Henry Sword

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Henry Sword
剣創人 Tsurugi Sōdo
Henry Adventures.png
Gender Male
Birthday December 1
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Galar
Relatives Father (deceased)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Victor

Henry Sword (Japanese: 剣創人 Tsurugi Sōdo) is a main character in Pokémon Adventures.


Henry is an assistant to Professor Magnolia, helping her research the Dynamax phenomenon. He is often referred to as (Japanese: そーちゃん Sō-chan) by Casey and Professor Magnolia.

Henry was born to a family of swordsmiths and was taught how to repair weapons. He used this knowledge to become a (Japanese: 身具職人 Tool Meister), where he repairs various objects Pokémon use in battle, such as his Lancelot's leek lance or his Twiggy's sticks.



One year prior to the Sword & Shield arc, Henry and Casey first met at the entrance of the Slumbering Weald. Despite it being forbidden to enter, they went inside to obtain a Wishing Star Casey spotted falling into the forest. They found two Wishing Stars, with Casey taking one for herself and giving the other to Henry as thanks for his help. Henry and Casey then found themselves surrounded by the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. Realizing the two Pokémon were merely illusions, Henry and Casey passed through them, only to be knocked unconscious by a bright flash of light. After coming to, Henry discovered the Rusted Sword and Shield he was looking for had disappeared. Casey was distraught to find that her Pokémon had gone missing. After a failed search attempt, Henry and Casey decided the only way to find Casey's missing team members was to enter the Gym Challenge, hoping to use their fame to spread the word about the missing Pokémon.

Sword & Shield arc

Henry repairing a tool

Henry debuted in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon. He was first seen rescuing a young boy named Marvin from falling off a cliff. Later, Marvin was taken to Henry by Casey in order to properly thank him for saving his life earlier. After a brief introduction, Casey offered to let Marvin participate in a Dynamax simulation with her and Henry. Together, they fought and defeated a Dynamax Pangoro hologram, giving Marvin the confidence to set out on a Pokémon journey. Having received approval from his parents, Marvin joined the others on their quest to study Dynamax. Later, everyone found Leon on the outskirts of Wedgehurst, trying to move a large flock of Wooloo off of some train tracks. Henry and Casey stepped in to help, driving off an Obstagoon that was terrorizing the Wooloo. After introducing themselves, Leon left to appear on a television program in Motostoke. To Marvin's surprise, Henry and Casey revealed they helped Leon hoping that their efforts would leave enough of an impression that he'd give them an endorsement for the Gym Challenge.

Henry in his Gym Challenge uniform

In Chomp!! Defeat Drednaw, a trio of wild Drednaw attacked Magnolia's trailer house. In order to battle the Bite Pokémon, Henry and Casey each received a Rotom Phone with a Pokédex function installed, officially making them both Pokédex holders. With some assistance from Sobble, the Drednaw were defeated. Afterwards, Professor Magnolia suggested Marvin keep Sobble, which he happily accepted.

In Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light, Henry and the others arrived in the Wild Area. While they traveled, Casey was delivered a package that contained Gym Challenge uniforms for her and Henry. When a pair of Team Yell Grunts tried to destroy the uniforms, Henry and Casey pushed them into a Pokémon Den, forcing the four to team up in a Max Raid Battle against the wild Gurdurr that lurked inside. Eventually, the Gurdurr was defeated and caught by Henry, but the Grunts' Pokémon were knocked out during the battle, forcing them to flee.

In Watch Out!! Strong Rivals, Henry and Casey registered for the Gym Challenge in Motostoke. The group encountered Sonia, a researcher and Magnolia's granddaughter. When the trailer car broke down, Magnolia asked the others to research the geoglyph in Turffield in her place. Along the way, on Route 3, Henry and the others met Hop, Bede, and Marnie, a trio of Gym Challengers. They were unable to progress due to a large boulder blocking the entrance to Galar Mine. After Casey and the others moved the boulder and went ahead, Henry stayed behind to talk with Bede. Henry pointed out Bede was trying to protect the boulder and speculated his goal was to obtain Wishing Stars that could be found inside the mine. Later, the others gathered at Turffield Stadium, where they watched Henry face Milo in a Gym battle and won. Once Casey won her match, she, Henry, and Marvin prepared to head off to the next Gym in Hulbury.

