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This article is about the expansion for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. For the titular Key Item, see Indigo Disk. For the merchandise line, see The Indigo Disk (merchandise).

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk (Japanese: 藍の円盤 The Indigo Disk) is the second expansion in the The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It was released on December 14, 2023.

It follows The Teal Mask. As such, while The Indigo Disk can still be accessed as early as completing the introduction sequence of The Teal Mask, completion of the main story of The Teal Mask, as well as completing the main story of Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet, are required to continue the main story of The Indigo Disk beyond its introduction.

It is followed by an epilogue story called Mochi Mayhem, made accessible on January 11, 2024, which can only be played after finishing the main story of The Indigo Disk and participating in the Academy Ace Tournament at least once.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Following their adventure in the land of Kitakami, the player is invited as an exchange student to Blueberry Academy in the Unova region by the academy's director, Cyrano, following a recommendation by Carmine. At the foreign academy, the player is introduced to the Terarium, a vast undersea dome with four separate biomes and numerous wild Pokémon. A special "Terarium Core" designed by Briar also enables the use of the Terastal phenomenon in the academy. Meeting up with Carmine, the player learns that her brother Kieran has changed since their class trip to Kitakami, now being completely obsessed with growing stronger and acting rude to others around him, all in an effort to defeat the player.

An encounter with Drayton, a member of the academy's Elite Four, leads to the player learning of the BB League, the school's take on the Pokémon League concept, with the strength-obsessed Kieran standing at the top as the current Champion after dethroning Drayton. Despite the player being an exchange student, Drayton suggests they should take on the BB League. Following a vote between the BB League Elite Four and Champion, the player is granted the right to do this and skip their way directly to challenging the Elite Four, each of whom is situated in one of the Terarium's four biomes. Each Elite Four member is preceded by an Elite Trial that the player must clear before being allowed to challenge the Elite Four member. After defeating all four members, the player is given the right to challenge Kieran. Following a fierce battle, the player emerges victorious as the new BB League Champion, causing Kieran to almost have a nervous breakdown as all his efforts to grow stronger are rendered for naught.

Following the player's victory, they, Carmine, Kieran, and Drayton are invited to meet Briar, who informs them that she has finally received a permission from the Paldean Pokémon League to enter Area Zero within the Great Crater of Paldea, her hopes being on discovering the Legendary Pokémon Terapagos within its depths to prove Heath's findings correct. Still wanting to defeat the player, Kieran agrees to come along in the hopes of catching Terapagos. Carmine also agrees to join, while Drayton can't be bothered with traveling all the way to Paldea, so he stays behind. Before their departure, the player is met by Geeta and Rika, the former whom hands them a mysterious artifact known as the Indigo Disk, which had originally belonged to an Area Zero researcher.

In Area Zero, the player, Carmine, Kieran, and Briar travel to the Zero Lab, where the purpose of the Indigo Disk is revealed as a method of redirecting the facility's elevator even further below than the time machine room and into the Area Zero Underdepths. Traversing through the crystal-filled cave, the player learns of the nineteenth Tera Type, called the Stellar Tera Type, which consists of the power of every other type combined and is possessed by some wild Tera Pokémon living in the cave. At the very bottom of the cave, the group discovers a crystal that Briar says is the dormant form of Terapagos. Once Terapagos awakens, it tries to approach the player, but Kieran, refusing to allow another Legendary Pokémon to join the player instead of him, swiftly catches Terapagos with a Master Ball.

Eager to see Terapagos in action, Briar urges the player to battle Kieran. The player accepts, but despite Kieran using Terapagos against them, he still loses. Briar realizes that Terapagos is not at its full power and tells Kieran to use his Tera Orb on it. Doing this, though, unintentionally causes Terapagos's power to overflow and go out of control, even breaking its own Master Ball when Kieran tries to recall it. The player and Carmine are forced to battle Terapagos, though Carmine quickly loses, with Terapagos absorbing away any Terastal energy used by the player to Terastallize their Pokémon. Following Carmine's repeated urging, Kieran finally teams up with the player, allowing them to overpower Terapagos. This time, Kieran is fine with the player catching Terapagos, reconciling with them as the group returns to Blueberry Academy, ending the main story of The Indigo Disk and The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero as a whole.

