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The Z-Power symbol as it appears in Pokémon Duel

Z-Power (Japanese: (ゼット)パワー Z-Power), sometimes referred to as aura (Japanese: オーラ aura), is a form of energy found in the Alola region. This energy can be used to produce a Z-Move, though it can work independently from Z-Moves, and is otherwise uncontrollable without the use of a Z-Ring or Z-Power Ring. Z-Power is often associated with a specific symbol, a stylized Z with an "arrow." This symbol is found throughout the Alola region, including on Z-Rings, on Z-Crystal pedestals found in trial sites, and while using a Z-Move.


Lillie's "Z-Powered form"

The process of being fueled with or have been previously fueled with Z-Power can be described as Z-Powered. Having access to multiple or using multiple at once can be referred to as Z-Powers.[1] The Z is short for Zenith (Japanese: 全力(ゼンリョク), using all one's power). "Zenith" is also used as part of the title of the Alola Photo Club's Zenith Stage location, which displays multiple Z-Crystals. When referring to Z-Power, pieces of media may use the terms "full force" or "full power," with many characters often using these phrases in relation to the mechanic. The Ultra Recon Squad refers to Z-Power as "auras."

In speech

In the Alola region, references to Z-Power in speech are common. Often, saying "full-power" or "full-force" is shown as a form of encouragement and excitement, or even as a show of strength.

  • The festival in Iki Town at the beginning of the games is described as a "full-powered festival" by Professor Kukui and the Ultra Recon Squad.
  • Lillie refers to her second outfit as her Z-Powered form (Japanese: 全力(ぜんりょく)姿(すがた) full-powered form). She also often describes her improvement of confidence as showing her "full power" or "full force." This parallels internal data referring to Z-Moves as ZenryokuWaza, meaning "full-powered move." She often follows these comments by performing the Z-Move pose for Normalium Z.
  • In Sun and Moon only, Mina has a catchphrase, saying "get your Z on" or "get our Z on" as a way of expressing good sportsmanship.
  • Lana and Mina both claim to use their "full power" when they battle the player.

In the core series games

History and effects

A Totem Marowak infused with an orange Z-Power aura in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

According to speculation from Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Z-Power may come from energy that pours from Ultra Wormholes.[2] Wicke of the Aether Foundation has further claimed that the size of Totem Pokémon comes from the energy that pours from Ultra Wormholes.[3] Because of this, Totem Pokémon are often bathed in Z-Power, growing to unnatural sizes. As expressed by the colored aura surrounding the Pokémon when fought, the Z-Power causes the Pokémon to become more powerful than usual, often giving them a boost in their stats. This aura is also seen on Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts consume this energy and store it within their bodies,[4] which grants them the stat boosts similar to those of Totem Pokémon when encountered.

DulseUS and PhycoUM of the Ultra Recon Squad in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon explain the auras surrounding Trainers' Pokémon and Totem Pokémon are actually a form of light from Necrozma that once shined down on the Alola region.[5] The light produced during a Z-Move was once the light and power used within Ultra Megalopolis a long time ago.

In Alola legend found in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Necrozma had once succeeded in battle against SolgaleoUS/LunalaUM, turning it into Dusk ManeUS/Dawn WingsUM Necrozma. A youth and the four guardian deities of Alola had fought the pillager of light with usage of Z-Power taken from Sparkling Stones. This had created the tradition of the island challenge. Alolan legends found in the Malie Library indicate that SolgaleoSUS/LunalaMUM gifted the Tapunium Z to the guardian deities after fighting against them. Necrozma once had the ability to produce light, but became injured after the people in Ultra Megalopolis had attempted to steal the Pokémon's light to use as power. According to Professor Kukui and Lillie in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, this injury had caused chips of Necrozma's body to fall through Ultra Wormholes, creating Sparkling Stones, Z-Crystals, and Z-Moves. The letter Z used as a prefix in the terms for Z-Power, Z-Move, Z-Ring, and Z-Power Ring comes from the word Zenith, as the action of performing a Z-Move is done through a Trainer and their Pokémon combining their strength and vigor with one another. Colress, a scientist from Unova who works to seek out the potential of Pokémon, suggests that Z-Power may be stronger than the power of a Mega Ring.

Most descriptions of Z-Crystals characterize them as crystallized forms of Z-Power.

