Team Star

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Team Star
スター団 Team Star
Starfall Street artwork.png
Artwork of Team Star from Scarlet and Violet
Leader Unknown
Region Paldea
Admins Mela
Base locations Unknown

Team Star (Japanese: スター Star-dan, literally Star Gang) is the villainous team living in the Paldea region. They are delinquent students of Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV, and their uniforms vary by game.[1]

In the games

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Team Star is the focus of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's ★ Starfall Street ★ (Japanese: スターダスト★ストリート Stardust ★ Street) storyline, causing trouble for others and pressuring other students into joining. The team is made of several squads, each led by a Boss. The Schedar Squad is Team Star's Fire crew, led by Mela.[1]

When battling a Boss, they will appear on top of a custom car called the Starmobile[1] (Japanese: スターモービル Starmobile).


Language Name Origin
Japanese スター団 Team Star From star
English, German, Spanish,
French, Italian
Team Star Same as Japanese name
Korean 스타단 Star-dan From star
Chinese (Mandarin) 天星隊 / 天星队 Tiānxīng Duì From 天星 tiānxīng / tīnsīng (star in the sky)
Chinese (Cantonese) 天星隊 Tīnsīng Déui

Schedar Squad

Language Name Origin
Japanese チーム・シェダル Team Schedar From Schedar (traditional name of Alpha Cassiopeiae)
English Schedar Squad From the Japanese name
French Groupe Schedar From the Japanese name
German Schedir-Bande From Schedir (alternate spelling of Schedar)
Italian Banda Schedar From the Japanese name
Spanish Escuadrón Schedar From the Japanese name
Korean 팀 쉐다르 Team Schedar From the Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 王良四小隊 / 王良四小队 Wángliángsì Xiǎoduì From 王良四 Wáng Liáng Sì / Wòhng Lèuhng Sei (Schedar)
Chinese (Cantonese) 王良四小隊 Wòhnglèuhngsei Síudéui


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese スターモービル Starmobile
Chinese Cantonese 天星隊車 Tīnsīng Déui Chē
Mandarin 天星隊車 / 天星队车 Tiānxīng Duì Chē
France Flag.png French Starmobile
Germany Flag.png German Starmobil
Italy Flag.png Italian Starmobile
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스타모빌 Starmobile
Spain Flag.png Spanish Autostar

★ Starfall Street ★

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese スターダスト★ストリート Stardust ★ Street
Chinese Cantonese 星塵★之路 Sīngchàhn★jī Louh
Mandarin 星塵★之路 / 星尘★之路 Xīngchén★zhī Lù
France Flag.png French ★ Objectif Stardust ★
Germany Flag.png German Straße der Sterne
Italy Flag.png Italian Il viale della polvere di stelle
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스타더스트★스트리트 Stardust ★ Street
Spain Flag.png Spanish Vía Stardust

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Boss: Mela
Lower members: Team Star Grunts

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