Following the journey to Area Zero's depths, Briar publishes a retelling of the expedition in a book, giving a copy of it to the player as a gift. After receiving it, the player can visit the Crystal Pool in Kitakami, causing Terapagos to emerge from its Poké Ball and a strange mist to appear. From the mist emerges Professor SadaS/Professor TuroV, who seems to have somehow been transported there through time and space. KoraidonS/MiraidonV emerges from its Poké Ball, happy to see its former owner again. The Professor becomes fascinated by various things the player tells them about, especially the information presented in Briar's book. Wishing to study it further, the Professor trades it for their cherished copy of the Scarlet BookS/Violet BookV before the mist disappears and they are transported back to where they came from.

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Key visual


With Carmine, Kieran, Briar, and Perrin returning from The Teal Mask, several new characters are introduced. Cyrano, the director of Blueberry Academy, and the BB League Elite Four, consisting of students Lacey, Crispin, Amarys, and Drayton, all make their debut. A researcher called Synclaire and another character named Snacksworth also make their debut in the expansion.


New Pokémon and forms

The Legendary Pokémon Terapagos debuts in The Indigo Disk with its three forms, Normal, Terastal, and Stellar Form. Two new evolutions are introduced; an evolution of Duraludon called Archaludon, and an evolution of Dipplin called Hydrapple. Four more Paradox Pokémon are introduced; Gouging Fire, Raging Bolt, Iron Boulder, and Iron Crown.

Returning Pokémon

Main article: List of Pokémon by Blueberry Pokédex number

Over 100 returning Pokémon from previous games were made available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet alongside the release of The Indigo Disk. These include:

