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オニオン Onion
"The silent boy of mystery!"
Sword Shield Allister.png
Artwork from Sword and Shield
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Black
Hometown Stow-on-Side
Region Galar
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation VIII
Games Shield
Leader of Stow-on-Side Stadium
Badge Ghost Badge
Specializes in Ghost types
Game animation debut Letter
English voice actor Casey Mongillo
Japanese voice actor Ryo Hirohashi

Allister (Japanese: オニオン Onion) is the Gym Leader of Stow-on-Side's Gym, known officially as Stow-on-Side Stadium. He specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon. He gives the Ghost Badge to Trainers who defeat him. In Pokémon Sword, Bea takes his place as Stow-on-Side's Gym Leader instead.

In the games

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Allister is the fourth Gym Leader Galar Trainers face in their Gym Challenge in Pokémon Shield. This mysterious Trainer became the Gym Leader of Stow-on-Side Gym at a very young age. He is known to have a very shy and fearful around people which is why he wears a mask. The mask serves as a way of confronting his fears and insecurities. He never removes his mask in public. He also keeps about 100 masks with the same design needed in the event his mask falls off. He is rarely seen around in public, preferring to spent most this time alone in ruins and cemeteries.[1] According to Allister, he claims to have the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokémon after a supposed accident at the age of four.

League Cards

This is a transcript of the back of Allister's League Cards in Pokémon Shield.

Normal League Card
"He is a young, mysterious Trainer who has taken on the mantle of Gym Leader at a very young age. He has never been known to remove his mask in public. In fact, he has at least one hundred masks of the same design, just to keep spares handy should his mask fall off for some reason. He claims to have developed the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokémon after an accident he had when he was four years old, but the truth is still a mystery."
Rare League Card
"This is a photo that happened to capture Allister in his locker room. He can be seen clutching the mask that normally hides his face, no doubt confronting the fears and insecurities he feels within. Even though he has taken the role of Gym Leader at a very young age, it is clear that off the pitch he is still very much a normal boy. However, one mystery remains—nobody knows who took this photo. Some even claim it was the work of Ghost-type Pokémon."


Allister keeps his Pokémon in Dusk Balls.

Pokémon Shield

Stow-on-Side Stadium

Champion Cup Finals

Champion tournaments


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Stow-on-Side Stadium
"...’M Allister."
"H-here...I go..."
  • Upon sending out final Pokémon
"My very last Pokémon... How lonely... How frightening..."
"Gengar... Gigantamax... Swallow everything in darkness..."
"G-Max Terror... It’s like Shadow Tag... You won’t get away... I won’t let you!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I nearly lost my mask from the shock... That I can see your skill for what it is."
  • After being defeated
"...That was ace."
"Here... A Ghost Badge..."
"G...good luck!"
  • During the post-game
"...Oh. You."
"You came to help me?"
"The people got all out..."
"But I'm the Gym Leader..."
"I'll... battle the Dynamax Pokémon!"
"That'd... That'd be brilliant, thanks!"
"There's loads of 'em... I hope everyone can take one each. Please!"
"...Let's go!"
"...Th-Thanks. A lot."
"The Pokémon have all calmed down."
"They can rest here... They should be fine in time..."
"<Player>... Here... My League Card."
"...Y-you can leave things here to me."
"I-I'd rather you go help those who need you!"
Wyndon Stadium
"My mask... It feels like it's going to fall off..."
  • Before battle
"...'M Allister."
"...You look well."
"I remember you..."
"You were the strongest Gym Challenger I had."
"Er... so I reckon... we sh-should battle!"
  • At start of battle
"Everyone's looking... I want to hide... but I'll fight!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Maybe my mask... kept me from seeing just how strong you really are..."
  • After being defeated
"...That was ace."
"G-give it your best out there."
"I'm mad about strong Trainers..."
"...let's start the match."
  • Upon being defeated
"I'm glad I had my mask..."
"I was making quite the face just now..."
  • After being defeated
"...the only reason I can battle in front of so many people without completely losing my cool is thanks to you, Champion."
"Battles with you are so absorbing they simply make me forget myself or where I am."
Isle of Armor random encounters
  • When first spoken to
"...O-Oh, <Player>! What are you... doing here?"
"...Oh, training?"
"Mm... yeah, you can focus here. ...Since there are no people."
"...This place feels nothing like Glimwood Tangle. Th-though it's about as easy to get lost in..."
"...I'm b-building a little mountain of sand."
"Apparently if one absorbs enough grudges, it can become a Pokémon..."
"I... I can hear so many voices from the sea... Do you think they're all lonely?"
"...Th-this area's so steep and rugged, it reminds me of Stow-on-Side."
"...T-take care not to fall. We don't know each other that well yet..."
"Wh-when I'm wearing my mask, even sandstorms aren't much of a bother."
"Maybe I should have Gengar and the rest wear masks, too..."
"...Quite a h-hot one today, isn't it? It's getting all sweaty underneath my mask."
"That really... dampens my spirits..."
  • During overcast conditions
"...It's so dark, with the sky wrapped up in all these thick black clouds."
"Honestly, it's a bit of a relief..."
"I-I've made a big discovery!"
"When I can't see my opponent through the fog, I hardly get nervous at all!"
  • During rain or thunderstorms
"...Er ...would you ... ah?"
"Would you... like to hear a scary story that's got to do with rain?"


Allister TW.png
Artwork of Allister
from Pokémon: Twilight Wings

League Cards

League Card Allister.png League Card Allister rare.png
Allister's League Card in
Allister's rare League Card in

In the anime

In Pokémon: Twilight Wings

Allister made a cameo appearance in Letter. He reappeared in Assistant.

In Moonlight, Allister was contemplating in a cemetery and enjoying the full moon when sensed someone coming, which turned out to be Tommy. Tommy requested Allister's assistance in cheering up his sick friend John by getting him an invitation to one of Leon's matches. Though Allister was too shy to do this, he assisted Tommy in sneaking into John's hospital room so he could apologize for an argument they had.

In Sky, Allister gave his thoughts about Leon in an interview. He also spectated the match between Leon and Raihan together with Tommy and his Pokémon.


Allister is shy and prefers to keep to himself. However, he is also mischievous and enjoys scaring people for fun.


Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar
Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar
Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar are Allister's only known Pokémon.

The three were present when Tommy requested Allister's help to visit his friend John in the hospital. They later scared the Taxi Driver.

None of their moves are known.

Debut Moonlight
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Kai Jordan (Gastly)
Casey Mongillo (Haunter)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Ryo Hirohashi
English Casey Mongillo


  • Allister's uniform number is "291", which can be read in Japanese as goroawase for 憎い nikui, meaning "hateful".


Language Name Origin
Japanese オニオン Onion From onion and 鬼 oni (demon, ogre)
English, Brazilian
Allister From Allium (genus that contains onions) and Aleister Crowley
German Nio From onion and 鬼 oni (Japanese for demon or ogre)
Spanish, French Alistair Similar to his English name
Italian Onion Same as his Japanese name
Korean 어니언 Onion Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 歐尼奧 / 欧尼奥 Ōuní'ào Transcription of his Japanese name and 奧 / 奥 ào (mysterious, obscure)
Chinese (Cantonese) 歐尼奧 Āunèih'ou Transcription of his Japanese name and 奧 ou (mysterious, obscure)
Russian Аллистер Allister Transcription of his English name


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