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ランスン Ransun
Poké Ball
Henry Lancelot.png
Henry's Sirfetch'd
Debuts in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Prior to Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Henry
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of rounds as Farfetch'd.

Lancelot (Japanese: ランスン Ransun) is a Sirfetch'd that Henry Sword owns in Pokémon Adventures and his starter Pokémon.


One year prior to the start of the Sword & Shield chapter, Henry owned Lancelot as a Farfetch'd. While traveling to visit the Slumbering Weald, the two met Casey, who wanted to find a Wishing Star. Farfetch'd immediately took off to find it, and by the time the two Trainers caught up with him, the Wild Duck Pokémon had found two of them.

Lancelot and Henry

Lancelot first appeared in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon, rescuing a young boy named Marvin from falling off a cliff. After Marvin recovered, Sirfetch'd was used in a mock Raid Battle to help teach Marvin about battling. After Henry's Grookey and Casey's Scorbunny's opened it up Marvin had Sirfetch'd attack with Meteor Assault, defeating the Daunting Pokémon. Later that day, Sirfetch'd was used to scare away an Obstagoon that was causing Wooloo to leave their pen. Henry hoped the battle was impressive enough to have Leon endorse him for the Gym Challenge.

In Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light, Henry decided to give his team nicknames in order to distinguish them from other Pokémon of the same species. Choosing to name them after the gear they used, Sirfetch'd was called Lancelot. Later during the day, a pair of Team Yell Grunts tried to destroy the new uniforms that Henry and Casey received. Lancelot, along with Scorbunny, distracted them long enough for Twiggy to drive them near a Pokémon Den. This allowed his Trainer to push the grunts into it and force them into a Max Raid Battle against a wild Gurdurr. Working together, the four were able to defeat the Gurdurr, where he was caught by Henry and named Steeler.

Lancelot was used as Henry's second Pokémon in his gym battle against Milo in Watch Out!! Strong Rivals, going up against his Dynamaxed Eldegoss. Lancelot dodged a powerful Max Overgrowth before Dynamaxing himself. At first, Lancelot struggled to damage the Cotton Bloom Pokémon, due to its cotton fluff protecting its head and the cotton spreading around the battlefield, reducing Lancelot's field of vision. Using the fluff to his advantage, Lancelot waited for the right chance to strike and defeated Eldegoss after it shrank back to its normal size.

In PASS11, Lancelot was one of the three Pokémon Henry brought to use in his gym battle against Kabu.

Lancelot battling Raihan's Sandaconda

Later, Henry arrived at Hammerlocke, where he was immediately challenged by the local Gym Leader, Raihan. Unable to avoid the fight, Henry sent out Lancelot to battle Raihan's Sandaconda. Although he managed to block Sandaconda's Sandstorm, he was unable to outmaneuver the Sand Snake Pokémon and was quickly defeated.

In PASS13, Lancelot was used as Henry's first Pokémon in his gym battle against Allister, where he quickly defeated his Galarian Yamask with Solar Blade. After a brief fight with Allistar's Cursola, Lancelot was then switched out for Gunbain.

Lancelot battling Opal's Alcremie

In preparation for his gym battle against Opal and her Alcremie, Henry has Lancelot practice dodging a barrage of attacks by weaving through Sniffler water balloons. During the battle, Lancelot is used as Henry's first Pokémon, going up against her Galarian Weezing. Opal started the battle by lowering Lancelot's Attack and Special Attack stat, due to Henry giving her the wrong answer to her question. Despite the setback, Lancelot defeated Weezing with Steel Wing. He was then recalled, but was sent out again when it came time to fight Alcremie. Putting its training to use, he was able to dodge Gigantamax Alcremie's sweet missiles from G-Max Finale. This changed, however, when Alcremie increased the size of the missiles. With no choice left, the two Dynamaxed to counter it and attacked with an Expert Belt-enhanced Max Steelspike. After being hit by another G-Max Finale, Henry had Lancelot raise his attack with Max Knuckle. Using his training, Lancelot was able to counter the last G-Max Finale and defeated Alcremie with another Max Steelspike after she shrank back to her normal size.

Personality and characteristics

Lancelot is calm and collected, maintaining a noble air at all times. He is shown to have quick reflexes, using his leek to save a boy after he fell off a cliff and strong enough to support the weight of a child on his shield. Lancelot is a powerful battler, taking on opponents like Milo’s Eldegoss and Raihan’s Sandaconda. He is Henry’s main battler and the current powerhouse of his team. Lancelot is also quick to help others, shown when he ran headfirst into the Slumbering Weald to find the Wishing Star for Casey despite just meeting her.


See also: Dynamax
As a Farfetch'd Sirfetch'd Dynamaxed
Henry Lancelot Farfetch'd.png Henry Lancelot Dynamax.png

Moves used

Henry Lancelot Meteor Assault.png
Using Meteor Assault
Henry Lancelot Leaf Blade.png
Using Leaf Blade
Move First Used In
Meteor Assault Crackle!! Practice Battle
Slam Crackle!! Practice Battle
Brave Bird Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light
Brick Break Blinding!! The End of the Battle*
Leaf Blade PASS12
Solar Blade PASS13
Steel Wing  PASS16
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Max Moves used

Picture Max Move First Used in Base Move
Henry Lancelot Max Knuckle.png Max Knuckle Blinding!! The End of the Battle Meteor Assault or Brick Break
Dynamax Sirfetch'd creates a fist of energy above his head. He then sends the fist hurtling downwards to hit the opponent.
Henry Lancelot Max Steelspike.png Max Steelspike PASS17 Steel Wing
Dynamax Sirfetch'd creates a series of jagged gray spikes that extend forward and strike the opponent.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ランスン Ransun From ランス lance
English Lancelot From lance and Lancelot
German Stangi From Stange (pole)
French Lance Same as Japanese name

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