BBdex Ndex MS Pokémon Type
#164 #0001 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Grass Poison
#165 #0002 Ivysaur Ivysaur Grass Poison
#166 #0003 Venusaur Venusaur Grass Poison
#170 #0007 Squirtle Squirtle Water
#171 #0008 Wartortle Wartortle Water
#172 #0009 Blastoise Blastoise Water
#62 #0043 Oddish Oddish Grass Poison
#63 #0044 Gloom Gloom Grass Poison
#64 #0045 Vileplume Vileplume Grass Poison
#50 #0072 Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison
#51 #0073 Tentacruel Tentacruel Water Poison
#1 #0084 Doduo Doduo Normal Flying
#2 #0085 Dodrio Dodrio Normal Flying
#143 #0086 Seel Seel Water
#144 #0087 Dewgong Dewgong Water Ice
#3 #0102 Exeggcute Exeggcute Grass Psychic
#4 #0103 Exeggutor Exeggutor Grass Psychic
#4 #0103 Exeggutor Exeggutor Grass Dragon
#93 #0106 Hitmonlee Hitmonlee Fighting
#94 #0107 Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Fighting
#5 #0111 Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Ground Rock
#6 #0112 Rhydon Rhydon Ground Rock
#52 #0116 Horsea Horsea Water
#53 #0117 Seadra Seadra Water
#11 #0125 Electabuzz Electabuzz Electric
#14 #0126 Magmar Magmar Fire
#145 #0131 Lapras Lapras Water Ice
#129 #0137 Porygon Porygon Normal
#173 #0152 Chikorita Chikorita Grass
#174 #0153 Bayleef Bayleef Grass
#175 #0154 Meganium Meganium Grass
#179 #0158 Totodile Totodile Water
#180 #0159 Croconaw Croconaw Water
#181 #0160 Feraligatr Feraligatr Water
#78 #0170 Chinchou Chinchou Water Electric
#79 #0171 Lanturn Lanturn Water Electric
#65 #0182 Bellossom Bellossom Grass
#151 #0209 Snubbull Snubbull Fairy
#152 #0210 Granbull Granbull Fairy
#113 #0227 Skarmory Skarmory Steel Flying
#54 #0230 Kingdra Kingdra Water Dragon
#130 #0233 Porygon2 Porygon2 Normal
#40 #0235 Smeargle Smeargle Normal
#92 #0236 Tyrogue Tyrogue Fighting
#95 #0237 Hitmontop Hitmontop Fighting
#10 #0239 Elekid Elekid Electric
#13 #0240 Magby Magby Fire
#— #0243 Raikou Raikou Electric
#— #0244 Entei Entei Fire
#— #0245 Suicune Suicune Water
#— #0249 Lugia Lugia Psychic Flying
#— #0250 Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Fire Flying
#182 #0252 Treecko Treecko Grass
#183 #0253 Grovyle Grovyle Grass
#184 #0254 Sceptile Sceptile Grass
#185 #0255 Torchic Torchic Fire
#186 #0256 Combusken Combusken Fire Fighting
#187 #0257 Blaziken Blaziken Fire Fighting
#188 #0258 Mudkip Mudkip Water
#189 #0259 Marshtomp Marshtomp Water Ground
#190 #0260 Swampert Swampert Water Ground
#119 #0311 Plusle Plusle Electric
#120 #0312 Minun Minun Electric
#44 #0328 Trapinch Trapinch Ground
#45 #0329 Vibrava Vibrava Ground Dragon
#46 #0330 Flygon Flygon Ground Dragon
#137 #0374 Beldum Beldum Steel Psychic
#138 #0375 Metang Metang Steel Psychic
#139 #0376 Metagross Metagross Steel Psychic
#— #0377 Regirock Regirock Rock
#— #0378 Regice Regice Ice
#— #0379 Registeel Registeel Steel
#— #0380 Latias Latias Dragon Psychic
#— #0381 Latios Latios Dragon Psychic
#— #0386 Deoxys Deoxys Psychic
#107 #0408 Cranidos Cranidos Rock
#108 #0409 Rampardos Rampardos Rock
#109 #0410 Shieldon Shieldon Rock Steel
#110 #0411 Bastiodon Bastiodon Rock Steel
#7 #0464 Rhyperior Rhyperior Ground Rock
#12 #0466 Electivire Electivire Electric
#15 #0467 Magmortar Magmortar Fire
#131 #0474 Porygon-Z Porygon-Z Normal
#— #0486 Regigigas Regigigas Normal
#200 #0495 Snivy Snivy Grass
#201 #0496 Servine Servine Grass
#202 #0497 Serperior Serperior Grass
#203 #0498 Tepig Tepig Fire
#204 #0499 Pignite Pignite Fire Fighting
#205 #0500 Emboar Emboar Fire Fighting
#23 #0522 Blitzle Blitzle Electric
#24 #0523 Zebstrika Zebstrika Electric
#99 #0529 Drilbur Drilbur Ground
#100 #0530 Excadrill Excadrill Ground Steel
#56 #0546 Cottonee Cottonee Grass Fairy
#57 #0547 Whimsicott Whimsicott Grass Fairy
#121 #0559 Scraggy Scraggy Dark Fighting
#122 #0560 Scrafty Scrafty Dark Fighting
#111 #0572 Minccino Minccino Normal
#112 #0573 Cinccino Cinccino Normal
#148 #0577 Solosis Solosis Psychic
#149 #0578 Duosion Duosion Psychic
#150 #0579 Reuniclus Reuniclus Psychic
#132 #0595 Joltik Joltik Bug Electric
#133 #0596 Galvantula Galvantula Bug Electric
#123 #0622 Golett Golett Ground Ghost
#124 #0623 Golurk Golurk Ground Ghost
#— #0638 Cobalion Cobalion Steel Fighting
#— #0639 Terrakion Terrakion Rock Fighting
#— #0640 Virizion Virizion Grass Fighting
#— #0643 Reshiram Reshiram Dragon Fire
#— #0644 Zekrom Zekrom Dragon Electric
#— #0646 Kyurem Kyurem Dragon Ice
#— #0647 Keldeo Keldeo Water Fighting
#104 #0677 Espurr Espurr Psychic
#105 #0678 Meowstic Meowstic Psychic
#80 #0686 Inkay Inkay Dark Psychic
#81 #0687 Malamar Malamar Dark Psychic
#221 #0725 Litten Litten Fire
#222 #0726 Torracat Torracat Fire
#223 #0727 Incineroar Incineroar Fire Dark
#224 #0728 Popplio Popplio Water
#225 #0729 Brionne Brionne Water
#226 #0730 Primarina Primarina Water Fairy
#47 #0731 Pikipek Pikipek Normal Flying
#48 #0732 Trumbeak Trumbeak Normal Flying
#49 #0733 Toucannon Toucannon Normal Flying
#90 #0751 Dewpider Dewpider Water Bug
#91 #0752 Araquanid Araquanid Water Bug
#58 #0764 Comfey Comfey Fairy
#106 #0774 Minior Minior Rock Flying
#— #0789 Cosmog Cosmog Psychic
#— #0790 Cosmoem Cosmoem Psychic
#— #0791 Solgaleo Solgaleo Psychic Steel
#— #0792 Lunala Lunala Psychic Ghost
#— #0800 Necrozma Necrozma Psychic
#42 #0868 Milcery Milcery Fairy
#43 #0869 Alcremie Alcremie Fairy
#161 #0884 Duraludon Duraludon Steel Dragon

