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Naranja Academy オレンジアカデミー
Orange Academy
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Naranja Academy.png
Map description: {{{mapdesc}}}
Location: Mesagoza
Region: Paldea
Generations: IX
Paldea Naranja and Uva Academy Map.png
Location of Naranja Academy in Paldea.
Pokémon world locations

Naranja Academy (Japanese: オレンジアカデミー Orange Academy) is a school located in Mesagoza in the Paldea region. Naranja Academy is exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet. Its counterpart in Pokémon Violet is Uva Academy. It is a sister school to Blueberry Academy located in Unova's ocean.

In the games

Naranja Academy crest

Naranja Academy is the oldest school in the Paldea region—built 805 years ago—and is located in the region's largest city, Mesagoza. It hosts classes which mostly relate to Pokémon. The school is attended by people from various regions across a wide range of age groups. Children and adults study in the same classes together; some classes are attended with Pokémon as well. The school faculty includes Clavell, the school director; and Jacq, the biology teacher.

In Pokémon Scarlet, the player enrolls at the academy, and meets fellow students such as Nemona, Arven, and Penny. Clavell assigns to the player the independent study project, the Treasure Hunt. Some students of the academy are delinquents, and have formed Team Star.


To get to the academy, students and faculty must climb a large outdoor staircase near the center of Mesagoza with over 150 steps in it, which has been described by students as "the worst staircase in the world." Upon entering the academy, students are greeted to a large entrance with three floors that also serves as the academy's library and general studying area. The most notable book in the library is the Scarlet Book to the right of the main entrance, which is described as a mysterious tome, and contains a large amount of detail surrounding the various mysteries of the Paldea region. The book was written by the historian Heath who was aided by his partner Cyclizar, with its contents being the result of an expedition funded by the academy. The tome covers Area Zero in the Great Crater of Paldea, along with the various Herba Mystica and Titan Pokémon.

The remainder of the lower floor of the library included a book called "Academy Rules and Regulations," which details how students should appear and behave within the academy, along with detailing that the Great Crater of Paldea is a prohibited area for any student's independent study; the "Student Registry," a nearly complete record of the students that have entered the academy and when; a book called "Pokémon Natures" that briefly covers Natures; "Status Conditions and Catching Pokémon," which covers how Pokémon that have their HP lowered and Pokémon that have a status condition are both easier to catch; "Types and Moves I," which briefly goes over types and explains the 50% boost from a Pokémon using moves that share the same type as it; "Types and Moves II," which details Terastallizing and explaining that Pokémon get a 50% boost when using an attack that matches both their original typing and their Tera Type when terastallizing; and finally, a book entitled "The Naranja Academy School Song."

The middle floor of the library is made up of two separate wings that are connected only by the upper and lower floors. The left half covers "Art: The Scenic Route," a monthly magazine with an article covering "Brassius, the Verdant Virtuoso;" the June issue of Occulture, a paranormal magazine that describes mysterious unidentified creatures; a book called "Festivals of Paldea," describing the Olive Harvest Festival in the town of Cortondo; the book "Appreciating Sunflora," which goes on to cover the connection between Sunflora to the town of Artazon; and "How to Become a Champion," a book that explains to trainers the requirements for them to reach the rank of Champion in the Paldea region. The right half of the floor covers a magazine called "Paldean Sports Monthly," which details "the Sub-zero Shredder['s]" sixth consecutive win in the Montenevera Cup and the upcoming Glaseado Mountain Cup; a magazine called "Sweet Truth," with an article about Cortondo's Patisserie Soapberry, which is owned by Katy; a magazine called "The Musician's Register," with an article covering Ryme, "The MC of RIP," and the initial passing of her partner Pokémon; and the July issue of Occulture.

