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ライチ Lychee
Sun Moon Olivia.png
Artwork from Sun and Moon
Gender Female
Eye color Dark grey
Hair color Black
Hometown Konikoni City
Region Alola
Trainer class Island Kahuna, Elite Four
Generation VII
Games Sun and Moon
Elite Four of Pokémon League (Alola)
Specializes in Rock types
Anime debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
English voice actor N/A
Japanese voice actor Miyuki Sawashiro

Olivia (Japanese: ライチ Lychee) is a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the Kahuna of Akala Island and a member of the Alola Elite Four. She specializes in Rock-type Pokémon. She grants the Akala stamp to Trainers who defeat her.

In the games

In addition to being Akala's Kahuna, Olivia owns a jewelry and accessory store in her hometown of Konikoni City. Despite being chosen as kahuna at such a young age, Olivia maintains that she is just an average girl. The player eventually battles her in the grand trial of the Akala island challenge.

Olivia is later revealed to be one of the Trainers Professor Kukui invited to act as the Elite Four of the Pokémon League of Alola.


Olivia's Pokémon are kept in Ultra Balls.

Grand trial battle

Pokémon League battle

Pokémon League rematch




Heahea City
"Still haven't managed to find a shirt that goes with your lab coat, hmm, Kukui?"
"I've told you you're gonna scare off strangers looking like that..."
"Why hello there. Nice to meet you all—I'm Olivia."
"I was on my way to see who was pulling into port and ran into Mallow here while she was out on a delivery."
"And Mallow isn't the only captain here on Akala Island, of course."
"So? What's the plan, kids?"
"Yes...I suppose so."
"OK, then. Enjoy your time on your island challenge, kids, along with your Pokémon. I'll be waiting for my chance to face you in battle when the time comes."
"I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got!"
"Let's go, Mallow."
Diglett's Tunnel
"Hmm? Oh, <player>, wasn't it?"
"This cave really is something, y'know? It's overflowing with these Pokémon called Diglett, and they are getting really out of hand. Mediocre Trainers can't even get through!"
"So, how's your island challenge going? Let me see which crystals you've earned."
  • Before battling Lana
"Couldn't wait to come see me, hmm? But tackle Brooklet Hill first. It's right past Paniola Town."
  • Before battling Kiawe
"OK, you're doing all right! How's that Waterium Z working out for you? Judging by how well you and your team get along, I bet you guys can do some real damage with it! OK, <player>, Kiawe's trial is next! Off to Wela Volcano Park you go!"
  • Before battling Mallow
"It looks like you've tackled everything but Akala Island's last trial in Lush Jungle! Just relax and have fun with it. Your Pokémon will be happier that way, too."
  • Before heading to the Dimensional Research Lab
"Oh hey, since you're here on Akala... Have you made it out to our Dimensional Research Lab yet? Traveling about for your island challenge is about more than just trials, you know. Have a look around while you're at it."
  • After battling Lana, Kiawe and Mallow and visited the Dimensional Research Lab
"Ooh, look at you, <player>! Nice work! I see you've even passed Mallow's trial. It's about time you had some fun with me! The Diglett have settled down, too. If you are as strong as you appear, you should be able to make it through this cave."
"At the other end of it, you'll find Konikoni City. That's where my shop is. I'll see you there!"
Ruins of Life
"Oh, haven't I seen you with Kukui?"
"Oh! Sorry, I never even asked your name before, did I? Tapu Lele summoned me here to clean up the ruins."
"<Player>...thanks for getting to know the people and Pokémon of Alola."
  • Before battle
"All right, then! You've completed the trials of all three captains here on Akala Island. Now you face the grand trial of the kahuna—me! Get ready for your hardest Pokémon battle yet on Akala!"
Not yet: "Fine! I don't want to win just because you weren't prepared well enough."
I'd love to!: "Great! We're gonna give you guys everything we've got! And my partners are all adorable, rugged little Rock types!"
  • Upon being defeated
"How lovely."
  • After being defeated
"Diamonds only sparkle after coal is pushed to its absolute limit."
"You guys are the best! Here. The Rock-type Z-Crystal... The Rockium Z is all yours!"
