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Several Pokémon during the Dance Competition

The Dance Competition (Japanese: ダンス審査 Dance Examination) is the second round of a Pokémon Super Contest in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.


During the Dance Competition, all Coordinators' Pokémon dance on the stage. The objective is to stay in rhythm to the music. Players command their Pokémon to perform a dance move by using the stylus to tap on the red, blue, green, and yellow castanets. Alternately, the directional pad and the face buttons can be used instead of the touch screen.


There are four castanets: red, blue, green, and yellow. During the Normal Rank and Great RankDP, players can tap up to three castanets, while in the Great RankPt, Ultra Rank and Master Rank, players can tap up to four castanets. The following is a list of castanets and the effect they produce when tapped:

  • Red castanet - The Pokémon will jump up.
  • Blue castanet - The Pokémon will step forward.
  • Green castanet - The Pokémon will step to the left.
  • Yellow castanet - The Pokémon will step to the right.


There are two types of dancers: the main dancer and the backup dancer. Each Pokémon gets a turn being the main dancer once.

Main dancer

The main dancer is in charge of leading the backup dancers. However, it is the main dancer's goal to cause the backup dancers to make mistakes. As the rank goes higher, the NPC main dancers will be harder to follow.

Backup dancers

The backup dancers' goal is to imitate the lead dancer's movements. As the rank goes higher, the NPC backup dancers will make fewer mistakes.


Depending on how well the Pokémon danced and it matches the lead dancer's, the game will determine whether it was "Excellent", "Good", or a "Miss". A Pokémon earns 2 points for each step judged as "Excellent", and 1 point for each step judged as "Good". A step judged as a "Miss" does not score. The maximum score for the Dance Competition is thus 48 points in Contests with 3 steps, and 64 points in Contests with 4 steps.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Épreuve de Danse
Germany Flag.png German Tanz
Italy Flag.png Italian Saggio di Danza
South Korea Flag.png Korean 댄스심사 Dance Simsa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ronda de Baile
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Nhảy múa

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