New activities

BB League

The Blueberry League, BB League for short, is a unique Pokémon battle league where students rise in ranks from the various Pokémon battles against each other. To face the BB League Elite Four, the player must pass four unique Elite Tests. Each member of BB League Elite Four occupies a biome in the Terarium. The player can face the trials in any order. After defeating all four members of the BB Elite Four, the player can face the Pokémon Champion Kieran.

Each Trial is different and requires 50 BP to compete in, with the exception of Drayton.

  • The Elite Trial by Crispin has the player battle or trade with several trainers to get Sandwich Ingredients in order to make a super-spicy sandwich. Getting the sandwich incorrect will cause trial to fail. The player can try again with all the ingredients the obtained without having to start all over.
  • The Elite Trial by Amarys has KoraidonS/MiraidonV gain the ability to fly temporarily to pass through floating rings in the air. There is a time limit to this trial. Going through the floating rings helps increase the time. Afterward, the player can do three different levels of the Flying Trial to earn more BP.
  • The Elite Trial by Lacey involves the player being quizzed by her using five questions. Each question is about an aspect of a Pokémon. The player can can get several tries until they get it right, or have to face a trainer in battle from getting the question wrong.
  • The Elite Trial by Drayton involves the player having to use only Pokémon caught in the Terarium and originally owned by the player. The player will then use the Pokémon to battle three Trainers before facing Drayton. The player does not need to use these Terarium Pokémon during their battle with Drayton.

League Club Room

Main article: League Club Room

Blueberry Academy has a League Club Room where participating players in the BB League can join to train through Pokémon battles. The player can also use the clubroom's computer to fund other clubs in the Academy using Blueberry Points (BP for short). Depending on the club they're helping, the player can receive thank-you gifts.

The player can redecorate the League Club Room after sending funds to the Art Club. There are seven options the player can unlock. The Baseball Club offers the player different Poké Ball throwing styles. The Music Club adds options for the background music that can be played in the League Club Room. The Photography Club offers upgrades to their Rotom Phone and photo-taking. Finally, through the Terarium Club, The player can spend 3,000 BP four times for each biome and allow the starter Pokémon to appear in certain areas within the Terarium.