"The Rock-type Z-Power...you have to move like this to draw it out! Watch carefully, because the hip movement is crucial!"
"Use it well. The Rock type... It's hard. Sturdy. Rugged and physically strong. So nothing like me at all! I guess opposites really do attract."
"By the way, Lillie, this might be a weird question, but... Why even come to the Ruins of Life if you're not a Trainer?"
"You certainly don't see Pokémon like that every day. Tapu Lele may be called the guardian deity of our island, but it can also run wild at times. Regular Pokémon normally avoid the guardians at all costs... Unless they are strong enough to face the tapu themselves, that is."
"Wait, that can't be right..."
"I think your journey will hold many surprises. And I hope it holds many joys."
"I'll take you back to town, Lillie. You're doing everything you can for your partner, even though you're not a Trainer. I like that kind of person, so I can't help but give you a hand!"
Akala Outskirts
"Ooh, the Aether Foundation? I'm not sure what he wants with you, <player>, but why not go find out? If you don't want to keep him waiting, then Charizard should get you there in no time. The Hano Grand Resort lies just over the bridge near the Dimensional Research Lab."
"You're just Hau, right? And what's wrong with that! Who cares if you're Hala's grandson? Now show me what Hau can do!"
Hano Grand Resort
"As a kahuna, I look after all the trial-goers who come to my island. They're like my own children. Not that I've got any—I've never even gotten married."
"Listen up, you two. Your greatest opponent is always yourself. Your greatest allies, the Pokémon beside you."
Pokémon League
  • Upon entering the Rock Chamber
"Welcome to the Rock Chamber!"
First battle
  • Before battle
"No introduction needed here. Time to battle me, Olivia!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Really lovely...both you and your Pokémon..."
  • After being defeated
"I don't see the same look in your eyes that I saw when we first met on Akala Island. Have you had some experiences that you'll carry with you in your heart forever? Well, it's time for you to move on."
Upon entering the Hall of Fame for the first time
"Yup! That's precisely why he/she and his/her Pokémon were able to combine that strength to emerge victorious!"
Rematch battle
  • Before battle
"I won't be holding back! My Rock-type Pokémon will grind you to dust! Your puny little Pokémon are going to go down in one hit! Hah!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Since you've become Champion, both you and your Pokémon have a certain level of polish."
  • After being defeated
"What a spectacular Trainer you are! Now when the children of Alola finish their island challenge, they can visit the Pokémon League to try to become the Champion! The Trainers of Alola will become even stronger!"
  • If talked to again...
    • If battled first
"You should get moving. You still have three more rooms left, right?"
  • If battled second
"Don't stop now. You still have two more rooms left, right?"
  • If battled third
"I'll stay here and wonder why you left me waiting so long for your challenge..."
  • If battled last
"Let me guess...you're the type who likes to save the most delicious bite for the end of the meal?"
Konikoni City
  • Olivia's house
"I may be an island kahuna, but I'm also just a regular woman, you know."
"Hi, can I get a table?"
"Oh! Well, if it isn't little <player>! Well, as long as we're both here, why don't we sit together, hm? And I'll have whatever he/she is having."
"This right here! This is it! I may live on my own, but sometimes even I need that familiar taste of home cooking. Dig in, <player>, before it gets cold!"
"Ah... That was delicious. Maybe it's about time I find someone to cook for myself, huh? Oh! But look at your plate, <player>! You've barely touched a thing! Local flavors not your thing?"
"This one's on me. I like to see a boy/girl with a good appetite. Here, take these freebie Heart Scales they're giving away."
"See you around, <player>. I do love a boy/girl with a good appetite!"


VSOlivia.pngVSOlivia 2.png
VS models from
Sun and Moon
Olivia SM OD.png
Overworld model from
Sun and Moon

In the anime

Olivia in the anime

While not mentioned by name, in The Guardian's Challenge, it is revealed that Kiawe completed Olivia's grand trial and received a Z-Ring from her prior to the start of the Sun & Moon series.