The upper floor of the library contains three areas with various books and magazines. The left and right sections are connected on this floor by a central area that is directly above the main desk of the entrance. Bird Pokémon such as Fletchling are seen throughout the floor. The left side of this floor contains the book "Of People and Pokémon," which covers the general history of humans and Pokémon; the August issue of Occulture; and the book "Galar: A History," covering the events at Stow-on-Side when the mural in the town was destroyed by a Copperajah, leading to the discovery of a pair of Pokémon statues behind the destroyed mural and the true history of Galar. The central area contains a pamphlet called "Hall of Fame Badges: A Record," which explains the Hall of Fame Badge and those who have been awarded it, including Sada; and the book "Fine Food from Far Away," which details the Pewter Crunchies, the local speciality of the Kanto region's Pewter City, describing its limited popularity due to its appearance and taste. The right section containing the September and October issues of Occulture; and a book called "Charcadet's Adventures," that covers the first half of a battle between Charcadet and a Gengar, along with a decision between two sets of armor that Charcadet must pick from to beat Gengar.


League Club Room Large Sprite Geeta.png League Club Room Large Sprite Clavell Scarlet.png League Club Room Large Sprite Jacq.png League Club Room Large Sprite Tyme.png League Club Room Large Sprite Salvatore.png
Geeta Clavell Jacq Tyme Salvatore
Chairwoman of the school board Director Biology teacher Math teacher Languages teacher
League Club Room Large Sprite Raifort.png League Club Room Large Sprite Dendra.png League Club Room Large Sprite Hassel.png League Club Room Large Sprite Saguaro.png League Club Room Large Sprite Miriam.png
Raifort Dendra Hassel Saguaro Miriam
History teacher Battle Studies teacher Art teacher Home Economics teacher School nurse

Former faculty members

Heath Generous Sponsor.png VSHarrington SV.png
Unnamed Harrington
Former director (right) Former director


Scarlet Male Trainer.png
Scarlet Female Trainer.png
VSNemona S.png VSArven S.png VSPenny.png
Florian/Juliana Nemona Arven Penny
VSGiacomo S.png VSMela S.png VSAtticus.png VSOrtega S.png VSEri S.png
Giacomo Mela Atticus Ortega Eri
VSYoussef.png VSCarmen S.png VSTeam Star Grunt M 1 S.png VSTeam Star Grunt F 1 S.png
Youssef Carmen Team Star Grunts

Former students

Scarlet Sada.png
Professor Sada

Future students



Map of Naranja Academy
The player's dorm room
  • Entrance Hall - The entrance to Naranja Academy. You can check in at the front desk to take a class.
  • Cafeteria - The kind ladies working in the cafeteria make delicious, nutritious fare every day.
  • School Store - Sells items for your adventures, daily necessities, and more. Somehow its bread is always freshly-baked.
  • Biology Lab - A room equipped with microscopes and many other tools for running experiments in biology class.
  • Art Room - A room that proudly displays artwork made here by the students taking art class.
  • Home Ec Room - A room stocked with sparkly-clean tableware and kitchen tools used for home economics class.
  • Staff Room - A room for the faculty. You're likely to run into various teachers here.
  • Director's Office - Director Clavell's office. His desk and research equipment can be found here.
  • Nurse's Office - Where students go if they're under the weather—though many of them may just want to talk to Nurse Miriam.
  • Schoolyard - A courtyard sometimes used for battle studies class. It's a calming place suited to exercising or relaxing.
  • Classroom 1-A - Your and Nemona's classroom, for students in the general studies track. Mr. Jacq is the homeroom teacher.
  • Classroom 1-D - Penny's classroom, for students in the STEM track. Ms. Tyme is the homeroom teacher.
  • Classroom 2-G - Arven's classroom, for students in the humanities track. Mr. Salvatore is the homeroom teacher.
  • Your Dorm Room - Your dorm room. A nice space of your own away from home.
  • Nemona's Dorm Room - Nemona's dorm room. It's very tidy.
  • Arven's Dorm Room - Arven's dorm room. Delicious cooking smells waft from it.
  • Penny's Dorm Room - Penny's dorm room. It's got lots of computer gear, and the light is a bit dim.