In Toasty!! Battle Against Toxapex, Henry trained with Marvin in Hulbury to prepare for his upcoming Gym battle. Though Marvin eventually called the battle off, Twiggy gained enough experience to evolve into a Thwackey. Shortly afterwards, Henry and Marvin encountered Rose, who revealed that Hulbury's Gym Leader Nessa also worked as a model. Later, everyone went to Hulbury Stadium, where Henry faced Nessa in a Gym battle. Despite the power of Nessa's Gigantamax Drednaw, it lost to Twiggy after it Dynamaxed, making Henry the winner. Afterwards, Henry and Sonia had dinner with Rose at the Captain's Table restaurant. Noting Sonia's study of the Dynamax phenomenon, Rose invited her to investigate the vault in Hammerlocke.

In Blazing!! Bede's Feelings, Henry was confronted by Bede, who had been infuriated after learning of Henry's dinner with Rose. Wanting Henry to retire from the Gym Challenge, Bede challenged him to a battle but lost. Despite this, Bede revealed the reason he was collecting Wishing Stars was to help Rose.

In Thump!! The Gazing Sage, after completing the third Gym, Henry used his newly-obtained Rotom Bike to head to Hammerlocke. Upon arriving, he was greeted by Raihan, the Hammerlocke Gym Leader, and challenged to a battle that ended in Raihan's victory. They went to the vault, only to find Sonia under attack by a wild Oranguru. Noticing that Oranguru was angered after Sonia accidentally stepped on its fan, Henry had his and Raihan's Pokémon keep Oranguru busy, allowing him to fix the fan. Calmed down, the Sage Pokémon thanked Henry and joined his team, where it was nicknamed Fanguru. Henry and Sonia entered the vault, where they found tapestries depicting two heroes involved in the Darkest Day instead of the singular hero portrayed on the statue in the Budew Drop Inn.

Henry battling Opal

In Glittering!! The Tapestry in the Vault, after reuniting with the others, Henry traveled to Stow-on-Side, where he fought Allister in a Gym battle. While he went up against Allister's Gigantamax Gengar, Henry heard the voice of his deceased father and swordsmith master, giving him the determination to win. Later, after arriving in Ballonlea, Henry prepared to face Opal, but wasn't allowed onto the field until he answered one of her quizzes. After giving an answer, Henry was forced to wait for his turn while Hop battled Opal first. In the meantime, Henry trained with Marvin's newly-evolved Sniffler to devise a strategy against Opal's Gigantamax Alcremie. The training proved successful, allowing Henry to defeat Opal.

In Chomp!! It's Dracovish, Casey was defeated by Opal and eliminated from the Gym Challenge. Henry promised to help keep the public informed of Casey's missing team members. They traveled to Route 9 Tunnel, where people had reported seeing Pokémon Dynamaxing despite it not being a Power Spot. They found several Trainers attacking a wild Dracovish, but Marvin saved it by catching Dracovish and escaping with the others. Upon arriving at Circhester, the group encountered the Gym Leader Melony, who requested that Henry repair an ice cane tool belonging to her Mr. Rime.

In Crunch!! Snowy Battle, a group of Eiscue stole the cane and Mr. Rime's Poké Ball. The Ice-type Pokémon in the area were fans of Mr. Rime, who used to put on performances for them. After reuniting with her Eiscue, Peta, Casey kept the other Pokémon at bay while Henry fixed the cane. When Henry later told Melony the repairs weren't fully completed, she allowed him to keep Mr. Rime, who had taken a liking to Henry. Afterward, Sonia took everyone to the Bob's Your Uncle restaurant, where a fifth tapestry was being held. She speculated it was thrown away to keep a piece of Galar's history out of public knowledge. Upon examining the tapestries, Casey regained some memories of the Slumbering Weald incident. She told Henry the culprits who stole her Pokémon and the Rusted Sword and Shield were a couple of celebrities.

