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Poco Path コサジの小道
Kosaji Path
Poco Path SV.png
Map description
This area is not described by a map.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
South Province (Area One)
Poco Path
Cabo Poco
Paldea Route 0
Location of Poco Path in Paldea.
Pokémon world routes

Poco Path (Japanese: コサジの小道 Kosaji Path) is a short path in the south of the Paldea region. It connects to Cabo Poco to the south and South Province (Area One) to the north. Inlet Grotto is also located here.

Route description

The Poco Path Lighthouse is located at the north end of the route. Arven grew up in the lighthouse laboratory at the end of the Route as a child.

Places of Interest

  • Poco Path Lighthouse


Item Location Games
Poké Ball SV Poké Ball ×5 Base elevation; from Nemona upon entering the path  S  V 
Poké Ball SV Poké Ball ×10 Base elevation; from Nemona after battling Lechonk  S  V 
Poké Ball SV Poké Ball Base elevation; at the base of the southern hill  S  V 
Rare Candy SV Rare Candy Southern first level elevation; in the corner of a cliff on the east side  S  V 
Potion SV Potion Base elevation; near the route entrance, behind a rock on the west side of the first north-running path segment  S  V 
Potion SV Potion Base elevation; among a plant north of the path, just after it veers to the east  S  V 
Potion SV Potion Base elevation; next to a rock, north of the section of path that runs east  S  V 
Poké Ball SV Poké Ball Slight elevation north of the path; on top of a hillcrest north of where the path turns east  S  V 
Revive SV Revive Base elevation; on top of a rock behind a tree, north of the section of path that runs east  S  V 
Super Potion SV Super Potion Base elevation; at the base of the first major elevation to the north of the route's entrance  S  V 
Antidote SV Antidote Base elevation; south of the path, next to the southwestern start of the rope fence  S  V 
Potion SV Potion Base elevation; in a bush next to a rock, just north of the southern portion of the rope fence  S  V 
Paralyze Heal SV Paralyze Heal Point south of Inlet Grotto; southwest corner of the point, near the rope fence  S  V 
Leppa Berry SV Leppa Berry Point south of Inlet Grotto; southwest corner of the point, near the rope fence (hidden)  S  V 
Revive SV Revive Point south of Inlet Grotto; at the tip of the point, next to two palm trees  S  V 
Revive SV Revive Point south of Inlet Grotto; in the northwest corner  S  V 
Potion SV Potion First northern major elevation; next to a tree slightly west of the path  S  V 
Potion SV Potion First northern major elevation; next to a tree near the west side  S  V 
Ether SV Ether First northern major elevation; against the western cliff wall  S  V 
Ether SV Ether First northern major elevation; on a rock just east of the path's second north-running segment  S  V 
TM Normal SV TM032 (Swift) At the upper Inlet Grotto entrance, from Nemona after escaping from Inlet Grotto  S  V 
Poké Ball SV Koraidon's Poké Ball Lighthouse area; in front of the lighthouse, from Arven after battling him  S 
Poké Ball SV Miraidon's Poké Ball Lighthouse area; in front of the lighthouse, from Arven after battling him  V 
Revive SV Revive Lighthouse area; against the outer back wall of the lighthouse  S  V 
Persim Berry SV Persim Berry Lighthouse area; west of the path right before the South Province (Area One) connection (hidden)  S  V 


Random Encounters (Level 2-4)
Pokémon Biome Rarity Time Version
Lechonk Grass Common Any Both
Pawmi Grass Rare Any Both
Tarountula Grass Common Any Both
Hoppip Grass Common Any Both
Fletchling Grass Common Any Both
Scatterbug Grass Common Any Both
Wingull Beach Common Any Both
Wingull Ocean Common Any Both
Magikarp Ocean Common Any Both
Buizel Beach Uncommon Any Both
Buizel Ocean Uncommon Any Both
Arrokuda Ocean Common Any Both
Fixed Encounters
Pokémon Level Version
Pawmi 5 Both
Fletchling 3 Both
Tarountula 3 Both
Hoppip 3 Both
Special Encounters
Pokémon Level Version
Lechonk 3 Both
  • Poco Path has 10 unique encounters (excluding Pack Pokémon).

Special encounters


First visit

After defeating all Titans

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 小匙小徑 Síuchìh Síuging
Mandarin 小匙小徑 / 小匙小径 Xiǎochí Xiǎojìng
France Flag.png French Route de Cuchalaga
Germany Flag.png German Cucharico-Pfad
Italy Flag.png Italian Sentiero di Dosilla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 티스푼 오솔길 Teaspoon Osolgil
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sendero de Cahíz

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