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カキ Kaki
Kiawe SM.png
Art from the Sun & Moon series
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown and red
Hometown Paniola Ranch
Region Alola
Relatives Rango (father), Sima (mother), Mimo (younger sister), unnamed grandfather
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Kiawe
Specializes in Fire types
Member of Aether Foundation
Rank Ultra Guardian
Anime debut Alola to New Adventure!
English voice actor Marc Swint
Japanese voice actor Kaito Ishikawa

Kiawe (Japanese: カキ Kaki) is a student at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island and one of Ash's classmates. He made his debut in Alola to New Adventure!.


Kiawe when he was younger

Prior to enrolling in the Pokémon School, Kiawe completed Olivia's grand trial on Akala Island, and inherited his grandfather's Z-Ring and Firium Z from her.

Kiawe debuted in Alola to New Adventure!, where he was flying his Charizard to school. Later, he was seen in front of the school's entrance, being harassed by a group of Team Skull Grunts. The grunts challenged him to a Pokémon battle, and if they won, they would get his Charizard. Kiawe accepted the battle, but was surprised to see Ash and Pikachu step in to assist him. Using his Turtonator, Kiawe was able to fend off Team Skull's Yungoos and Zubat with ease. He then had Turtonator unleash its Z-Move, Inferno Overdrive, wiping out Team Skull's Pokémon.

In The Guardian's Challenge!, Kiawe noticed the Z-Ring on Ash's wrist and was surprised to discover that Ash got his Z-Ring from the guardian deity Tapu Koko. Kiawe was uncertain if Ash had the resolve to use Z-Moves, but was satisfied to hear Ash answer that he would respect the power of Z-Moves.

The next day, Kiawe and the rest of Ash's classmates treated Ash to a surprise welcoming party. As part of Kiawe's surprise, he challenged Ash to a Tauros race and won. Kiawe and the others later followed Ash into the jungle, where he witnessed a battle between Ash and the guardian deity. After the battle, Kiawe noticed that Ash's Electrium Z had shattered, and told Ash that he was not yet ready to perform Z-Moves as he hadn't cleared trials yet. After everyone else agreed to help Ash, Kiawe reluctantly agreed to help as well.

In Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, Kiawe agreed to take Ash with him on his deliveries. He later took Ash to his family's ranch on Akala Island, where he introduced Ash to his family. After a day of working at the ranch, Ash noticed Kiawe training with his Turtonator. Kiawe then revealed that his Z-Ring and his Charizard used to belong to his grandfather. He also told Ash that his grandfather had inspired him to master Fire-type Z-Moves.

The next day, Kiawe and Ash went on a delivery for Harry, but were attacked by the Team Skull Grunts they had encountered previously. After Ash defeated the grunts, the two finished their delivery and had a battle afterwards.

In When Regions Collide!, during a trip to Kanto, Kiawe had a battle with Brock. He lost after his and Turtonator's Z-Move wasn't strong enough to defeat Brock's Mega Steelix.

From Family Determination! to 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!, Kiawe was among those who helped Lillie and Gladion in their mission to rescue their mother Lusamine after Lusamine was kidnapped by the Ultra Beast Nihilego. In Ultra Deep Sea, he used his Turtonator and Marowak against Lusamine's Salazzle. The battle ended when Ash and Pikachu performed 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt to defeat Nihilego, freeing Lusamine from its grasp.

In The Professors' New Adventure!, Kiawe attended the wedding of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet. During the post-nuptials, Lusamine asked Kiawe and his classmates to join the Ultra Guardians, a task force dedicated to dealing with any upcoming Ultra Beast incidents, which they accepted.

Kiawe in his Ultra Guardian uniform

In A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, Sophocles and his classmates set out on their first Ultra Guardians mission. They were tasked with capturing a Buzzwole that emerged from an Ultra Wormhole onto Melemele Island, where it began causing havoc. During the mission, Kiawe helped Ash confront Buzzwole in battle. During the battle, Kiawe accidentally made a flexing motion, which caused Buzzwole to be distracted. Kiawe's flexing kept Buzzwole distracted long enough for Ash to capture it in a Beast Ball. Afterward, Buzzwole was released and returned to its home thanks to a wormhole opened by Lusamine's team.