In Grrr!! Noble Kidnappers, Sonia told Henry and the others to meet her around Spikemuth so she could deliver information on the thieves behind the Slumbering Weald incident. While they waited, the trailer car was attacked by a Golisopod and Bronzong belonging to Sordward and Shielbert, whom Casey recognized as the thieves from a year ago. The brothers agreed to return Mega and Giga if Casey hand over a camera to them, only for Piers to appear and reveal the camera was in his possession. Piers gave the camera up and convinced the brothers to leave, only to have secretly removed the memory card containing the incriminating data. When the brothers returned for the memory card, Henry and the others uncovered their faces. Sordward and Shielbert attacked Henry and Casey, but were easily defeated by Piers and forced to flee. Casey and the others reunited with Marnie and Hop, the former revealing she and Piers are siblings.

In PASS25, after being informed by Leon and Sonia that Rose, Sordward, and Shielbert were working together, Henry's group and the Gym Leaders gathered at Rose Tower to find out if Rose intended on bringing harm to Galar. While the Gym Leaders were impeded by Oleana, Henry, Casey, Bede, Hop, and Marnie went to meet with Rose, only to find he was actually in Hammerlocke. On a video screen, Rose appeared and revealed his plan to restart the Darkest Day and ensure the safety of Galar's future. Power Spot lights began appearing all over the region, causing Pokémon to start Dynamaxing at random. While heading to Hammerlocke, Henry's group watched a news program where Sordward and Shielbert announced their intention to use the Rusted Sword and Shield to take out Eternatus, the Pokémon causing the Darkest Day. Upon arriving at the Energy Plant, everyone ran into Leon's group and found Rose ecstatic that his plan was a success.

In PASS27, Rose explained he meant no harm to Galar and sent Sordward and Shielbert to defeat Eternatus and prevent the Darkest Day from spiraling out of control. Despite claiming to be descendants of the heroes that once stopped the Darkest Day, the brothers were unable to win, forcing Rose to take their place. Oleana clarified Rose was working for Galar's benefit and asked everyone help him stop Eternatus. Henry, Casey, and Sonia stayed behind to interrogate Sordward and Shielbert while everyone headed to the summit. Casey was reunited with Giga and Mega, who escaped after Sordward and Shielbert were defeated and retrieved the Rusted Sword and Shield. While Henry tried repairing the rusted items, the others successfully took Eternatus down, only for it to unleash its Eternamax form. Eternatus easily overwhelmed the others, but they were saved by the timely arrival of Zacian and Zamazenta. Believing that the rusted items would return to their original forms if wielded by their proper owners, Casey and Sonia told Henry to give them up. Henry refused, revealing he only took part in the Gym Challenge just to obtain the Rusted Sword and Shield. As Zacian and Zamazenta lifted the rusted items into the air, Henry desperately kept holding onto them, only to be grabbed by Eternatus.

Henry in his Master Dojo uniform

In PASS30, Zacian and Zamazenta struck Eternatus with a double Giga Impact, causing a massive explosion of energy and light. Once the light cleared, Henry, Zacian, Zamazenta, Eternatus had all vanished. Casey and Marvin reviewed footage of the incident and discovered something teleporting Henry away just as Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus clashed. They also realized Henry's strange behavior earlier was because he touched some of Eternatus's poison. By tracking samples of the poison and the material of the rusted artifacts, they found matching signals on both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. With no idea where Henry ended up, Oleana sent Casey, Marvin, Bede, Hop, and Marnie to both locations.

In PASS31, Klara and Avery found an unconscious and poisoned Henry at the Soothing Wetlands. They took Henry to the Master Dojo, and with Hyde's Cram-o-matic, Klara made medicine that cured Henry but also caused his hair to rapidly grow. Noticing Henry was reluctant to rejoin his friends due to his behavior at the Tower Summit, Mustard allowed him to stay at the dojo until he was ready to leave. Later, Casey and Marvin arrived at the dojo. After apologizing, Henry joined Casey and Marvin in searching for ingredients capable of curing Eternatus's poison. While they stayed on the island, Henry and Casey received Master Dojo uniforms to wear. Mustard lent Henry his Kubfu, hoping that traveling around would help Kubfu see the world and overcome its shyness.

