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The setting for the competition

The Kanto Grand Festival (Japanese: カントーグランドフェスティバル Kanto Grand Festival) is an anime-exclusive event during the Advanced Generation series. All Pokémon Coordinators who earn five Contest Ribbons from the Kanto region are eligible to enter.

The competition is held at Indigo Plateau, which is also the location of the Indigo Plateau Conference.


A selection of the participants

The Kanto Grand Festival started in May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! and ended in Channeling the Battle Zone!. Like all Kanto Pokémon Contests, Lilian Meridian is the announcer. During the Grand Festival, 270 participants were entered.

Apart from the usual panel of judges, made of Raoul Contesta, Mr. Sukizo and a Nurse Joy, the host of the Hoenn region Contests, Vivian Meridian, was also a guest judge, while three other Nurse Joys gave the scores. Jessadia, who was Jessie in disguise, also hosted the Grand Festival with Lilian. Jessadia had James, Meowth and Wobbuffet as her crew.

The winner of the Kanto Grand Festival receives the Ribbon Cup as their prize and becomes Top Coordinator.



The Performance Stage of the Kanto Grand Festival is divided in two rounds. In the preliminary round, Coordinators have to display their Pokémon's style and skill using only one move, while in the main round they are allowed to use as many moves as necessary to show off their Pokémon.

Due to the large number of contestants, the preliminary round takes place on two separate stadiums. In one of them, Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, one Nurse Joy, and Vivian are responsible for evaluating the performances, while Lilian gives a running commentary. In the other stadium, three Nurse Joy assign scores to the competing Coordinators, and Jessedia serves as the emcee.

The scores given by the trio of Nurse Joy are then conferred by Mr. Contesta and the other judges. After that, they determine the 64 Coordinators who will proceed to the main round. The main round is held in a single stadium, with the trio of Nurse Joy no longer acting as judges and Jessedia interviewing the remaining Coordinators backstage.

The 16 top scoring Coordinators from the main round move on to the Battle Stage.


The Battle Stage of the Kanto Grand Festival consists of four rounds and maintains the same panel of judges from the main round of the Performance Stage. All of the battles are conducted in the Double Battle style and the contestants are randomly matched-up by a computer up until the semifinals.

Coordinators must face each other in a five-minute match while displaying their Pokémon's best qualities. Contestants who have their points completely depleted, their Pokémon knocked out, or the least amount of points once the time runs out are eliminated from the competition. The winner of the last round receives the Ribbon Cup and is counted among the Top Coordinators.

Known contestants

Solidad with the Kanto Ribbon Cup
Coordinator Place
Solidad Winner
May Top 4
Drew Top 8
Harley Top 16

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