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DJ Leo

(Japanese: DJレオ DJ Leo) is a character of the day who appeared in Getting the Band Back Together!.

DJ Leo is a childhood friend of Professor Kukui and a DJ, who is a part of the DJ group (Japanese: ディグダグレオ Digdugleo), previously called (Japanese: ダグレオ Dugleo) before the Alolan Diglett joined him and his Alolan Dugtrio.


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This listing is of DJ Leo's known Pokémon in the anime:

Jessica, Ashley, and Michael
Jessica, Ashley, and Michael
This Alolan Dugtrio was first found by Leo when he was younger when he heard it singing in a forest and after meeting with it, he decided to form a DJ duo with it called (Japanese: ダグレオ Dugleo), later renamed (Japanese: ディグダグレオ Digdugleo). The Dugtrio heads are each called, (Japanese: ジェシカ Jessica), (Japanese: アシュリー Ashley), and (Japanese: マイケル Michael).

Dugtrio's known moves are Tri Attack and Iron Head, and its Ability is Tangling Hair.

Debut Getting the Band Back Together!
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa (Jessica)
DJ Leo Diglett.png
This Alolan Diglett appeared at Leo's after he and his Alolan Dugtrio performed a show on Melemele Island. This Diglett is a great fan of DJ Leo's Dugtrio, and became its apprentice after singing for it, joining DJ Leo and the Dugtrio in the group named (Japanese: ディグダグレオ Digdugleo).

None of Diglett's moves are known.

Debut Getting the Band Back Together!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鎌苅健太 Kenta Kamakari


  • The way Leo met his Dugtrio is similar to how Toby met his Maractus.

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