In PASS33, Klara and Avery led Henry's group to the Forest of Focus. They successfully collected the necessary tree sap, only to later anger a Greedent and its Skwovet underlings. Sniffler, Twiggy, and Bit teamed up to fend off the gang, evolving into their final forms in the process. In PASS35, while searching for the rusted items, Henry's group came across the Tower of Darkness. A Master Dojo Student barred the group from entering unless Henry used Kubfu to defeat her in a one-on-one battle. Despite their best efforts, Kubfu failed to defeat the student's Impidimp.

In PASS36, after several days of training, Kubfu decided to train at the Tower of Waters. Henry and Kubfu battled through multiple floors until they reached the top, where Mustard and his Single Strike Style Urshifu was waiting for them. Though Urshifu was a powerful foe, Kubfu eventually defeated it with a super-effective Close Combat. Mustard allowed Kubfu to examine the Scroll of Waters, causing it to evolve into a Rapid Strike Style Urshifu. With their training complete, Mustard suggested that Henry permanently keep Urshifu on his team, which he accepted. Afterward, Henry joined Casey and Marvin at Loop Lagoon. They located the Rusted Shield in a nearby tree, only to find it guarded by a Galarian Moltres that flew in from the Crown Tundra with Hop in its talons. With Hop's assistance, Moltres was stunned long enough for Henry to take the shield. The Malevolent Pokémon quickly got back up, grabbed Henry, and carried him to a snow-covered field in the Crown Tundra. There, Henry reunited with Bede, who took him to Freezington to meet Peony. Noting that Henry's personality reminded him of his younger brother, Rose, Peony immediately took a disliking towards the boy.

In PASS38, Peonia came to participate in Peony's "adven-tours", much to her father's delight. At Peonia's suggestion, Peony also allowed Henry to join his exploration team. That night, Peonia found her father floating in midair. Bede explained that it was the work of Calyrex, the King of Bountiful Harvests, in order for it to communicate with humans. The three agreed to help restore Calyrex to its former glory in exchange for it locating the Rusted Sword. Henry and the others worked to reunite Calyrex with its former loyal steed, Spectrier. With the Black Mane Hair collected from Spectrier and the Radiant Petal Calyrex made, Henry forged the Reins of Unity. The group lured Spectrier to the Crown Shrine, but they were interrupted by a Gigantamaxed Corviknight and Butterfree. Realizing the Darkest Day had restarted, Henry, Bede, Peony, and Peonia fought off the rampaging giants. With the reins, Calyrex reforged its bond with Spectrier and changed into its Shadow Rider form, allowing it to find and retrieve the Rusted Sword.

In PASS41, Henry and Bede returned to the Galar mainland, where they reunited with Casey, Hop, and Marvin. They witnessed Zacian and Zamazenta use the rusted tools to become their Crowned Sword and Shield forms. They headed to Hammerlocke to face Eternatus once more, but the entrance was blocked by three Gigantamaxed Pokémon. They were used by a trio of nobles demanding that Sordward and Shielbert be released from jail with their status as nobles reinstated. By Gigantamaxing their own Pokémon, Henry, Casey, and Hop defeated the nobles, allowing Bede determine where Eternatus was hiding itself with his Gigantamax Hatterene. With Eternatus exposed, Zacian and Zamazenta combined their strength to quickly finish off the Gigantic Pokémon, putting an end to the Darkest Day.

In PASS43, several months later, Henry decided to search for the tool-wielding Tinkatink in another region. He said his goodbyes to Casey, Marvin, and Sonia and went off to the nearest train station.


Henry nicknames his Pokémon by taking the name of the tool they wield and adding the suffix "-n" to the end of it. In the English translations, they are given names relating to their tools.

