Mad Magmar

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Mad Magmar
マッドブーバー Mad Boober
Mad Magmar.png
Mad Magmar
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Member of Revengers
Rank Member
Anime debut A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
English voice actor James Weaver Clark
Japanese voice actor Masami Iwasaki

Mad Magmar (Japanese: マッドブーバー Mad Boober) is a recurring character who appeared in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. He is a member of the Revengers.


Mad Magmar debuted in A Young Royal Flame Ignites!, where he interfered with the battle between Masked Royal and his Incineroar and Mr. Electric and Electivire where he had Magmortar attack Incineroar. This led Mr. Electric to be disqualified. After this, Mad Magmar challenged the Masked Royal to a battle the next day which was accepted.

The next day, as Masked Royal and Incineroar entered the ring, Mad Magmar's teammates from the Revengers attacked Incineroar before being stopped by Ash and Torracat. Their leader, Viren, turned up and announced his attentions to buy the Battle Royal Dome. Mad Magmar teamed up with Mr. Electric and had Battle Royal against Masked Royal and Ash, where despite the Revengers attempts to interfere in the match, Mad Magmar and Mr. Electric were soon defeated.

In Turning the Other Mask!, Mad Magmar battled the Masked Royal in a revenge match with Magmortar, only to be defeated. The next day, he appeared at the Melemele Shopping Mall and angrily demanded the Masked Royal to show himself. He proceeded to hold the audience hostage, including Professor Kukui. James and Faba overheard this backstage and took action by having Faba impersonate the Masked Royal. Faba attempted to battle Mad Magmar with Incineroar, but was quickly defeated. By using his Magneton to turn off the lights, Molayne created a distraction long enough for Kukui to become the Masked Royal unseen and swiftly defeat Magmortar.

In Battle Royal 151!, Mad Magmar was among the 151 Trainers taking part in the Battle Royal preliminary round of the Manalo Conference. He teamed up with Mr. Electric and battled Kiawe and his Turtonator with Magmortar, only to be defeated.


Mad Magmar doesn't play fair in battles, as seen in A Young Royal Flame Ignites! where he had Magmortar attack Incineroar who was in the middle of batting Mr. Electric and Electivire and wasn't prepared for the attack. When Kiawe and Lana stopped the Revengers from interfering with the battle, he wasn't too happy.

Mad Magmar is shown to be a sore loser, as seen in Turning the Other Mask!, where he sought revenge after his loss to the Masked Royal. Mad Magmar is also ruthless, as seen when he had Magmortar hold the audience hostage and demanded Masked Royal showed himself.


Mad Magmar's Magmortar
Magmortar is Mad Magmar's only known Pokémon.

It was first used in a Battle Royal against the Masked Royal and his Incineroar. Later, it was used in a Tag Battle alongside Mr. Electric's Electivire against Incineroar and Ash's Torracat. Magmortar was eventually defeated by Torracat's newly learned Revenge.

In Turning the Other Mask!, it was seen being defeated once more by the Masked Royal's Incineroar. It later proceeded to help its Trainer hold the audience hostage. It battled Incineroar again, this time under the command of Faba and easily knocked Faba out. Professor Kukui resumed command of Incineroar as the Masked Royal and proceeded to defeated Magmortar once more.

In Battle Royal 151!, Mad Magmar used Magmortar in the Manalo Conference preliminary round Battle Royal. It was defeated by Kiawe and his Turtonator.

Magmortar's known moves are Flamethrower, Karate Chop, Feint Attack, and Fire Punch.

Debut A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English H.D. Quinn


Pokémon League

Mad Magmar has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岩崎征実 Masami Iwasaki
English James Weaver Clark
European French Jean-Marc Delhausse (SM081, SM092)
Michel Hinderyckx (SM129)
Polish Jakub Wieczorek (SM081, SM129)
Krzysztow Plewako-Szczerbiński (SM092)
Brazilian Portuguese Guilherme Briggs
Spanish Latin America César Beltrán
Spain Miguel Ángel Muro



Language Name Origin
Japanese マッドブーバー Mad Boober From ブーバー Boober (Magmar), the pre-evolution of his only known Pokémon
English, Norwegian Mad Magmar (SM092)
Mad Magma (SM081)
From mad and Magmar
French, European Spanish, Dutch Mad Magma Same as his English name
German Mad Magmar Same as his English name
Italian Furiomagma From Furia (fury) and Magmar
Korean 매드마그마 Mad Magmar From mad and Magmar
Chinese (Mandarin) 瘋狂鴨嘴火獸 Fēngkuáng Yāzuǐhuǒshòu From 瘋狂 fēngkuáng (mad) and 鴨嘴火獸 Yāzuǐhuǒshòu (Magmar)
Danish Gale Magmar From gale (mad) and Magmar
Finnish Mieletön Magma From mieletön (mindless, mad) and Magmar
Polish Mega Magma From mega and Magmar
Brazilian Portuguese Magma Louco From louco (mad) and Magmar
Russian Злой Магма Zloy Magma From злой zloy (evil, angry) and Magmar
Latin American Spanish Loco Magma From loco (mad) and Magmar
Swedish Galne Magmar (SM092)
Galne Magma (SM081)
From galne (mad) and Magmar

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