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ヌイコグマ Nuikoguma
Stufful anime.png
Debuts in A Dream Encounter!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Bewear
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Stufful Nicole Fujita Michele Knotz‎‎

Stufful (Japanese: ヌイコグマ Nuikoguma) is a recurring Pokémon character in the anime who appeared in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.


Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Sometime prior to A Dream Encounter!, Wicke of the Aether Foundation found Stufful trapped under a fallen tree. After freeing Stufful, Wicke took it to Aether Paradise to recover. Over time, the two became close.

Stufful first appeared in A Dream Encounter!, in a video on Professor Kukui's television. It was one of the Pokémon included in a presentation on Professor Burnet as the fifteenth recipient of the "Alola Woman on the Year" award and her workplace, Aether Paradise. It reappeared when Ash and his classmates visited Aether Paradise in Deceiving Appearances!.

During a plot by Team Rocket to steal the Pokémon at Aether Paradise in Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!, Stufful met and became attached to Jessie, although it refused to be caught. When Bewear came to pick up Team Rocket, Bewear recognized Stufful as its child and took them all back to its den. While doing so, it allowed Stufful to spin a helicopter blade that would allow them to fly.

In Spying for the Big Guy!, Matori arrived in Alola to bring Bewear back to Kanto. However, she decided to take Stufful instead. Team Rocket, having realized this, disguised Meowth as Stufful, and Matori took the bait. Bewear eventually rescued Meowth.

In League Offenders and Defenders!, it was revealed that Team Rocket had built a hot spring for Bewear and Stufful to keep them from spiriting them away during their participation in the Manalo Conference, along with a robot modeled after Oranguru to tend to their needs. The plan was successful for the most part, as the mother and child spent the duration of the conference relaxing and spending quality time together. However, after the Oranguru robot broke down at the end of the conference in Enter the Champion!, Bewear had no reason to stay, and began rushing to retrieve her guests, with Stufful riding on top of her head.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In That New Old Gang of Mine!, Stufful was seen in the forest, carrying some Berries alongside Bewear, Mimikyu, and Mareanie.

In All Out, All of the Time!, Stufful was reunited with Team Rocket after they crash-landed in the hot spring next to Bewear's den.

Personality and characteristics

Stufful and Bewear together

Stufful was a carefree Pokémon, constantly walking throughout the conservation area of Aether Paradise. It is also a very affectionate Pokémon, as shown in Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!, where it grew attached to Jessie by grabbing on to the back of her hair.

Since its reunion with Bewear, Stufful has assisted her in her rescues of Team Rocket, like in Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!, where it spun a helicopter propeller; and in Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!, where it alerted the trio to Bewear's arrival. Like its mother, Stufful is capable to perform incredible feats of strength. In addition to the helicopter incident, it has been shown running through several walls of steel in the Poké Problem segment of SM124, destroying the mecha Team Rocket had planned on fixing in the process. Stufful's tendency to show up has caused the trio to panic, as seen in League Offenders and Defenders!, when Team Rocket spotted a Trainer's Stufful and mistook it for Bewear's child, causing them to fear she was on their way.

Much like its mother, Stufful enjoys hot springs. This was seen in League Offenders and Defenders!, when Team Rocket built it and Bewear one so that they can enter the Manalo Conference without them showing up whilst competing. Stufful also enjoys putting on a display whilst in the hot spring, as seen in The Battlefield of Truth and Love!, where it and her mother performed for a crowd that had gathered.

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