A Trainer's Pokémon can be exposed to Z-Power when using a Z-Move, during which the Z-Power is controlled by the Trainer's Z-Ring or Z-Power Ring. Status moves used in this manner are often accompanied by a bonus effect on top of their standard effect, called a Z-Power effect (Japanese: (ゼット)パワー効果(こうか) Z-Power effect). Although Lusamine does not possess Z-Crystals, all of her Pokémon in Ultra Space have the same colored auras and stat boosts that appear on Totem Pokémon. According to Lillie and Wicke, one of the potential reasons that Lusamine fell unconscious after her fusion with a Nihilego is due to the overwhelming amounts of Z-Power surrounding her.[6] As a Pokémon, the Rotom Pokédex can also channel Z-Power through its body, allowing the player use a second Z-Move during battle through the use of Z-Rotom Power.

Lycanroc awash in yellow aura while performing a Z-Move

The auras surrounding Pokémon using Z-Power have been seen in three different colors. When a Z-Move is used or when Ultra Necrozma is fought, this aura is yellow; when a Totem Pokémon or one of Lusamine's Pokémon are being fought, the aura is orange; and when an Ultra Beast is fought, this aura is red. The significance of these colors is unknown. Despite coming from Ultra Space and their relation to Ultra Beasts, Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma in its base, Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane forms lack any sort of Z-Power aura when fought. All non-Trainer owned Pokémon with aura use the same flavor text of "<Pokémon>’s aura flared to life!" at the start of a battle, engulfing themselves with Z-Power and providing them with the stat boosts.

The pose for Electrium Z appears in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet as form of interaction for photography.


Main article: Ultra Wormhole

In Sun and Moon, Looker, a member of the International Police, explains that the aura and energy produced from Ultra Wormholes reminds Ultra Beasts of home, which attracts them to any person or Pokémon that may have been bathed in Z-Power. People who have been exposed to this energy, such as Anabel, are considered Fallers. The International Police will often prepare Fallers as bait without their knowledge as a means to contain Ultra Beasts. This caused an unnamed female Faller to lose her life to a Guzzlord 10 years prior to the events of Sun and Moon. The player character in Sun and Moon is stated to be a Faller themselves due to their passing through Ultra Wormholes.

While multiple Fallers are found in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including Anabel, the topic of Fallers is never expanded on. However, various information on exposure to Z-Power is explained. In Ultra Moon, Phyco of the Ultra Recon Squad states that "Trial-goers clear many trials. It is only natural, perhaps, that such a Trainer would exude aura after coming in contact with so many Totem Pokémon awash in aura." This implies that Trainers who participate in the island challenge, such as the player, are exposed to high levels of Z-Power. Whether or not they are considered Fallers due to this exposure is unknown.


Main article: Z-Move
Main article: Z-Crystal

Z-Power has been used mechanically in a variety of ways in the core series. If a Pokémon holds a Z-Crystal, it may use its Z-Power to perform a Z-Move. Once during a battle (unless fueled with Z-Rotom Power), a Trainer may use a Z-Move, as long as their Pokémon in battle is holding the corresponding Z-Crystal and the Trainer has a Z-Ring or Z-Power Ring. The player can initiate this by selecting the graphic labeled "Z-Power" within the Fight menu provided the aforementioned requirements are met. Many, but not all, NPC Trainers will also use Z-Moves. A Z-Power Ring has access to more Z-Moves and Z-Crystals than a standard Z-Ring. Each Z-Move has its own name dependent on the type of its respective attack. Z-Moves that use a status move as their base will often have "Z-" in front of the move's name, e.g. Z-Splash. A Z-Power effect is applied to all Z-powered status moves.

During certain boss fights, namely those fought against the Totem Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, Ultra Necrozma, and Lusamine, each opposing Pokémon will have its stats boosted. For Totem Pokémon, Lusamine, and Necrozma, one or all of the Pokémon's stats will be boosted, but never by more than two stages. The Ultra Beasts will always have one stat boosted by two stages when encountered. Totem-sized Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, and Ultra Necrozma will not gain these stat boosts when obtained by the player, though they can use Z-Moves as other Pokémon can. Lusamine's Pokémon in Ultra Space do not use Z-Moves.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

See also: Z-Move → Pokémon Masters EX

In Pokémon Masters EX, most sync pairs from the Alola region, as well as a few others, have sync moves based on Z-Moves. Like all sync moves, these Z-Move-based sync moves require a sync stone and a strong bond between the Pokémon and Trainer; it is unknown whether or not these Z-Moves actually use Z-Power. Scottie/Bettie and Leaf have been seen using Z-Moves despite not having previously appeared in Alola; furthermore, Lusamine is seen using Z-Moves despite never having access to Z-Crystals in the core series or any other media. Selene and Elio are currently the only characters shown to have Z-Rings and use Z-Moves as their sync moves, but they do not perform any sort of pose matching any Z-Moves used.

