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Pokémon in Indonesia
Pokémon logo English.png
Indonesia Flag.png
Flag of Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Continent Asia
Original anime airdates
EP001 March 3, 2001[1]
AG001 April 27, 2008
DP001 February 7, 2010
BW001 April 7, 2013*
June 4, 2016*
XY001 April 12, 2015[2]
SM001 April 7, 2018*[3]
July 18, 2018*
September 20, 2019[4]
JN001 November 21, 2020*
February 19, 2021*
October 2, 2021*

The Pokémon franchise, including the first Pokémon games, was first introduced to people in Indonesia around 1999, while the Pokémon anime was introduced officially through the broadcast of the first episode on March 3, 2001.

Pokémon video games

Pokémon logo in Southeast Asia countries

Since the Nintendo DS era, the Pokémon video games have been sold and distributed by Maxsoft, which is the sole and official distributor of Nintendo products in the Southeast Asia territories.

In 2017, Pokémon Tretta machines was released in Indonesia in English.[5]

Event Pokémon

Bulbanews has an article related to this subject:

The first and the only event Pokémon distributed in Indonesia was Pokémon Hills Mewtwo, which was given out for English and Japanese language of Generation V games at showings of the movie Genesect and the Legend Awakened at the Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia in the Mall of Indonesia on November 2, 6, and 9, 2013.

Tournament events

PKMN-id became the official Play! Pokémon organization for Indonesian community starting from July 2016 for Video Game Championships, Trading Card Game Championships, and Pokkén Tournament Championships. The news-based site is originally initiated by Hashegi Hanjaya in April 2014 and currently organized by Michael Pond Wijaya.

Pokémon anime

TV series


SCTV logo at the time

The first episode of the Pokémon anime was aired on March 3, 2001 every Saturday and Sunday at 19:00-19:30 WIB (UTC+7) by SCTV (Surya Citra Televisi), the Indonesian national TV station.[1] According to SCTV, however, the first 26 episodes were temporarily to be aired.[6] The first dub that aired on SCTV subtitled the first Japanese opening and ending themes in Indonesian.

After several months, the broadcast was moved to every Sunday morning at 10:00-10:30 WIB on July 8, 2001. Sometime in 2003, the show was moved once again at 08:30-09:00 WIB.[7] Soon after the episodes around the Orange League season, the show was known to be stopped indefinitely in August 2003.



The anime series did not continuously air until December 26, 2004, when Indosiar took over and began their first broadcast from the episode around the beginning of the Johto saga on Sundays from 07:30-08:00 WIB (UTC+7).[8] It is known that several episodes from the fourth season were airing for the second time before the airing of the fifth season.

After the last season of the original series was finished, Indosiar continuously aired the first episode of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire (Pokémon AG) from April 27, 2008. This series had ever temporary started in one hour (two episodes) since January 2009 until several months, after the movie marathon were finished.

On February 7, 2010, Indosiar skipped half of Advanced Generation from not-yet-aired episodes of eighth season until the end of the Battle Frontier saga, and started airing the first episode of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl (Pokémon D&P). The anime series had been stopped for unknown reason from July 25, 2010 until November 21, 2010, in which were brought to reschedule to 08:00-08:30 WIB after the retirement, continuing from DP024 to DP025 on November 28, 2010.[9]

The season that contains episodes from thirteenth season called Pokémon D&P Part II, was aired after the first 52 episodes (excluding to recapped episode). Due to this, most of episodes were skipped from DP053 to DP136 on June 12, 2011. This season consist of 52 episodes, which were brought to the episode removal from DP138 to DP141. Thus, DP142 was aired instead after DP137 on June 26, 2011.

For unknown reason, DP166 was aired twice on December 18 and 25, 2011. On January 1, 2012, DP169 was broadcast after DP167, following the order in some countries. An episode featured Shaymin was aired on January 8, 2012; coincidentally, Giratina and the Sky Warrior was aired on the same date after a few blocks.

