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A Max Move (Japanese: ダイマックスわざ Daimax Move) is a special type of move introduced in Generation VIII that replaces a Dynamax Pokémon's learned moves while transformed. These moves can be used as long as the Pokémon is in the Dynamax state. Max Moves are more powerful than regular moves. The specific Max Moves a Dynamax Pokémon will have is determined by what moves the Pokémon knows before the transformation. For example, Scratch becomes Max Strike, while Growl and Taunt both become Max Guard. Some Max Moves will have an additional effect when used.

List of Max Moves

Max Move Type Image
Max Strike Normal SwSh Prerelease Max Strike.png
Max Guard Normal
Max Knuckle Fighting
Max Rockfall Rock
Max Flare Fire
Max Overgrowth Grass
Max Lightning Electric

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨招式 Gihkgeuih Jīusīk
Mandarin 極巨招式 / 极巨招式 Jíjù Zhāoshì
France Flag.png French Capacité Dynamax
Germany Flag.png German Dynamax-Attacke
Italy Flag.png Italian Mossa Dynamax
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이맥스기술 Daimax Gisul
Russia Flag.png Russian Максимальные атака Maksimal'nyye ataka
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimiento Dinamax

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