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Lucas and Dawn participating in a Super Contest Show

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Super Contests were noticeably changed, now called Super Contest Shows (Japanese: スーパーコンテストショー! Super Contest Show!). In it, Pokémon are rated on their appearance and performance, rather than strength. They are different from the original competitions in that not only do they have more rounds, but rounds from the earlier games have been altered.

Visual Performance

In these Super Contests, visual is judged on two components: the Pokémon's condition and the ball capsule stickers used. At the beginning of registering for the contest, the player picks the ball capsule used in the contest.

Condition is calculated as:

For Brilliant/Shining Contests:

Condition is then converted into hearts by dividing by 50. 5 small hearts equals 1 large heart during appeal.

Scarves increase the condition associated with it by 10%, even if the condition is already maxed out. They are not calculated for Brilliant/Shining contests.

Stickers are a new portion. Up to 20 stickers can be placed on a single ball capsule. Position does not matter, and neither does the letter designation. Stickers always improve the visual performance, but for most stickers there is one contest category in which they provide a greater bonus. Beneficial stickers give a 12.5 appeal bonus, meaning all 20 stickers being properly selected will net 1 big heart of appeal. Otherwise, stickers give 7.5 appeals, or 3 small hearts with 20 of them. Appeal points are rounded down.

There are two Stickers that provide constant high bonuses in all contest categories, the Show Master Sticker (obtained by completing the Master Rank of all Super Contest Shows with a single Pokémon) and the Champion Sticker (obtained by defeating Cynthia's final rematch team, which she uses after Stark Mountain). The Show Master Sticker provides a constant bonus of +15 in all contest categories, and the Champion Sticker provides a bonus of +18 in all categories. These stickers are not limited to 1 per capsule, so the best possible ball capsule for contests uses 20 Champion Stickers.

Category Beneficial Stickers
Coolness Ribbon, Electricity, Burning, Sky, Spark, Coolness, Show Master, Champion
Beauty Party, Flora, Cool, Beauty, Show Master, Champion
Cuteness Heart, Star, Ethereal, Cuteness, Show Master, Champion
Cleverness Bubble, Song, Sinister, Cleverness, Show Master, Champion
Toughness Smoke, Fire, Stone, Leaf, Toughness, Show Master, Champion
Brilliant & Shining Show Master, Champion

Dance Performance

The main part of the Super Contest Show is the dance performance. It is a rhythm game done by pressing A at the approach time. Successive correct actions improves the Pokémon's groove. The Heart Gauge fills up depending on how accurate the beat is hit. When the Heart Gauge fills up completely, a heart is sent to the Hype Points. All contestants add to the Hype Points. If the number of Hype Points is above the threshold by the end of the performance, it is considered a success, and improves the Stage Level. Getting a successful dance performance allows the Player to compete in the next rank. Getting a successful dance performance in Master Rank in required to obtain a Trainer Card star.

During dancing, a Pokémon can perform one move. Unlike previous contests, moves no longer have a condition type. Instead, one move is selected during registration and can only be used once during the dance performance for an added effect. Proper usage of the move is judged separately but helps add to the dance performance. Moves are judged as more successful if the move is success in succession with other contestants' moves to create or maintain a long duration. Moves are also judged more successfully if they have matching type of other contestants' moves.

Move Effects

Unlike previous generations of Contests, moves in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have no contest typing, and so any move can be selected for any contest with no potential downside. There are 512 moves available for use in this generation of Contests.