She partially appeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm! during a flashback, when Kiawe told Ash about how he received his Firium Z. She was mentioned in A Glaring Rivalry! when Gladion revealed that he obtained his Rockium Z from completing her grand trial.

She appeared in person in SM031, in which she traveled to Melemele Island and visited the Pokémon School. She took Ash and his classmates to Akala Island.

She reappeared in SM032, where she led a class on Akala Island, where Ash and his classmates took part in a treasure hunt, and each classmate used a Poké Ride Stoutland during the hunt.

In SM033, Olivia handed over the Z-Ring, which she converted from the Sparkling Stone, over to Lana.

She appeared again in SM034 and will appear in SM036.


This listing is of Olivia's known Pokémon in the anime:

Olivia's Lycanroc
Midday Lycanroc is Olivia's only known Pokémon.

Lycanroc first appeared to help Kiawe's Charizard when it was struggling to deal with an out of control Tauros.

Lycanroc's only known moves are Accelerock and Rock Slide.

Debut SM031
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda

Ride Pokémon

Olivia used a Poké Ride Tauros to travel through Paniola Town in SM033.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut SM033

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Olivia in Pokémon Adventures

Olivia debuts in PASM02. She is first seen with her fellow Kahunas, Hala and Nanu, at Malie Garden, where they discuss the sightings of the guardian deities around Alola. They speculate that the normally reclusive guardian deities appearing before people must have been caused by them being angered by something.

Later, at Iki Town, Hala referees a battle between Olivia and Nanu in order to test a stage to be used in an upcoming festival. During the battle, Nanu teases Olivia's inability to get a boyfriend, which angers Olivia into using her Z-Power. When Nanu retaliates with his own Z-Move, Hala interrupts the battle, but not before accidentally getting hit. Embarrassed by her outburst, Olivia apologizes to Hala. The Kahunas decide that they will use the festival to have Alolan youths battle against each other. The strongest participants will travel around Alola's four islands, imitating the island challenge, in order to calm the guardian deities' rage.

When the festival begins, Olivia is tasked with determining the placement of the participants of the festival tournament. She is assisted by Moon, who writes down the placement of each participant based on the number on the packaging of the malasada they receive. After going through several partcipants, Olivia and Moon encounter Lillie, a girl who was entered in the tournament due to a misunderstanding. When Lillie tries to explain the situation, Nebby escapes from Lillie's bag and runs off. While Moon and Lillie chase after Nebby to Mahalo Trail, Olivia goes off to inform Hala. After returning, Olivia witnesses Moon and Nebby being rescued from falling into the water by Tapu Koko. Afterward, Lillie reveals that she was entered in the tournament as a mistake due to Nebby trying to escape from her bag at the wrong moment. Olivia offers to have Lillie withdrawn from the tournament, but Moon decides to take Lillie's place instead.


Olivia's Lycanroc
Lycanroc is Olivia's only known Pokémon, it was first used to battle against Nanu's Alolan Persian.

Lycanroc's only known move is Rock Climb.
Lycanroc's can also perform the Z-Move Continental Crush.

Debut PASM03

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Olivia in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Olivia Su       SM-P Promotional cards   053/SM-P


  • In the games and Pokémon Adventures, Olivia owns a Midnight Form Lycanroc. However, in the anime she owns a Midday Form Lycanroc instead.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ライチ Lychee From lychee
English Olivia From Alyxia oliviformis and possibly olivine
French, Italian Alyxia From Alyxia oliviformis
German, Spanish Mayla From maile (Hawaiian for Alyxia oliviformis)
Korean 라이치 Raichi Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 麗姿 / 丽姿 Lìzī From 荔枝 lìzhī (lychee)
Chinese (Cantonese) 麗姿 Laihjī From 荔枝 laihjī (lychee)
Russian Оливия Oliviya Transcription of English name

Trial Captains and Island Kahunas of the Alola region
Verdant Cavern
Brooklet Hill
Wela Volcano Park
Lush Jungle
Hokulani Observatory
Thrifty Megamart
Melemele Island
Akala Island
Ula'ula Island
Poni Island

Alola League
VSHala 2.png
Elite Four
VSOlivia 2.png
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four

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