In Rise and Shine, Starship!, Kiawe traveled to Bamboo Hill to see a mysterious creature that Sophocles had discovered the night before. Together, the group unsuccessfully tried to dig it up. The next day, Lusamine revealed the creature was actually an Ultra Beast named Celesteela and set the Ultra Guardians off to return it back home. Attempts to catch Celesteela in a Beast Ball proved unsuccessful as it was firmly rooted down. Team Rocket later attempted to catch Celesteela, forcing the Ultra Guardians to protect it as Celesteela began to launch into the air. After creating an area for Celesteela to launch safely without setting the immediate area ablaze, they watched it fly home.

In The Young Flame Strikes Back!, Paniola Ranch came under threat by Viren, who planned to turn it into a resort hotel. After he declined Viren's offer to buy the ranch, Viren resorted to intimidating Kiawe and his family. Turtonator was knocked out after protecting Mimo from Electivire's Thunder, which left Kiawe battling Electivire with Marowak. Their first attempt at using a Z-Move together failed, resulting in Kiawe losing. The next day, Kiawe and Marowak tried again, and this time, they were able to defeat Electivire. Unfazed, Viren brought in excavators as Mimo, Sima, and Rango stood their ground. Fortunately, Officer Jenny arrived just in time to arrest Viren and his henchmen on various charges, saving the farm.

In Twirling with a Bang!, Kiawe and his classmates watched a fireworks show. The show was interrupted by a strange creature that used its exploding head to create a fireworks show of its own. The next day, the Ultra Guardians were called down by Lusamine, who revealed the creature from before was the Ultra Beast Blacephalon. The Ultra Guardians set off to find Blacephalon, but their efforts to track it down only led to a different Ultra Beast, later named Xurkitree by Lusamine. When Blacephalon and Xurkitree met, they began doing flashy performances in an attempt to outdo the other. Worried that serious trouble could arise if the competition kept escalating, the Ultra Guardians combined the attacks of their partner and Ride Pokémon into a giant firework that distracted the Ultra Beasts long enough for Ash to make them flinch with Lycanroc's Splintered Stormshards. After Blacephalon and Xurkitree were captured, they were released back to their respective homes.

In The Long Vault Home!, Kiawe and his classmates were sent on an Ultra Guardians mission to capture the Ultra Beast Stakataka. They found it lying motionless in the middle of a field at the Pokémon School. The Ultra Guardians' attempts to capture Stakataka all failed as it easily dodged all of their thrown Beast Balls, forcing them to give up and try again later. The next day, they found that Stakataka had left the Pokémon School and moved to the construction site of a resort Viren was building. Viren, mistaking the Rampart Pokémon for a statue stand, glued a golden statue of himself onto Stakataka, causing it to go berserk in an attempt to get the statue off. With the assistance of Kiawe's Turtonator, Ash made it on top of Stakataka and had Pikachu knock the statue off, calming it down. Afterwards, Stakataka happily agreed to be captured and was then returned to its home.

In Filling the Light with Darkness!, mysterious dark clouds appeared over the Alola region, causing all of the adults in Alola to lose their energy and motivation. The next day, Kiawe and his classmates embarked on their fifth mission to investigate the situation at the Altar of the Sunne. Shortly after arriving, Lusamine revealed that Gladion would be joining them as a new member. In order to disperse the clouds, Kiawe, Ash, Lana, and Gladion combined their Z-Power to fuel a device that successfully made the clouds disappear, but they uncovered a hidden Ultra Wormhole in the process. Afterwards, Lusamine took the Ultra Guardians into the ruins, where she showed them a mural depicting the Blinding One. Before any attempt to translate the mural could be done, the Ultra Guardians were forced to return outside, where they found the wormhole increasing in size. At that moment, a Lunala emerged from the wormhole with a Necrozma chasing after it.

In Full Moon and Many Arms!, Lusamine's group came to the conclusion that Necrozma was the cause of the Alolan adults' loss of energy. Realizing that Necrozma intended on draining Lunala's Ultra Aura in order to possess it, Lusamine sent the Ultra Guardians off to protect Lunala. The Ultra Guardians chased Necrozma to Melemele Island, where they fought alongside Lunala to drive Necrozma away. Despite their best efforts, Necrozma easily shrugged off the Ultra Guardians' attacks and eventually took over Lunala's body to become Dawn Wings Necrozma. Soon afterwards, an elite Team Rocket group known as the Matori Matrix appeared and attempted to capture Necrozma, only for it to easily break free from their electrified net.