Effect Base Hype
❤️🤍🤍 ❤️❤️🤍 ❤️❤️❤️
This move has no additional effects. Ally SwitchBaton PassGuard SplitPower SplitSplashStruggleSwitcherooTeleportWhirlwind CopycatEntrainmentFollow MeGastro AcidMagnet RiseRage PowderReflect TypeRoarRole PlaySimple BeamSoakWorry Seed Destiny BondEchoed VoiceFissureGuard SwapGuillotineHorn DrillPower SwapPower TrickRecycleSheer ColdSkill SwapSpit Up
For 5 seconds, missed notes will not be judged. BlockMean LookSand AttackSmokescreen Aromatic MistFocus EnergyHardenLaser FocusWithdraw Bulk UpCalm MindFlower ShieldGrowthNasty PlotPsych UpRock PolishShell SmashStockpileSwords DanceWork Up
For 10 seconds, missed notes will not be judged. Baby-Doll EyesConfideGrowlLeerParting ShotPlay NiceTail Whip AutotomizeChargeDefense CurlDouble Team AcupressureCoilCotton GuardHelping HandLock-OnMind ReaderQuiver Dance
For 15 seconds, missed notes will not be judged. CharmDefogEerie ImpulseFake TearsFeather DanceFlashMagnetic FluxMetal SoundScary FaceScreechStrength SapString ShotSweet ScentTearful LookTickleVenom Drench Acid ArmorAgilityAmnesiaCosmic PowerCotton SporeDragon DanceHone ClawsHowlIron DefenseMinimizeNoble Roar Belly DrumConversionConversion 2Defend OrderHeart SwapKinesisLunar DanceMagic CoatMementoTail GlowTransform
Groove will not drop for 5 seconds. EncoreSupersonicSweet Kiss Aqua RingCurseHeal BellIngrainLife DewPoison PowderSwallow After YouEndureHypnosisProtectQuashSingSleep PowderStun Spore
Groove will not drop for 10 seconds. AttractConfuse RayGrudgeImprisonSpite HazeHeal PulseMistMoonlightMorning SunPsycho ShiftRecoverSlack OffSynthesisToxicWill-O-WispWish GlarePerish SongYawn
Groove will not drop for 15 seconds. DisableFlatterLeech SeedSpikesStealth RockSticky WebSwaggerTauntTeeter DanceTormentToxic Spikes AromatherapyAurora VeilDetectHealing WishLight ScreenMilk DrinkPoison GasQuick GuardReflectRestRoostSafeguardSoft-BoiledSpiky ShieldSubstituteToxic ThreadWide Guard Dark VoidLovely KissSporeThunder Wave
For 10 seconds, it will be a bit easier to fill up the Heart Gauge. BindInfestationWrap BonemerangDouble HitDouble KickDual Chop AcrobaticsDigOutragePetal DanceThrash
For 10 seconds, it will be easier to fill up the Heart Gauge. Fire SpinSand TombWhirlpool Fury AttackFury Swipes Beat UpBone RushIcicle SpearPin MissileRock BlastRollout
For 10 seconds, it will be much easier to fill up the Heart Gauge. Electric TerrainGrassy TerrainGravityHailMagic RoomMisty TerrainRain DanceSandstormSunny DayTailwindTrick RoomWonder Room Arm ThrustBounceDiveFlyPhantom ForceTriple Kick Bullet SeedFuture SightMagma StormShadow ForceSkull BashSky AttackSolar Beam
Hype Points gained will increase by 1 if groove is positive. LeafagePeckPoundScratchTackle Razor LeafRock ThrowShadow PunchVine WhipVise GripWing Attack Aqua TailAttack OrderCrabhammerCross ChopDragon HammerFoul PlayHammer ArmHigh HorsepowerLeaf BladePetal BlizzardTake DownWild Charge
Hype Points gained will increase by 2 if groove is positive. AstonishFury CutterLickPay DayPoison Sting Aerial AceAssuranceAvalancheBiteBody PressBug BiteCircle ThrowCovetCutDragon TailDrill PeckDrill RunFell StingerFlame ChargeFlame WheelForce PalmHorn AttackMega PunchMetal ClawNight SlashPoison FangPoison TailPsycho CutRapid SpinRevengeSeed BombSlamSlashSmack DownSmart StrikeStorm ThrowSubmissionVital Throw Blaze KickBody SlamBrave BirdClose CombatDouble-EdgeDragon RushDynamic PunchEarthquakeFlare BlitzGunk ShotHigh Jump KickIcicle CrashIron TailLast ResortLiquidationMegahornMeteor MashPlay RoughPower WhipRock ClimbStone EdgeSuperpowerWood Hammer
Hype Points gained will increase by 3 if groove is positive. Aqua JetBullet PunchFake OutFalse SwipeFeintIce ShardMach PunchNuzzlePower-Up PunchQuick AttackRock SmashShadow Sneak Brick BreakBulldozeCross PoisonCrunchCrush ClawDragon ClawDrain PunchExtreme SpeedFacadeFire FangFire PunchHeadbuttIce FangIce PunchIron HeadKnock OffLeech LifeLow SweepLungePaybackPluckPoison JabRazor ShellRetaliateRock SlideRock TombShadow ClawSparkSteel WingStompStomping TantrumStrengthSucker PunchThiefThroat ChopThunder FangThunder PunchU-turnWaterfallX-ScissorZen Headbutt Crush GripDragon AscentExplosionFocus PunchGiga ImpactHead SmashLuster PurgeMega KickPrecipice BladesRock WreckerSacred FireSelf-DestructVolt Tackle
Hype Points gained will increase by 1 if groove is negative. Disarming VoiceFairy WindGustStored PowerWater GunWeather Ball Air CutterHexMagical LeafRoundSwiftVenoshock Hydro Pump
Hype Points gained will increase by 2 if groove is negative. AbsorbAcidAcid SprayClear SmogConfusionDraining KissEmberMega DrainMud-SlapPowder SnowSmogSnoreStruggle BugThunder ShockTwister Ancient PowerAurora BeamBrineBubble BeamDragon BreathFrost BreathHyper VoiceIcy WindIncinerateLeaf TornadoMud ShotOctazookaPower GemPsybeamPsyshockShock WaveSludge BelchBlizzardBoomburstBurn UpDraco MeteorDream EaterFire BlastFocus BlastHurricaneInfernoLeaf StormOverheatThunder
Hype Points gained will increase by 3 if groove is negative. Charge BeamVacuum Wave Air SlashAura SphereBug BuzzChatterDark PulseDazzling GleamDischargeDragon PulseEarth PowerEnergy BallExtrasensoryFlamethrowerFlash CannonFreeze-DryGiga DrainHeat WaveIce BeamLava PlumeMoonblastMuddy WaterMystical FirePsychicScaldShadow BallSludge BombSludge WaveSnarlSurfThunderboltTri AttackUproarVolt SwitchWater Pulse AeroblastBlast BurnDoom DesireEruptionFrenzy PlantHydro CannonHyper BeamJudgmentMist BallOrigin PulsePsycho BoostPsystrikeRoar of TimeSeed FlareSpacial RendWater SpoutZap Cannon
Hype determined entirely by groove
You will receive 1−5 Hype Points, depending on the Pokémon's groove. CounterElectro BallEndeavorFinal GambitFlailFlingGrass KnotGyro BallHeavy SlamHidden PowerLow KickMetal BurstMetronomeMimicMirror CoatNature PowerNight ShadePain SplitPresentReversalSeismic TossSketchSleep TalkSuper FangTrick