On hand

Main article: Lancelot

Lancelot (Japanese: ランスン Ransun) is Henry's first known Pokémon. He has been with Henry since he was a Farfetch'd. He was first used to rescue Marvin from falling off a cliff. He is level 36.

Debut Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon
Main article: Twiggy

Twiggy (Japanese: スティックン Sutikkun) is Henry's second known Pokémon. He received it from Professor Magnolia. Twiggy first appeared as a Grookey and later evolved into a Thwackey after training with Marvin's Sniffler. He evolved again into Rillaboom while battling wild Greedent. He is level 34.

Debut Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon
Steeler (Japanese: テッコツン Tekkotsun) is Henry's third known Pokémon. Henry caught him after he, Casey, and two Team Yell Grunts fought him in a Max Raid Battle at the Rolling Fields. He is level 32.

Steeler's known moves are Close Combat, Hammer Arm, and Rock Slide, and his Ability is Guts.

Debut Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light
Fanguru (Japanese: グンバイン Gunbain) is Henry's fourth known Pokémon. Henry met him in Hammerlocke, where he flew into a rage after Sonia accidentally stepped on his fan. By teaming up with Raihan, Henry kept Fanguru distracted long enough for him to repair the fan. He then joined Henry's team out of gratitude. He is level 35.

Fanguru's only known move is Foul Play* and his Ability is Telepathy.
While Dynamaxed, he can use Max Guard and Max Darkness.

Debut Thump!! The Gazing Sage
Kayne (Japanese: ステッキン Sutekkin) is Henry's fifth known Pokémon. He originally belonged to Melony, but went into a depressive state when his ice cane broke and refused to leave its Poké Ball. At Melony's request, Henry mended the cane, but was unable to complete the repairs before his next Gym battle. Melony suggested Mr. Rime stay with Henry until the repairs were completed, which he happily accepted. He is level 42 and is housed in an Ultra Ball.

None of Kayne's moves are known and his Ability is Screen Cleaner.

Debut Crunch!! Snowy Battle
Main article: Āman

Āman (Japanese: アーマン Āman) is the "secret armor" of the Master Dojo. As a Kubfu, Mustard let it follow Henry around, hoping that seeing the world would help Kubfu overcome its shyness. In PASS37, it evolved into Rapid Strike Style Urshifu after defeating Mustard's Single Strike Urshifu at the Tower of Waters and was officially given to Henry.

Debut PASS32

Traveling with

Henry Casey Rotom Phone.png
Rotom Phone


Badges obtained



  • Henry's uniform number is "808", which can be read as August 8th, the date when the first volume of Pokémon Adventures was released in Japan.


Language Name Origin
Japanese 剣創人 Tsurugi Sōdo From 剣 tsurugi (sword) and 創人 Sōdo (phonetic representation of ソード sword in kanji)
English Henry Sword From Pokémon Sword
German Soro Schwert From Pokémon Schwert (Pokémon Sword) and similar to his Japanese name
French Épée
Giuseppe Sword
From Pokémon Épée (Pokémon Sword)
Similar to Épée
Chinese (Mandarin) 劍創人 Jiàn Chuàngrén From his Japanese name

Henry's Pokémon

Main article: Lancelot→ Names
Main article: Twiggy→ Names
Main article: Āman→ Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese テッコツン Tekkotsun From 鉄骨 tekkotsu (steel girder) and ~ン -n
English Steeler From steel
German Stahli From Stahl (steel)
French Métal From métal (metal)
Chinese (Mandarin) 鐵骨客 Tiěgǔkè From 鐵骨土人 Tiěgǔtǔrén (Gurdurr) and ~客 -kè


Language Name Origin
Japanese グンバイン Gunbain From 軍配 gunbai (a type of Japanese war fan) and ~ン -n
English Fanguru From fan and Oranguru
French Évent From éventail (fan)


Language Name Origin
Japanese ステッキン Sutekkin From ステッキ walking stick and ~ン -n
English Kayne From cane
French Crosse From crosse (stick)

Henry's Pokémon
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Traveling with:

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