School Store


Item Location Games
Heal Ball SV Heal Ball Exterior; east side of the front yard, in a corner against the academy's walls  S 
Exp. Candy S SV Exp. Candy S ×35 Entrance Hall; reward for passing the midterm exams (five per exam)  S 
Exp. Candy M SV Exp. Candy M ×35 Entrance Hall; reward for passing the final exams (five per exam)  S 
Exp. Candy L SV Exp. Candy L ×5 Entrance Hall; reward for clearing all classes and exams  S 
TM Dark SV TM140 (Nasty Plot) Entrance Hall; from Raifort after catching all the treasures of ruin  S 
None Kitakami Pokédex Entrance Hall; from Jacq upon meeting Briar for the first time (Version 2.0.1 onwards)  S 
Protein SV Protein ×10 School Store; from Dendra after completing her bond storyline  S 
TM Normal SV TM057 (False Swipe) Biology Lab; from Jacq after catching 30 Pokémon in the Paldea Pokédex  S 
Ultra Ball SV Ultra Ball ×20 Biology Lab; from Jacq after catching 100 Pokémon in the Paldea Pokédex  S 
Quick Ball SV Quick Ball ×20 Biology Lab; from Jacq after catching 200 Pokémon in the Paldea Pokédex  S 
Shiny Charm SV Shiny Charm Biology Lab; from Jacq after completing the Paldea Pokédex  S 
Dragon Tera Shard SV Dragon Tera Shard ×50 Art Room; from Hassel after completing his bond storyline  S 
Slowpoke Cup Slowpoke Cup Home Ec Room; from Saguaro after completing his bond storyline  S 
Big Nugget SV Big Nugget Director's Office; from Clavell after completing the ★ Starfall Street ★ storyline  S 
Master Ball SV Master Ball Director's Office; from Clavell after completing the main game  S 
Max Revive SV Max Revive ×10 Nurse's Office; from Miriam after completing her bond storyline  S 
Rock Tera Shard SV Rock Tera Shard ×50 Schoolyard; from Tyme after completing her bond storyline  S 
Gold Bottle Cap SV Gold Bottle Cap Classroom 2-G; from Eri after tutoring the Team Star Bosses, if the player answered all questions correctly (Version 3.0.0 onwards)  S 
Wise Glasses SV Wise Glasses Classroom 2-G; from Eri after tutoring the Team Star Bosses, if the player answered one or two questions incorrectly (Version 3.0.0 onwards)  S 
Lemonade SV Lemonade Classroom 2-G; from Eri after tutoring the Team Star Bosses, if the player answered all questions incorrectly (Version 3.0.0 onwards)  S 
King's Rock SV King's Rock Your Dorm Room; from Geeta after rematching all the Gym Leaders  S 


Salvatore will gift the player with a Galarian Meowth after completing his bond storyline.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
5 Only one
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.



Clavell will Terastallize his first partner Pokémon at the first opportunity.

Sprigatito If the player chose Sprigatito:

Fuecoco If the player chose Fuecoco:

Quaxly If the player chose Quaxly:


Penny will Terastallize her Sylveon at the first opportunity.

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Artwork depicting Naranja Academy is seen in Penny and Jacq's mindscapes.

Penny & Sylveon
Penny Mindscape.png
Jacq & Farigiraf
Jacq Mindscape.png

In the anime

Main series

Naranja Academy in the anime

Naranja Academy appeared in Welcome to Paldea! in a cameo when Liko and Roy visited Mesagoza. In the next episode, they met one of the academy's students, Nemona.

In HZ046, Liko, Roy, and Dot enrolled in Naranja Academy as exchange students in order to learn more about Terastallization, receiving a Tera Orb each from Geeta upon entering. Sidian and Coral, disguised as students, also enrolled to keep an eye on Liko and Terapagos. Liko's classmate from Indigo Academy, Ann, had also been transferred there and had a battle with Liko before the latter and her friends headed to Cortondo to start their Terastal Training, which once completed, would give them permission to use Terastallization.

In HZ048, it was shown that the Naranja Academy helped Brassius organize the annual Artazon Arts Festival. During the event, Hassel and Nemona actively participated in the event and Nemona created art for the event's display.

In the anime, Naranja Academy offers a curriculum focused solely on the Terastal phenomenon, during with students must battle the Paldean Gym Leaders assigned to them by the academy. The Gym Leaders will judge the student based on their use of Terastallization. Moreover, students are not allowed to have Terastal battles with each other during this training course.