Start from DP179 on March 18, 2012, the show was moved at 08:30-09:00 WIB. The show was discontinued less than a year after the last episode of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl was aired on June 10, 2012.

Indosiar announced that the first episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White (Pokémon Best Wishes) premiered on April 7, 2013 at 08:00-08:30 WIB.[10] Since on October 2013, the month before the release of Genesect and the Legend Awakened on theaters, the show also temporarily aired every Saturday in addition of the regular Sundays,[11] which results the airing from BW027 to BW034. However, the show was discontinued at BW043 despite the fact that Indosiar already have the first 52 episodes of Pokémon the Series: Black & White.

MNC Media


Pokémon the Series: XY debuted in Indonesia on April 12, 2015 every Sunday at 09:30 WIB on MNCTV,[2] one of national channel owned by Media Nusantara Citra, although it was intended to be aired on April 5, 2015 by its TV advertisements. Unlike the previous channels, MNCTV used English recording rather than its original Japanese version, as the series was titled as Pokémon the Series: XY that contains 49 episodes.

On May 17, 2015, the anime was shown earlier as XY006 was aired at 08:00 WIB.[12] Time shift was often occurred since then, as the show was set on 08:30, 09:00, and then ended up on 09:30 WIB during the last few episodes. After finishing the first season, Mega Evolution Special I made its debut on March 13, 2016. Some random episodes (XY008 and XY028) were re-aired to fill the gap of the upcoming Pokémon the Series: XY - Season 2, which is set on April 2016.[13] After finishing the second season within a year with XY093 on March 26, 2017, the show was continued with Mega Evolution Special II on April 2, 2017, Mega Evolution Special III on April 9, 2017,[14] and ended up with Mega Evolution Special IV on April 16, 2017.[15]

MNC Kids
MNC Kids

The English version of Pokémon the Series: XY was also premiered on April 19, 2015 at 14:00 WIB on MNC Kids (via Indovision Ch. 42),[16] a branch of cable television network owned by MNC Channels. Unlike MNCTV, the show was re-aired every Saturday at 19:30 WIB, and Sunday every 09:00 and 15:30 WIB.

Global TV
Global TV

Starting on July 17, 2017, the Indonesian dub of Pokémon the Series: XY also aired briefly on every Monday to Friday at 13:00 to 14:00 WIB on Global TV, one of MNCTV's sister channel.

Disney Channel

Pokémon: Black & White was aired on Disney Channel starting from June 4, 2016, and continued with Pokémon BW: Rival Destinies in 2017 and Pokémon BW: Adventures in Unova in 2018. Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon was also aired on Disney Channel beginning on July 18, 2018.

WakuWaku Japan

WakuWaku Japan

The English version of the original series began airing on WakuWaku Japan every Monday to Friday at 06:30 and 18:00 WIB,[17] starting with Pokémon: Indigo League from September 4, 2017 and Pokémon: Orange League on November 15, 2017.[18]


Although intended for Malaysian audiences, the English dub of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon has been made available with Malay subtitles on the Monsta YouTube channel in both Malaysia and Indonesia every Saturday at 5:30 p.m. since April 7, 2018.[3] However, the first season was made unavailable and the second season, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures is available on YouTube since January 4, 2020.

The English dub of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, which exclusively intended for Asian audiences, is available to watch for the first 4 episodes at the Pokémon Asia ENG YouTube channel on February 19, 2021.[19] Later, the English dub of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon the Series: XY are available on YouTube on April 4, 2021 and May 23, 2021, respectively.