Item Printer

Main article: Item Printer

The Item Printer is one of the rewards that players can use after their first visit to the Terarium, placed within the League Club Room. By adding TM Materials to the Item Printer, the player can obtain several items. The machine can be upgraded three times, from Standard to Great, Ultra, and Master. Each upgrade requires both BP and having printed several items a certain amount of times.

Special guests

While at Blueberry Academy, the player can invite familiar characters from Paldea for a visit, such as the Gym Leaders and instructors. The player is able to do a variety of activities, such as taking photos, learning more about them, and, after interacting with the guest a few times, battling and trading Pokémon with them. The traded Pokémon comes with a new Ribbon, the Partner Ribbon, which shows the original owner's name when the Pokémon is sent into battle, such as "Go! Iono's Magnemite!". The player can invite up to 23 different characters to the League Club by spending BP, though only two can be present at once.

Blueberry Quests

Main article: Blueberry Quest

Blueberry Quests, BBQs for short, are side quests assigned by the Academy. Completing these side quests earns the player BP, and allows the player to receive Snacks from Snacksworth once they've completed the main story of The Indigo Disk. BBQs can be tracked in the notices menu, and players are also able to take on group quests with friends through the Union Circle.

Throwing styles

By donating funds to the Academy's Baseball Club, players have the ability to change the throwing style of their Poké Ball during a battle. There are plenty of animations to choose from and they can be changed whenever needed in exchange for a small amount of BP.

Synchro Machine

A new feature in the Terarium, the player can unlock the Synchro Machine after helping a Scientist named Synclaire with her research. The machine allows the player to synchronize with their Pokémon, allowing them to move around as said Pokémon and battle other Pokémon in the style of Auto Battle. Unlike a typical Auto Battle, Shiny Pokémon and Wild Tera Pokémon are knocked out if attacked while the player is synchronized. The Synchro Machine can also be used in the Union Circle, with the entire group synchronizing with their respective Pokémon. Every Pokémon included in Scarlet and Violet, along with DLC expansions, can be synchronized with. Also, flying Pokémon used in Synchro Machine will stay in flight, even when walking off a ledge. The Synchro Machine can only be used in the Terarium.


Several new moves have been introduced for The Indigo Disk.


Terapagos has three new signature Abilities tied to each of its forms, Tera Shift for Normal form, Tera Shell for Terastal form, and Teraform Zero for Stellar form.


Several new and returning items are introduced for The Indigo Disk.

Key items

Evolution items

Poké Balls

Other items

Other features

  • All starter Pokémon from past generations in the core series return in The Indigo Disk. The player can encounter them in the Terarium after upgrading their respective biomes. Each biome can be upgraded through the League Club Room computer in exchange for 3,000 BP per biome.
  • After clearing the main story of The Indigo Disk, the player can unlock KoraidonS/MiraidonV's ability to fly permanently by talking to Amarys. This allows the player to fly freely in Paldea, Kitakami, and the Terarium instead of gliding. The player can use the left joystick to switch between Glide Mode or Flying Mode for their Legendary Pokémon ride.
  • 25 different Legendary Pokémon from past generations in the core series return in The Indigo Disk as well. To encounter them, the player must speak to a new character called Snacksworth at Blueberry Academy, who only appears after completing the main story of The Indigo Disk. Completing 1 group and 10 solo Blueberry Quests (the limits are 16 and 130, respectively) prompts Snacksworth to give special snacks needed to encounter the specific Legendary Pokémon in Paldea. Snacksworth also shares stories of his heroic encounters and extensive knowledge of the Legendary Pokémon, providing hints where said Legendary Pokémon can be found.
  • A new type is introduced, the Stellar type. It is a special type that occurs when a Pokémon Terastallizes, which grants it a boost to moves but only once per move of that type. In Tera Raid Battles the moves will be boosted without limit.





Stellar Form Terapagos sketch in the Scarlet/Violet Book

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