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The World Coronation Series (Japanese: ポケモンワールドチャンピオンシップス Pokémon World Championships) is an anime-exclusive tournament. It is a competition held to determine the strongest Trainer in the world. It first appeared in Flash of the Titans!, where the previous annual championship season ended. The current season started in JN018.


To compete in the tournament, participants must first register themselves online. The current season received more than 10,000 entries.

Each entry generates a profile and a score according to the registration position.



Trainers are divided into four classes based on their win/loss ratio. Each class is represented by a different type of Poké Ball:

  • (ノーマルクラス Normal Class)
  • (スーパークラス Super Class)
  • (ハイパークラス Hyper Class)
  • (マスタークラス Master Class)

The battles are all judged by the Rotom Drone and which serve for each of them to increase their overall score.

On occasion, one-day events called (Japanese: バトルフェス Battle Festivals) are held where many participants can gather to compete with each other at will. These events are held at stadiums and other such venues, and are open for the public to watch.

Normal Class

The scoreboard used during the Normal Class

All first-time participants are automatically put into this class, regardless of any previous championships or statuses. The challenger must seek out opposing Trainers in nearby areas, and both must agree to battle.

A (Japanese: ドローンロトム Rotom Drone) sent by the Tournament Commission must evaluate and approve the challengers. At the end, each Trainer has their ranking updated according to the battle.

Battles in Normal Class follow the following rules.

  • Both challengers must send out their first Pokémon at the same time.
  • It consists of battles with one or two Pokémon for each Trainer.
  • Both challengers can switch their Pokémon at any time.

The class is represented by a normal Poké Ball.

Super Class

The venue of the Shalour City Battle Festival

Trainers reach this class after Normal Class. They must be between 999 to the 100th place to go up to Hyper Class.

The class is represented by a Great Ball.

Hyper Class

Trainers reach this class after Super Class. They must be between 99 to the ninth place to go up to Master Class.

The class is represented by a Ultra Ball.

Master Class

Wyndon Stadium

The Master Class consists of the eight Trainers who are at the top of the world ranking. They are called Masters Eight (Japanese: マスターズエイト Masters Eight) and are certified by the Pokémon Battle Commission (Japanese: ポケモン・バトル・コミッション Pokémon Battle Commission). They battle each other at the end of the season in a tournament where the winner becomes the Monarch (Japanese: 王者 Monarch). The finals are held in a Single Battle at the Wyndon Stadium, where techniques like Dynamax and Gigantamax can be used.

The class is represented by a Master Ball.


Profile of a registered Trainer

The following is a list of participants in the current World Coronation Series by ranking.

Trainer Class Ranking
Leon Master 1
Lance Master 2
Raihan Master 7
Ash Super 901
Korrina Normal 1,001*
Hashiba Normal 1,024*
Visquez Normal 2,109*
Seiya Normal Unknown
Tony Unknown Unknown

Masters Eight

The Masters Eight

This group consists of the eight best Pokémon Trainers in the world. It consists of Elite Trainers who have won other championships and competitions around the world.

Previous season
Trainer Rank
Leon Winner
Lance Runner-Up


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