The Indonesian dub of Pokémon the Series: XY, which is based on the MNCTV dub, is available to watch for the first 5 episodes at the Pokémon Indonesia YouTube channel on August 6, 2021 on 19:00 WIB.[20][21]



Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon began airing on RTV every Friday at 20:30 WIB on September 20, 2019.[4] It was dubbed into Indonesian based on the English dub of the anime and was aired in a hour for 2 episodes, although the show was ended in the timeslot with SM033 and SM034 on April 2020. However, according to RTV, the show was moved to every Thursday and Friday at 15:30 WIB,[22][23] and then every Saturday and Sunday at 15:00 WIB.[24]

After a few months, the first season was aired again every Monday and Tuesday at 08:00 WIB on December 7, 2020,[25] and later was aired every Saturday and Sunday at 07:30 WIB on early February 2021.[26]

After the second airing of SM042 and SM043 on March 2021, the show was discontinued for few weeks. As a result, the show was restarted and re-aired for 3 episodes on May 8, 2021 every Saturday and Sunday at 07:30 WIB.[27] Afterwards, another 3 episodes starting on SM013 were aired on May 22, 2021 at 07:00 WIB.[28] The show was restarted again in 3 episodes each day on May 2021 and was finished on SM043 on July 2021.

The Indonesian version of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, which is based on the Japanese version, were aired in 3 episodes starting on October 2, 2021.[29]


The Indonesian dub of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution is available on Netflix on Pokémon Day on February 27, 2020.


The Indonesian dub of Detective Pikachu is available on HBO in 2020.

Pokémon movies

Poster for I Choose You! in Indonesia

With the exception of the first movie, most of Pokémon movies had premiered on Indosiar.

Movie marathon were aired from fourth to seventh movies, replacing the regular episodes at the time. However, these movies were split up into several parts, only about thirty-minutes to one hour available for one part. This issue was no longer present when most of them were re-running without segmented scenes.

Movie Title Date Time (UTC+7)
M02 Revelation Lugia June 16, 2008[30]
May 16, 2010
M03 Lord of the Unknown Tower June 17, 2008[31]
June 2, 2010
M04 Celebi: A Timeless Encounter November 30 and December 7, 2008* 07:30
M05 Pokémon Heroes: Latias and Latios December 14 and 21, 2008*
November 20, 2010
M06 Jirachi: Wish Maker December 28, 2008 and January 4, 2009*
November 21, 2010
M07 Destiny Deoxys January 11, 18, and 25, 2009*
November 27, 2010
M08 Lucario and the Mystery of Mew September 1, 2011[32]
February 5, 2012
M09 Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea September 2, 2011[33]
February 12, 2012
M10 The Rise of Darkrai September 3, 2011[34]
February 19, 2012
M11 Giratina and the Sky Warrior January 8, 2012
March 4, 2012[35]
M12 Arceus and the Jewel of Life January 15, 2012
March 11, 2012
M13 Zoroark: Master of Illusions February 26, 2012[36] 09:30

For the first time in Indonesia, Genesect and the Legend Awakened and Pikachu short Eevee & Friends were premiered in theaters with Indonesian dub by T-Joy from November 6 to 24, 2013 in Jakarta and the areas surrounding it. The pre-release event also reserved for media only on November 2, 2013 at the Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, the second largest cinema complex chain in Indonesia. The JKT48's song Buah Masa Depan, which is derived from the Japanese song Fruit of the Future (Japanese: 未来の果実 Mirai no Kajitsu) by AKB48, was used as the ending theme of Genesect and the Legend Awakened. In addition, along with the release of the sixteenth movie, the Pokémon campaign were took place in all 63 Lawson stores in Indonesia for a limited time. The attendants were also able to watch Eevee & Friends at Lawson stores.

The twentieth movie I Choose You! or Pokémon The Movie: Aku Memilihmu! in Indonesian was premiered from November 29 to December 5, 2017 in theaters of CGV Cinemas Indonesia[37][38] (previously named as Blitzmegaplex), Cinemaxx[39][40], and Flix Cinema[41] in Jakarta and the areas surrounding it. The movie premiered with original Japanese vocals and Indonesian subtitles.

