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If you were looking for the Trainer class, see Aether Foundation (Trainer class).
Aether Foundation
エーテル財団 Aether Foundation
Sun Moon Aether Foundation Employees.png
Artwork of Aether Foundation employees from Pokémon Sun and Moon
Leader Lusamine
Region Alola
Admins Wicke, Faba
Base locations Aether Paradise, Aether House, Ultra Guardians base*
Anime debut A Dream Encounter!
Adventures debut PASM11

The Aether Foundation (Japanese: エーテル財団 Aether Foundation) is an organization based in the Alola region whose goal is to cure hurt Pokémon. The organization shelters Pokémon to keep them safe from threats like Team Skull. Their main headquarters is Aether Paradise, an artificial island they constructed, while the Aether House is their largest base on Alola's main islands.

In the games


The Aether Foundation's president is Lusamine, who wants to share her love with all of the rescued Pokémon. She is assisted by Faba, the Aether Foundation's second-in-command and Aether Foundation branch chief, and Wicke, the assistant branch chief of Aether Paradise.

The foundation also employs other people, who go out into the field to protect and rescue Pokémon in trouble.


The foundation is conducting research on Ultra Beasts. They are also aware of the existence of the rare and unusual Cosmog and are conducting research on it. One of the professors in Aether Foundation was the one who named the Nebula Pokémon Cosmog. At some point, they also worked on genetical experiments, using several DNA samples from Pokémon of different Types, in order to create Type: Null (named Type: Full at the time) whose purpose was to battle the Ultra Beasts. After several tries, they were unable to perfect the RKS System and the Type: Full samples became more and more uncontrollable, so the project was ultimately scrapped, the samples put on cryogenic suspension and renamed "Type: Null".


Aether Paradise is a privately owned artificial island that was built in the middle of the Alola region by the Aether Foundation. The foundation uses it both as a sanctuary and a research facility. The Aether House located on Route 15 functions partly as an orphanage for human children and Pokémon. In addition, the Aether Foundation hosts outposts at Route 8, Route 16, and in Heahea City.

In the anime

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The Aether Foundation's president, Lusamine, was introduced as Lillie's mother in a picture in Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!. The foundation itself, and its employees, debuted in A Dream Encounter!.

In A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, Ash and his classmates became the founding members of a task force called the Ultra Guardians, which is also a sub-group of the Aether Foundation. Their goal is to catch Ultra Beasts that have strayed into the Pokémon world, and release them back into Ultra Space to maintain Alola's safety.

In the manga

Aether Foundation in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The Aether Foundation debuted in the Sun & Moon chapter. It first appeared on a television commercial in PASM11, where two Aether Foundation Employees advertised their organization.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 以太基金會 Yíhtaai Gēigāmwúi
Mandarin 以太基金會 / 以太基金会 Yǐtài Jījīnhuì
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Aether Foundation
Denmark Flag.png Danish Aether-stiftelsen
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Aether Foundation
Aether Stichting
Finland Flag.png Finnish Aether-säätiö
France Flag.png French Fondation Æther
Germany Flag.png German Æther Foundation
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Aether Alapítvány
Italy Flag.png Italian Fondazione Æther
South Korea Flag.png Korean 에테르재단 Aether Jaedan
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Aether Foundation
Poland Flag.png Polish Fundacja Aether
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Fundação Aether
Russia Flag.png Russian Фонд Этер Fond Eter
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fundación Æther
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Aether Foundation
Aether Institutet*
Thailand Flag.png Thai มูลนิธิอีเธอร์ Moonlaniti Aether

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