After the Matori Matrix retreated, Nebby appeared from a wormhole and fought alongside the Ultra Guardians to free Lunala. With its Sunsteel Strike, Nebby successfully knocked Necrozma off of Lunala, causing it the former to fall into the ocean below. The Matori Matrix returned in order to capture Nebby and Lunala, though the two Legendary Pokémon were freed by Ash's Pikachu and Gladion's Silvally. The distraction allowed Necrozma to return and possess Nebby instead, causing it to become Dusk Mane Necrozma. Ash tried to free Nebby, but was unable to stop Necrozma from escaping into an Ultra Wormhole. With Necrozma gone, the adults of Alola were restored to their normal selves and the injured Lunala was taken to the Ultra Guardians base to recuperate. When the Ultra Guardians expressed their determination to rescue Nebby, their Z-Rings began shining a light that went into Lunala, healing it in the process.

In The Prism Between Light and Darkness!, the Ultra Guardians and Lunala traveled through an Ultra Wormhole and arrived at Poipole's home world. While Lunala went off ahead to face Necrozma, the others stayed behind and were introduced to Poipole's friends and the leader of its hive, Naganadel. With its telepathy, Naganadel revealed to everyone how Necrozma lost its light protecting the world from a meteor, causing everything to become barren and shrouded in darkness. Realizing that Necrozma is actually the Blinding One, the group decided to help Necrozma by giving it their Z-Power in the hopes that it would release Nebby, regain its true form, and bring light back to Poipole's world. After heading to where Lunala and Necrozma were fighting, Kiawe, Ash, Lana, and Gladion fired simultaneous Z-Moves at the Prism Pokémon.

In Securing the Future!, the combined Z-Moves were absorbed by Necrozma, but it wasn't enough to get it to release Nebby. After informing Lusamine's group of the situation, the Ultra Guardians learned that, in the tale of Alola's creation, the people and Pokémon of Alola assisted Solgaleo and Lunala in restoring Necrozma's light by sharing their Z-Power with it. Together, the Ultra Guardians, their Pokémon, Lunala, Poipole's comrades, and everyone else back in Alola shared their Z-Power with Necrozma, causing to release Nebby. Afterwards, Ash and Nebby used Searing Sunraze Smash, while Gladion and Lunala used Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom on Necrozma. The combined Z-Moves fully restored Necrozma's light, giving it the strength to become its true form, Ultra Necrozma, and restore Poipole's home world back to its original state. Afterwards, the Ultra Guardians, Nebby, and Lunala traveled back to Alola through the Ultra Wormhole.


Kiawe attends school while helping at his family's farm, delivering packages to faraway islands with his Charizard. Of Ash's classmates, he is the most experienced Trainer, having been entrusted with a Z-Ring, by Island Kahuna Olivia, that once belonged to his grandfather, a former Kahuna himself. As a result, Kiawe holds a deep respect for the importance of Z-Rings and Z-Moves, to the point where, in Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!, he furiously chased Ash down and attempted to attack him with a Z-Move when he discovered that Ash had supposedly lost his Electrium Z.

Kiawe is calm, collected, and confident in his abilities. When Ash stepped in to help Kiawe after he was outnumbered by Team Skull, Kiawe insisted that he didn't need the newcomer's help. As shown in Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!, Kiawe did not so much as flinch after Sophocles's Togedemaru crashed into his face. Despite his stoic exterior, however, Kiawe is extremely hot-blooded and can be easily moved to tears, as he did when he is moved by the concert in Getting the Band Back Together!. He is also wildly competitive, and becomes intensely motivated during competitions such as the Pokémon Base match in Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper! and the Charjabug race in Mounting an Electrifying Charge!. Kiawe also appears to be overprotective of his younger sister, Mimo, who does not take well to her brother's coddling.

In Alola, Kanto!, Kiawe was shown to be uncomfortable while flying on an airplane.

Kiawe is shown to be a fan of Fire-type Pokémon, as evident in Alola, Kanto!, when the Pokémon he wanted to see were all Fire types. He has been shown as crying when he gets excited, such as in Alola, Kanto! when he rode on top of a Rapidash and in Getting the Band Back Together!, after watching the DJ Leo concert.


