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If you were looking for the Key Item named "Sandwich", see Sandwich (item).
A completed sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Sandwiches (Japanese: サンドウィッチ Sandwich) are a food item consisting of sliced bread and fillings popular in the Paldea region.

In the games

A nondescript sandwich is given to the player by their mother at Cabo Poco after the first battle with Nemona. It is used to feed the injured KoraidonS/MiraidonV they discover at the beach near Poco Path.

Various fillings that can be added to a sandwich, shown in Creative Mode.

Making sandwiches

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, sandwiches can be prepared at a player's picnic by interacting with the table and selecting to make a sandwich. Sandwiches can be cooked by up to four players in a mini-game, similarly to Pokéblocks, Poffins, and curry in previous games. After the host of a picnic chooses to make sandwiches, any other members of the Union Circle can opt to join in by interacting with the table before the host starts the session.

Players are given a 10-minute time limit to assemble a sandwich with various options of bread and fillings, which provide Meal Powers when the sandwich is completed, similar to Pass Powers in Generation V, O-Powers in Generation VI, and Roto Powers in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While condiments are applied to the bread at the start of the session, each ingredient used provides a certain number of toppings in a tray. Care must be taken when stacking ingredients and the top half of the bread to ensure that nothing spills over the edge, as any spilled ingredients will be discarded. A sandwich must contain at least one condiment and at least one ingredient - it cannot consist of only one or the other.

Players can choose from a list of premade sandwich recipes in Recipe Mode — with additional recipes obtainable if they talk to people at a sandwich Shop with a specific Herba Mystica in their inventory — or select up to ten ingredients and seasonings in Creative Mode. With the exception of Jambon-Beurres and Legendary sandwiches, each kind of recipe comes in four tiers — Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master — with higher tiers requiring additional ingredients on top of the ones from before. Custom sandwiches (or recipes that have been allowed to have too many ingredients fall off the bread) will be referred to as "A Tasty (Player) Original".

Creating a custom sandwich does not require the top portion of the bread and will not affect the Meal Powers.


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List of sandwich recipes

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Meal Powers

Preparing a sandwich will activate three Meal Powers, which vary depending on the recipe or ingredients used. Meal Powers remain active for 30 minutes from the time the sandwich is made. Only three Meal Powers can be active at a time, so preparing another sandwich while Meal Powers are still active will cancel those Meal Powers and replace them with new ones. The player's currently active Meal Powers, and the remaining duration of their effect, can be checked by pressing the right button on the D-Pad.

Meal Powers are divided into three levels depending on the number of points bestowed by their ingredients, and all of them except for Egg Power only provide bonuses for one specific type of Pokémon at a time.[1]

In addition to prepping sandwiches on their own to attain Meal Powers, numerous restaurants and food stalls throughout Paldea offer a range of premade foods for players to purchase, each providing a predetermined set of Meal Powers.[2] These foods are consumed on purchase.

Each ingredient has three categories of values assigned to it: flavor values, power values, and type values.

  • Flavor can be: Hot, Salty, Sweet, Bitter, or Sour
  • Power corresponds to specific Meal Powers, listed below.
  • Type corresponds to Pokémon type.

When a sandwich is assembled, the values of all ingredients are summed. The top 3 sums in each category are used to determine the sandwich's effects.

Flavor values

The top 2 flavor values will confer a +100 bonus to a specific power value, according to the following table[3]:

Highest flavor Second-highest flavor +100 power value bonus
Hot Salty Humungo Power
Hot Sweet Raid Power
Hot Bitter Humungo Power
Hot Sour Humungo Power
Salty Hot Encounter Power
Salty Sweet Encounter Power
Salty Bitter Exp. Point Power
Salty Sour Encounter Power
Sweet Hot Raid Power
Sweet Salty Egg Power
Sweet Bitter Egg Power
Sweet Sour Catching Power
Bitter Hot Item Drop Power
Bitter Salty Exp. Point Power
Bitter Sweet Item Drop Power
Bitter Sour Item Drop Power
Sour Hot Teensy Power
Sour Salty Teensy Power
Sour Sweet Catching Power
Sour Bitter Teensy Power

If the top 2 flavor values are tied, then the following table is used instead:

Flavor 1 Flavor 2 +100 power value bonus
Hot Salty Encounter Power
Hot Sweet Raid Power
Hot Bitter Item Drop Power
Hot Sour Teensy Power
Salty Sweet Egg Power
Salty Bitter Exp. Point Power
Salty Sour Encounter Power
Sweet Bitter Egg Power
Sweet Sour Catching Power
Bitter Sour Teensy Power

Power values

The top 3 power values (after considering flavor's bonus) will determine the Meal Powers activated by the meal.