Clavell anime.png Geeta anime.png Hassel anime.png
Clavell Geeta Hassel
Director Chairwoman of the school board Art teacher
Dendra anime.png Jacq anime.png Chalce Naranja Academy.png
Dendra Jacq Chalce
Battle Studies teacher Biology teacher ???


Nemona anime.png Liko School Uniform.png Roy Naranja Academy anime.png Dot Naranja Academy anime.png
Nemona Liko
(exchange student)
(exchange student)
(exchange student)
Ann.png Penny anime.png Sidian Naranja Academy.png Coral Naranja Academy.png
(exchange student)
Penny "Onigiri" "Sandwich"


Naranja Academy Director's Office anime.png Naranja Academy Entrance Hall anime.png Naranja Academy Cafeteria anime.png Naranja Academy Art Room anime.png
Director's Office Entrance Hall Cafeteria Art Room
Dendra Hariyama.png Naranja Academy Schoolyard anime.png Naranja Academy battlefield anime.png
Battle Studies classroom Schoolyard Battlefield

Pokémon: Paldean Winds

Naranja Academy in Pokémon: Paldean Winds

Pokémon: Paldean Winds is centered around three students of Naranja Academy, Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma, who were enlisted by Director Clavell in order to create a promotional video displaying the beauty of the academy. After struggling with the project through the miniseries, they ultimately managed to put together a successful video in the final episode.


Rika Poppy Geeta Paldean Winds.png Clavell Paldean Winds.png Jacq Paldean Winds.png

Saguaro Tyme PPW.png

Teachers Paldean Winds.png
Geeta Clavell Jacq Tyme Salvatore
Chairwoman of the school board Director Biology teacher Math teacher Languages teacher
Raifort Paldean Winds.png Dendra Paldean Winds.png Hassel Paldean Winds.png Saguaro Tyme PPW.png Miriam Paldean Winds.png
Raifort Dendra Hassel Saguaro Miriam
History teacher Battle Studies teacher Art teacher Home Economics teacher School nurse
Former faculty members
Naranja Academy Founder Statue PW.png
One of Naranja Academy's founders


Ohara Paldean Winds.png Aliquis Paldean Winds.png Hohma Paldean Winds.png Nemona Paldean Winds.png Arven Paldean Winds.png
Ohara Aliquis Hohma Nemona Arven
Penny Paldean Winds.png Eri Paldean Winds.png Carmen PPW.png Team Star Grunts PPW.png
Penny Eri Carmen Team Star Grunts


Classroom Naranja Academy PW.png Battlefield Naranja Academy PW.png Journalism club Naranja Academy PW.png
Classroom Battlefield Journalism club
Naranja Academy Library.png Auditorium Naranja Academy PW.png
Entrance Hall Auditorium



Paldean Winds Classroom Concept Art.jpg Paldean Winds Academy Schoolyard Concept Art.jpg Paldean Winds Entrance Hall Concept Art.jpg
Concept art from
Pokémon: Paldean Winds
Paldean Winds Key Art.jpg
Key art from
Pokémon: Paldean Winds


  • The board in Raifort's history classroom shows information referencing the Hisui region as seen in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, including images of Professor Laventon and a Hisuian Poké Ball.
  • In history class, Raifort mentions that the academy was very one-of-a-kind. There is an old saying, "Those seeking knowledge need look no further than the oranges of Paldea."
  • In Blueberry Academy's League Club Room, Poppy reveals that she'll become a student in the Naranja Academy in the next year now that she's no longer worried about people fearing her strength in Pokémon battles.


Naranja Academy appears to be based on the Sagrada Familia, a historic church in Barcelona, Spain.

Name origin

Naranja is Spanish for orange.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 橘子學院 Gwātjí Hohkyún
Mandarin 橘子學院 / 橘子学院 Júzǐ Xuéyuàn
France Flag.png French Académie Orange
Germany Flag.png German Orangen-Akademie
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Akademi Jeruk
Italy Flag.png Italian Accademia Arancia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 오렌지 아카데미 Orange Academy
Poland Flag.png Polish Akademia Naranja
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Academia Laranja
Spain Flag.png Spanish Academia Naranja

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