Lillie & Clefairy's sync move, despite not being a Z-Move, is named Full-Force Challenger Moonblast. Elio commonly uses the phrase "full power."

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Incineroar's Final Smash, Max Malicious Moonsault, uses a stronger version of the Z-Move Malicious Moonsault. An Incinium Z appears during the activation of the move.

Mimikyu will use its signature Z-Move Let's Snuggle Forever when summoned.

Pokémon Duel

As Z-Moves, Z-Power appears in Pokémon Duel. The Z-Power symbol appears indicating that an attack is a Z-Move.

In arcade games

Pokémon Ga-Olé and Mezastar

As Z-Moves, Z-Power appears in Pokémon Ga-Olé and Pokémon Mezastar. The Z-Power symbol appears indicating that an attack is a Z-Move.

Z-Crystals appear on disks for Ga-Olé.

In the anime

Main series

Ash's Pikachu and Dia's Zeraora using Gigavolt Havoc. Note the difference in color

Z-Power and Z-Moves are controlled by the presence of Alola's guardian deities. Ash has been seen using Z-Moves outside Alola, including in the Kanto region during his class trip, in Sinnoh during a battle against Volkner, and in the Galar region during the Masters Eight Tournament. Depending on the user, Z-Moves may appear with different colors. Multiple episodes use the term "full power" in their titles.

Ash offering Z-Power to his Pikachu

Ash's Pikachu's exclusive Z-Crystal, the Pikashunium Z, is implied to be a special form of the Electrium Z. Prior to From Z to Shining Z!, the Pikashunium Z was only seen momentarily, being the result of a sudden and temporary transformation of the base Electrium Z. A temporary Electrium Z was also given to Ash by Tapu Koko in Alola to New Adventure!. This Z-Crystal shattered in the aftermath of performing Gigavolt Havoc, showing that it was too early for Ash to use a Z-Move. After clearing his first trial in To Top a Totem!, however, Ash did not have any similar issues with Z-Moves.

In Big Sky, Small Fry!, the Totem Wishiwashi of Brooklet Hill was shown with the orange aura surrounding it. This is the only time a Totem Pokémon was seen surrounded by aura. All of Lusamine's Pokémon contain the same aura as they do in the games during the events of Rescuing the Unwilling!

In A Dream Encounter!, the concept of Ultra Aura (Japanese: ウルトラオーラ Ultra Aura) was introduced as a power related to Ultra Beasts that was being monitored by the Aether Foundation. In Faba's Revenge!, Faba used Nebby's power to radiate Ultra Aura and open an Ultra Wormhole. In Rise and Shine, Starship!, the Aether Foundation measured Celesteela's Ultra Aura to determine that it was, indeed, an Ultra Beast. In Twirling with a Bang!, The Long Vault Home!, and Living on the Cutting Edge!, an increase in Ultra Aura was used to detect Blacephalon, Stakataka, and Kartana, respectively.

In Filling the Light with Darkness!, it was shown that Necrozma caused the Ultra Aura power of the Alola region to decrease, which had a side effect of causing all of the adults in the region to feel tired. Professor Burnet stated that there is a hidden connection between Z-Power and the power of an Ultra Aura, which allowed the Ultra Guardians to combine their Z-Power using their Z-Rings and Z-Power Rings to disperse clouds to determine the location of an Ultra Wormhole. By Securing the Future!, the Ultra Guardians and the people of Alola fueled UB Black with Z-Power, allowing it to return to its true form, Ultra Necrozma.

The Ultra Ruin lacks any form of Z-Power, as the guardian deities have left the region due to the destruction of nature, and thus, Z-Moves cannot be used there. The Shiny Tapu Koko in the Ultra Ruin temporarily assisted Ash and Dia in a fight against a Guzzlord. Tapu Koko restored the ability to use Z-Moves during this time, allowing both Ash and Dia to use Gigavolt Havoc and send Guzzlord back to the Ultra Wormhole.

As seen in A Battle Hand-Off! and Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!, multiple people can both offer Z-Power to perform a Z-Move on a single Pokémon.

In I Choose You!, Marshadow was able to perform Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike without the use of a Trainer, Marshadium Z, or Z-Ring.


