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The semi-invulnerable turn is the first turn of some two-turn moves, in which the user is invulnerable to most moves.


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During the first turn of some moves that take two turns to fully execute, the user of the move will perform an action (ascending into the sky, hiding underwater, etc.) that renders them invulnerable to all but a few specific moves; Pokémon in this state can also be hit by a Pokémon that has taken aim using Lock-On or Mind Reader, or if either it or the attacking Pokémon has No Guard. With the exception of Sky Drop, the semi-invulnerable turn can be skipped with a Power Herb. Magic Bounce and Dancer have no effect when their user is semi-invulnerable. On the second turn, PP will be deducted, the move will deal damage, and it will count as the last move used.

Pokémon that have used Fly, Bounce, or Sky Drop (or are affected by Sky Drop) fly up high. Pokémon that have flown up high are vulnerable to Gust, Smack Down, Sky Uppercut, Thunder, Twister, and Hurricane. If the moves Gravity or G-Max Gravitas are used, Fly, Bounce, and Sky Drop cannot be used, and any Pokémon in the air due to one of said moves return to the ground with the move canceled. In Generation V only, due to a glitch, when Gravity brings down Pokémon affected by Sky Drop, the Pokémon that was the target of Sky Drop will still not be able to move.

Pokémon that have used Dig burrow underground, and can be hit by Earthquake, Magnitude, and Fissure. They will not receive damage from sandstorms or hail.

Pokémon that have used Dive dive underwater, and can be hit by Surf and Whirlpool. They will not receive damage from sandstorms, hail, or shadowy aura.

Pokémon that have used Shadow Force or Phantom Force suddenly disappear, and there is no move that can hit these Pokémon without aiming or No Guard.

Generation I

Semi-invulnerable Pokémon avoid all moves except Swift, Transform, and Bide. In Pokémon Stadium, they avoid Bide as well. Wild Pokémon can be caught during the semi-invulnerable turn.

In Generation I only, the invulnerability glitch affects semi-invulnerable Pokémon. If a Pokémon is fully paralysed or hurts itself in confusion while in the semi-invulnerable stage of Fly or Dig, all moves (with the exception of Swift, Transform and possibly the unleashed damage from Bide) from the opponent will miss or fail until the user switches Pokémon, finishes the battle or successfully performs a charging move (specifically Fly, Dig, Razor Wind, Skull Bash, or Solar Beam). The user can move normally while in this state. This glitch was fixed in Pokémon Stadium.

Generation II onward

Semi-invulnerable Pokémon are now protected against Swift, Transform, and Bide.

Generation IV onward

Pokémon cannot be caught in the semi-invulnerable turn.

Moves with a semi-invulnerable turn

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A Pokémon can be semi-invulnerable after using any of the following moves.

Move Type Category Power Accuracy Notes
Bounce Flying Physical 85 85% 30% chance of paralyzing the target
Dig Ground Physical 80 100%
Dive Water Physical 80 100%
Fly Flying Physical 90 95%
Phantom Force Ghost Physical 90 100% Ignores protection moves, except Max Guard
Shadow Force Ghost Physical 120 100% Ignores protection moves, except Max Guard
Sky Drop Flying Physical 60 100% User and target become semi-invulnerable. Since Generation VI, only targets that weigh less than 440.9 lbs. (200 kg) can be lifted.

Moves that can hit semi-invulnerable Pokémon

Main article: Category:Moves that can hit semi-invulnerable Pokémon
Move Hit by Limits
Any Bide (except in Pokémon Stadium), Swift, Transform Generation I only
Helping Hand
Toxic (when used by a Poison-type Pokémon) Generation VI onwards
Fly Whirlwind Generation II only
Bounce, Fly, Sky Drop Gust, Hurricane, Sky Uppercut, Smack Down, Thousand Arrows, Thunder, Twister Generation II onwards
Dig Earthquake, Magnitude, Fissure Generation II onwards
Dive Surf, Whirlpool

Any Pokémon being affected by Sky Drop may also be targeted and hit by the same moves as the user of Sky Drop. If a Pokémon using Fly or Bounce is hit by Smack Down or Thousand Arrows, it is returned to the ground and the move is canceled.

The moves Lock-On and Mind Reader cannot hit a Pokémon in a semi-invulnerable state, but will enable the next move used to strike a Pokémon in a semi-invulnerable state. No Guard allows any move used by that Pokémon to hit a Pokémon in a semi-invulnerable state, and any move used against that Pokémon to hit it in a semi-invulnerable state.

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