Pokémon School

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Pokémon School
ポケモンスクール Pokémon School
Pokémon School.png
Pokémon School
Region Alola
Debut Alola to New Adventure!

The Pokémon School (Japanese: ポケモンスクール Pokémon School) is an anime-exclusive Pokémon academy in the Alola region. It first appeared in Alola to New Adventure! and it is one of the main settings of the Sun & Moon series. The school is located on Melemele Island.


The class

Current students

Former students


Pokémon seen at Pokémon School

Tauros Racing anime.png
Tauros (multiple)
Alolan Exeggutor anime.png
Alolan Exeggutor
Samson Komala.png
Ash Litten.png
Samson Vulpix.png
Egg → Vulpix
Alolan Diglett anime.png
Alolan Diglett

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 寶可夢學校 Pokémon Xuéxiào
France Flag.png European French École Pokémon
Italy Flag.png Italian Scuola di Pokémon
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Escola Pokémon
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Escuela Pokémon

Anime-exclusive locations in Alola
Clawmark HillPokémon SchoolTreasure Island
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