Type values

The top 3 type values will determine which types the Meal Powers will apply to. However, if 2 Herba Mystica are used, then only the single highest type is considered.

If any of the top 3 type values are tied, then the following priority is applied to break the tie, from highest to lowest priority: Normal > Fighting > Flying > Poison > Ground > Rock > Bug > Ghost > Steel > Fire > Water > Grass > Electric > Psychic > Ice > Dragon > Dark > Fairy.

Final effect determination

A sandwich will generate 3 effects: each effect will have a Meal Power, a level for the intensity of the power, and a type that the power is applied to.

Suppose that the top 3 Meal Powers are, in descending order, powers A, B, and C. Assume the same for the top 3 types, types A, B, and C.

  • Power A will apply to type A.
  • Power B will apply to type C.
  • Power C will apply to type B.

If 2 Herba Mystica are used, then Powers A, B, and C will all use type A only.

The level of an effect will depend on the effect's power value and type value:

Effect level Power value Type value
lv. 1 below 100 below 180
lv. 2 100 - 1,999 180+
lv. 3 2,000+ 500+

List of Meal Powers

Egg Power

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Egg Power has a number of effects on Egg generation as well as item generation in the Picnic basket[4]:

  • No Egg Power: Checks whether to generate an Egg or item occur every 60 seconds, with item checks occurring every time, resulting in 33.66% chance to generate an item, and a 3% chance (1.99% if adjusted to account for item checks) to generate an Egg every 60 seconds.
  • All Levels: Decreases interval between checks from 60 seconds to 10 seconds, and only checks whether it should generate an item every sixth check, resulting in a 5.61% chance to generate an item. Egg generation rates vary per Egg Power level.
    • Level 1: Approximately ×5 Egg generation rate
      Reduces egg cycles by ×1.25
    • Level 2: Approximately ×7 Egg generation rate
      Reduces egg cycles by ×1.50
    • Level 3: Approximately ×10 Egg generation rate
      Reduces egg cycles by ×2

Catching Power

  • Increases the catch rate in battle.[5][6]
    • Level 1: ×1.1 bonus
    • Level 2: ×1.25 bonus
    • Level 3: ×2 bonus

Encounter Power

  • Forces a specific type of Pokémon to spawn, if possible.[7][8]
    • Level 1: 50% to force spawn.
    • Level 2: 75% to force spawn.
    • Level 3: 100% to force spawn.

Exp. Point Power

  • Increases the Experience received for defeating a specific type of Pokémon.[9]
    • Level 1: ×1.1 bonus
    • Level 2: ×1.3 bonus
    • Level 3: ×1.5 bonus

Item Drop Power

  • Increases the chance for a specific type of Pokémon to drop 1 additional item.[10]
    • Level 1: 25% increase
    • Level 2: 50% increase
    • Level 3: 100% increase

Raid Power

  • Increases the item rewards from Tera Raid Battles.[10]
    • Level 1: 1 extra item
    • Level 2: 2 extra items
    • Level 3: 3 extra items

Humungo Power

  • Increases the chance of large size Pokémon to appear in the wild.[11][12]
    • Level 1: Scale 128-255
    • Level 2: Scale 160-255
    • Level 3: Scale 192-255

Teensy Power

  • Increases the chance of small size Pokémon to appear in the wild.[11][12]
    • Level 1: Scale 0-127
    • Level 2: Scale 0-95
    • Level 3: Scale 0-63

Sparkling Power

Main article: Shiny Pokémon → Generation IX
  • Increases the chance for Shiny Pokémon to appear in the wild.[13][14]
    • Level 1: 1 additional Shiny roll
    • Level 2: 2 additional Shiny rolls
    • Level 3: 3 additional Shiny rolls

Title Power

Main article: Mark → Generation IX
  • Increases the chances of wild Pokémon to generate with a mark.[15][16]
    • Level 1: 1 additional Mark roll
    • Level 2: 2 additional Mark rolls
    • Level 3: 3 additional Mark rolls

In the anime

A sandwich in the anime

Though sandwiches have appeared numerous times throughout the anime, Paldean Sandwiches first appeared in HZ013, where the Rising Volt Tacklers made some while having a picnic outside Levincia.


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