Elio, Hau, and Gladion's Z-Rings can be seen in GOTCHA!, while Selene and Lillie can be seen acting out the Z-Move pose for Normalium Z.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

In The Final Match and a Surprising Finale!, during his battle against Gladion in the Iki Town festival tournament, Sun inadvertently used a Z-Move with his Litten, Dollar, allowing it to defeat Gladion's Type: Null with an incomplete version of Inferno Overdrive. Due to not knowing how to use Z-Moves at the time, Sun's Sparkling Stone received Z-Power from a nearby Ultra Wormhole instead of building it up with a pose.

In The Wild Full-Power Pose of Fire, Kiawe taught Sun how to properly perform Z-Moves in order to battle Gladion a second time. With his newly obtained Z-Ring, Sun and Dollar successfully used Inferno Overdrive properly.

Solgaleo and Lunala releasing their Z-Power to connect with Sun and Moon

In Summon the Emissaries of the Moon and the Sun, both Nebby and another Cosmoem evolved at the same time into Lunala and Solgaleo respectively, thanks to the Sun and Moon Flutes. Both then released their Auras and connected themselves to Moon and Sun respectively, powering up even more and allowing the children to feel their emotions, but Sun rejected Solgaleo's Aura so he could go after Faba, rendering Solgaleo unable to fight the incoming Ultra Beasts.

Later on in Regeneration!! The Power of the Sun and the Moon!, Solgaleo reappears to help and defeat Ultra Necrozma, releasing its Aura once again and this time, Sun accepts it and both battle Ultra Necrozma together, later aided by Zygarde. Afterwards in Finale!! The Battle Against the Other Dimension!, Nebby and Moon return to help, Moon heals Sun's Solgaleo and then all of them, Solgaleo, Nebby and Zygarde in its Complete Form, attack Necrozma with their special attacks, Sunsteel Strike, Moongeist Beam and Core Enforcer, finally taking Necrozma down once and for all.

In the TCG

Main article: Pokémon-GX

The Z-Move mechanic, and by extension, Z-Power, is not seen in the TCG, being replaced by Pokémon-GX and GX Attacks. However, several references to Z-Power, Z-Moves, and Z-Crystals appear in the TCG. Pokémon Tool cards based on the Flyinium Z and Normalium Z were printed in the Unified Minds expansion and a card based on Dragonium Z was printed in the Cosmic Eclipse expansion. Lillie's Full Force makes reference to her "Z-Powered Form" as Lively Lillie, both in name and artwork.



Game art

Sun Moon Z-Move artwork.png Marshadow Z Move artwork.png
Artwork of Gigavolt Havoc for
Pokémon Sun and Moon
Artwork of Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike for
Pokémon Sun and Moon

Concept art

Z-Crystal Pedestal SM concept art.jpg SM Z-Ring concept art.jpg SM Z-Power Z-Move.jpg
Concept art for a pedestal containing a Z-Crystal for Pokémon Sun and Moon
(The symbol shown at the bottom)
Concept art of the Z-Ring for Pokémon Sun and Moon
(Note the activation on the bottom left)
Concept art of the Z-Move and Z-Power for Pokémon Sun and Moon
illustrated by Ken Sugimori

Game assets

Other media

Ga-Olé Z-Move.png Duel Z-Move.png
Z-Power symbol used in Pokémon Ga-Olé Z-Power symbol used in Pokémon Duel


Early Z-Power design

In other languages


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese Zパワー Z-Power
Chinese Cantonese Z力量 Z-Lihkleuhng
Mandarin Z力量 Z-Lìliàng
Denmark Flag.png Danish Z-kraft
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Z-kracht
Finland Flag.png Finnish Z-voima
France Flag.png French Force Z
Germany Flag.png German Z-Kraft
Italy Flag.png Italian Potere Z
South Korea Flag.png Korean Z파워 Z-Power
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Z-kraft
Poland Flag.png Polish Moc-Z
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Poder Z
Russia Flag.png Russian Сила-Z Sila-Z
Spain Flag.png Spanish Poder Z
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Z-kraft
Thailand Flag.png Thai พลัง-Z Phalang-Z


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 氣場 Heichèuhng
Mandarin 氣場 / 气场 Qìcháng
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Aura
France Flag.png French Aura
Germany Flag.png German Aura
Italy Flag.png Italian Aura
South Korea Flag.png Korean 오라 Aura
Portugal Flag.png European Portuguese Aura
Russia Flag.png Russian Аура Aura
Spain Flag.png Spanish Aura

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