Star of the Show

At the end of the performance, a Pokémon is judged on Visual, Dance, and Move performances. The Pokémon with the highest combined score is declared the "Star of the Show". In the event of a tie for the highest score, all of these Pokémon are considered Stars of the Show. This can occur even if the dance performance is deemed a failure. The winner of the contest is awarded a ball capsule sticker associated with that type and rank. If it is the first time that Pokémon won the Master Rank type, it is awarded a ribbon. If a Pokémon wins all five standard Master Rank contests, the first time the Pokémon is additionally awarded the Contest Star Ribbon and the player is awarded the Show Master ball capsule sticker.

Brilliant/Shining Contests

After entering the Hall of Fame, a sixth type of Super Contest Show is unlocked called BrilliantBD/ShiningSP Contests. These are similar to the standard five contests, but with more difficult NPCs and judging. For a Pokémon to be eligible for entry, they must first have won Master Rank in all five Super Contest Shows previously. The winner of the contest is awarded a randomly selected contest-related ball capsule sticker. If it is the first time that Pokémon won the Master Rank type, it is awarded a Twinkling Star Ribbon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級華麗大賽 Chīukāp Wàhlàih-daaihchoi
Mandarin 超級華麗大賽 / 超级华丽大赛 Chāojí Huálì-dàsài
France Flag.png French Super Show Concours
Germany Flag.png German Super-Wettbewerbs-Show
Italy Flag.png Italian Super Gara-show
South Korea Flag.png Korean 슈퍼 콘테스트 쇼! Super Contest Show!
Russia Flag.png Russian Шоу Суперконкурс Shou Superkonkurs
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gala Superconcurso

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