisés Ivan Mora (AG177)
Cindy: ??? (EP005) / Cristina Hernández (AG177)
Timmy: ??? (EP005) / Gabriel Gama (AG177)
Spain Forrest: Chelo Molina (SS001) / Blanca Rada (AG177)
Salvadore: Sara Vivas (SS001) / Alicia Sainz de la Maza (AG177)
Yolanda: Alicia Sainz de la Maza (SS001) / Marta Sainz (AG177)
Tommy: Marisa Marco (EP005) / Alicia Sainz de la Maza (SS001) / Cristina Yuste (AG177)
Cindy: Isacha Mengíbar (EP005) / Beatriz Berciano (AG177)
Suzie: Mar Bordallo (EP005) / Coral Balas (SS001) / Marta Sainz (AG177)
Timmy: Marisa Marco (EP005) / Blanca Rada (AG177)


Brock is welcomed home by his siblings
  • The names Tommy, Cindy, Suzie and Timmy were first used in the episode Showdown in Pewter City. At the time, it was not noted which was which. Presumably, Suzie was the one in the orange dress who ripped her skirt, because when Brock is leaving he tells Flint, "Suzie always rips her dresses, so you'd better learn how to sew."
  • The youngest of Brock's siblings, Tōko, was referred to by her Japanese name in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!. However, when Grating Spaces aired she was referred to as Tilly.
  • All of Brock's younger siblings contain a numeric element in their name:
    • Jirō: 二郎 Jirō, second son
    • Saburō: 三郎 Saburō, third son
    • Yomoko: 四 yo-, four
    • Gorō: 五郎 Gorō, fifth son
    • Mutsuko: 六つ mutsu-, six
    • Nanako: 七 nana-, seven (girl)
    • Yaoki: 八 ya-, eight
    • Kurō: 九郎 Kurō, ninth son
    • Tōko: 十 tō-, ten
  • It is implied in Pocket Monsters: The Animation that Brock's siblings and possibly even Brock himself may not have been sired by Flint (thus technically making them half-siblings), as it mentioned that Lola, prior to ultimately abandoning her family, had "married again and again and had dozens of kids" in a desperate attempt to keep Pewter Gym open (due to her various husbands fleeing when they were losing due to the strict regulations of running a gym).


Japanese English Chinese
ジロウ Jirō Forrest 次郎 Cìláng
サブロウ Saburō Salvadore 三郎 Sānláng
ヨモコ Yomoko Yolanda 四子 Sìzi
ゴロウ Gorō Tommy 五郎 Wǔláng
ムツコ Mutsuko Cindy 六子 Liùzi
ナナコ Nanako Suzie 七子 Qīzi
ヤオキ Yaoki Timmy 八樹 Bāshù
クロウ Kurō Billy 九郎 Jiǔláng
トオコ Tōko Tilly 十子 Shízi

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