On hand

Kiawe's Charizard
Charizard serves as Kiawe's personal Ride Pokémon, which he uses to make deliveries around Alola's islands. It was first seen being used to transport Kiawe to the Pokémon School. Shortly after arriving, a group of Team Skull Grunts arrived in an attempt to steal Charizard, but they were driven away by Kiawe and Ash.

In Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, Kiawe revealed that Charizard used to belong to his grandfather before being given to him.

Charizard's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Alola to New Adventure!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka
Kiawe's Turtonator
Main article: Kiawe's Turtonator

Turtonator is Kiawe's second known Pokémon. Prior to the start of the series, Turtonator was used in Kiawe's grand trial against Olivia, where it battled her Lycanroc on Akala Island in order to receive his grandfather's Z-Ring. Turtonator first appeared in Alola to New Adventure!, being Kiawe's choice to battle against Tupp, Zipp, and Rapp, a trio of Team Skull Grunts.

Debut Alola to New Adventure!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Marc Thompson
Kiawe's Marowak
Main article: Kiawe's Marowak

Marowak is Kiawe's third known Pokémon. Marowak first appeared in A Crowning Moment of Truth!, where it stole the treasured Crown of Wela, an item said to boost the powers of the Pokémon wearing it, from Wela Volcano Park. Kiawe challenged Marowak to a battle with his Turtonator and defeated it. After its defeat, Marowak conceded the crown and, to Kiawe's surprise, asked to join his team. Accepting Marowak's request, Kiawe then caught the Bone Keeper Pokémon.

Debut A Crowning Moment of Truth!
Voice actors
Japanese Fumiko Takekuma
English Sam Black

Ride Pokémon

A Poké Ride Tauros
Kiawe was first seen riding a Poké Ride Tauros around the Pokémon School. He used it in a race against Ash and won.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut The Guardian's Challenge!
A Poké Ride Wailmer
Kiawe was first seen riding a Poké Ride Wailmer around Melemele Island, which he rode along with Sophocles.

None of Wailmer's moves are known.

Debut Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!
A Poké Ride Stoutland
Kiawe used a Poké Ride Stoutland to hunt for treasure around Akala Island.

None of Stoutland's moves are known.

Debut Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!
A Poké Ride Mantine
Kiawe used a Mantine to get from Melemele Island to Treasure Island.

None of Mantine's moves are known.

Debut SM102


Lana's Popplio
Main article: Lana's Popplio

In The Ol' Raise and Switch!, Professor Kukui tasked everyone with switching their partner Pokémon with somebody else and Kiawe was given Popplio.

During their time together, Popplio spent sometime playing with Mimo and was later used to help calm down two feuding Tauros.

Debut Alola to New Adventure!
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Eileen Stevens


Alola trials

This listing is of the trials Kiawe has cleared in the Alola region:

Pokémon competitions

Kiawe has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石川界人 Kaito Ishikawa
English Marc Swint
Czech Jan Battěk
Danish Mads Hjulmand
Finnish Vili Orava
Greek Χάρης Γρηγορόπουλος Haris Grigoropoulos
Hebrew Agam Schatzberg
Italian Alessandro Capra
Polish Mateusz Narloch
Brazilian Portuguese Marcos Souza
Russian Иван Калинин Ivan Kalinin
Spanish Latin America Kristoffer Romo
Spain Javier Lorca
Thai ภัคภูมิ ลิ้มมานะสถาพร Pakkapoom Limmanasathaporn
Turkish Mert Aydın


  • Kiawe is the only one of Ash's classmates to not live in Hau'oli City.
  • Kiawe's Charizard is the only Starter Pokémon owned by a main character to be fully-evolved upon its debut.


Language Name Origin
Japanese カキ Kaki From 柿 kaki (Asian persimmon) and 火気 kaki (fire)
English, French,
German, Spanish,
Brazilian Portuguese
Kiawe From kiawe, a species of mesquite tree whose wood is a source of long-lasting firewood and charcoal
Italian Kawe Similar to English name
Korean 키아웨 Kiawe Transliteration of English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 卡奇 Kǎqí Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 卡奇 Kākèih Transliteration of Japanese name
Russian Киаве Kiave Transcription of English name
Turkish Kiawe Same as English name

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