Academy Ace Tournament

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The Academy Ace Tournament (Japanese: 学校最強大会 School Ace Tournament), also known as the School Battle Brawl (Japanese: バトルスクールウォーズ Battle School Wars), is a Pokémon battle single elimination tournament in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It takes place in the center of Mesagoza before the steps to Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV after the player has completed all of the base game storylines. It was created by Director Clavell and was organized by Nemona for the purpose of seeing the impressive strength of the player as the new Champion.

To win, the player must defeat 4 random Trainers - students or faculty members in the academy - in Single Battles. The player's team is automatically healed before every battle, but there is no opportunity to change Pokémon or moves between matches. Upon winning all four battles, the Paldea Champion Ribbon will be given to all Pokémon in the player's party. Nemona hands the player a Sporty Cap (Pokémon League) the first time the tournament is won.

Completing the Academy Ace Tournament is necessary to be able to access 6★ Tera Raid Battles.

After the player has caught Terapagos during The Indigo Disk expansion, any Trainer that can be invited to visit Blueberry Academy will change their team in the Academy Ace Tournament to match their team in Blueberry Academy. Also, after catching Pecharunt at the end of Mochi Mayhem, Arven, Penny and Nemona's team's levels will increase.


Fast Ball Fast Ball
Level Ball Level Ball
Lure Ball Lure Ball
Heavy Ball Heavy Ball
Love Ball Love Ball
Friend Ball Friend Ball
Moon Ball Moon Ball
Dream Ball Dream Ball
Beast Ball Beast Ball
Rare Candy Rare Candy
Nugget Nugget
Big Nugget Big Nugget
Protein Protein
Iron Iron
Calcium Calcium
Carbos Carbos
Zinc Zinc
PP Max PP Max
Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
Gold Bottle Cap Gold Bottle Cap
Serious Mint Random Mint
Normal Tera Shard Random Tera Shards

List of Trainers

The first time the player participates in the Academy Ace Tournament, they will face Arven, Jacq, Dendra, and Geeta in the listed order. After that, the following times the player participates, their opponent will be randomly chosen from the participants. Arven, Penny, Jacq, Dendra, Saguaro, Salvatore, Tyme, Miriam, and Raifort can only be fought in the first three matches; Nemona, Geeta, Hassel, and Clavell can only be fought in the last match.




Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Terapagos If the player caught Terapagos:


Sprigatito If the player chose Sprigatito: