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The Grand Festival (Japanese: グランドフェスティバル Grand Festival) is the anime-exclusive final challenge for all Pokémon Coordinators. The tournament is held once a year in several regions and is the Pokémon Contests' analog to the Pokémon League Conference.


The general structure of each Grand Festival is similar: Pokémon Coordinators must win at least five Contest Ribbons of a specific region in order to be able to participate in that region's Grand Festival. The winner receives the Ribbon Cup, as well as the title of Top Coordinator.

Due to the large number of participants, Grand Festivals have more judges in attendance.

The Hoenn, Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh regions are all confirmed to have Grand Festivals. Grand Festivals appear to be held at different locations every year.


The tournament is divided into two parts: the appeals portion and the battle portion.

Appeals portion

In the appeals portion, Coordinators show off their Pokémon's moves in order to impress the judges and the audience. The appeals are awarded points by the competition jury, and the Coordinators with the highest scores proceed to the next round.

In the appeals stage of Kanto and Hoenn Grand Festivals, there are two rounds to appeal. In the first, the preliminary round, Coordinators have one of their Pokémon performing with no more than one move used one time. The top 64 Coordinators move onto the second appeals round, where Coordinators have one of their Pokémon using as many moves as necessary. Contrasting this, the Sinnoh Grand Festival only has one appeals round instead of two, with two Pokémon, as the competition is held under the Double Performance rule, which means that Coordinators must use two Pokémon in all rounds.

In the Hoenn and Sinnoh Grand Festivals, the best 32 Coordinators proceed to the battle portion, while in Kanto, only the top 16 move on.

Battle portion

In the battle portion, Coordinators shows how skilled they and their Pokémon are when put into battle. All battles follow the Double Battle style. Competing Coordinators are matched-up randomly by computer up to the semifinals, which is the last round that computer will choose a random match-up. Whoever loses is out of the tournament. The Coordinator who wins the fifth and final round of this portion is then declared the winner of the entire competition.

List of Grand Festivals

Region Grand Festival Location Starting episode Final episode Winner Other notable contestants
Hoenn Hoenn Grand Festival Slateport City
Slateport City
Hi Ho Silver Wind!
Hi Ho Silver Wind!
Rhapsody in Drew
Rhapsody in Drew
Drew (Runner-up)
May (Top 8)
Harley (Top 32)
Kanto Kanto Grand Festival Indigo Plateau
Indigo Plateau
May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Channeling the Battle Zone!
Channeling the Battle Zone!
May (Top 4)
Drew (Top 8)
Harley (Top 16)
Sinnoh Sinnoh Grand Festival Lake Valor
Lake Valor
Last Call — First Round!
Last Call — First Round!
A Grand Fight for Winning!
A Grand Fight for Winning!
Dawn (Runner-up)
Jessilina (Top 4)
Nando (Top 4)

Top Coordinator

See also: List of Top Coordinators

A Top Coordinator (Japanese: トップコーディネーター Top Coordinator) is the highest known level of rank for a Pokémon Coordinator in the anime. The title is bestowed upon Coordinators who have won a Grand Festival. The following is a list of notable individuals who are Top Coordinators:


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 大型慶典 Grand Festival
Finland Flag.png Finnish Suurfestivaali (S06-S08)
Suurjuhla (S09-present)
France Flag.png French Grand Festival
Germany Flag.png German Großes Festival
Israel Flag.png Hebrew הגרנד פסטיבל Grand Festival
India Flag.png Hindi महॉ मुक़ाब्ला Maha Muqaabla
Italy Flag.png Italian Grand Festival
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Grande Festival
Russia Flag.png Russian Большой Фестиваль Bol'shoy Festival
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gran Festival
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Grand Festival

Top Coordinator

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Huippukoordinaattori
France Flag.png French Top Coordinateur
Germany Flag.png German Top-Koordinator
Italy Flag.png Italian Super Coordinatore
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Top Coordenador
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Coordenador de Topo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maestro de concursos
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Top-koordinator

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