The live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu, was released in Indonesian theaters on May 8, 2019.[42]

Special and OVA

Special side story episodes such as Pokémon Chronicles, as well as some Pikachu shorts were aired between Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire. Two Pikachu shorts for ANA flights, Pikachu's Summer Festival and Pikachu's Ghost Carnival, both premiered on July 13 and 20, 2008, respectively, and both were aired once again in 2010. Raikou - Legend of Thunder was premiered in two parts on November 16 and 23, 2008. Pikachu's Winter Vacation (2001 and 2002 versions) were aired on December 26, 2009 at 07:00-09:00 WIB. Mewtwo Returns also known had premiered on January 3, 2010 at 06:30-08:00 WIB before the usual series.

Dub and localization

Since SCTV, the Indonesian dub mainly based on the Japanese version; however, the proper names from the English version were used. The most known renamed main character Ash Ketchum, was given the dub name Ali, while the rest of them are based on their English name.

On Indosiar, the dub name Ali was left while his Japanese name, Satoshi was used instead, as well as using the mixture between the English and Japanese names for Pokémon and other things in some episodes cases, though this was not the case for the notable main characters; Satoshi, Kasumi, Takeshi, Musashi, Kojiro, Nyasu. However, the main characters that were introduced later such as May, Max, and Dawn were named in their English name instead of Japanese name. Since Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, the Pokémon voices were also dubbed, notably including Ash's Pikachu, which probably the most controversial dub for the fans. Since a certain episode from Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, the dub began to using the English version as localization (mostly for Pokémon names or characters of the day) and the Japanese script as the main translation, although this was not definite in some cases. The previous main characters were still retained in Japanese, possibly to avoid confusion for the audience.

In the movie theater Genesect and the Legend Awakened, the Japanese authority realized Ash's Indonesian dub name and decided to using the name alongside the retained English names for the rest characters. Although the voice actors was initially selected by audition, it was later decided that the dub will be following Indosiar version by using the voice actors from Pokémon the Series: Black & White.

As English recording was used on MNCTV for Pokémon the Series: XY, Ash's Pikachu's original voice was retained and English version were used for Pokémon names definitely. The dub also made its own version by using the literal Japanese pronunciation as name for main characters, for example: Citron is called Shitoron and Eureka is called Yurika.

For Pokémon series on Disney Channel and RTV, as well as Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution on Netflix, English names are used for characters and Pokémon, with Ash being referred to by his English name.

Cast and crew

When Pokémon arrived on Indosiar, the dubbing process was worked at its own in-house dubbing studio. After the studio was disbanded around 2009, the progress was moved to the current location, Studio RCS (Reka Citra Suara). As for movie theater Genesect and the Legend Awakened, the dubbing process was handled by PT. Perdana IMMG Indonesia and worked by Fresto Production.[43] The dub for Pokémon the Series: XY on MNCTV and MNC Kids was handled by in-house dubbing studio at RCTI, MNCTV's main sister channel. As for Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon on RTV, the dubbing process was worked at Studio Erfas (Erfa Selaras).

Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis, also known as Iphie Lubis, is notably one of the original voice actors of Pokémon since the first dub, who currently voiced the main role Ash Ketchum. His notable roles in other anime series are Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan, Keroro from Keroro Gunsō, and Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail.

The Indonesian dub of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution on Netflix was handled by SDI Media Studio, with Biantoro as the film director, Afra Elizabeth Thahira as the translator, and Andri Dharma as the adaptor.

Home video

Several Pokémon episodes and movies were also sold in DVDs and VCDs in some regions and major towns of Indonesia, although most of them are unofficial or pirate versions. Most of them are dubbed in English or Mandarin and subtitled in Indonesian.


Main article: List of Indonesian Pokémon themes‎

Pokémon manga

Indonesia is one of the few countries that publishes a translation of Pokémon Pocket Monsters by Kosaku Anakubo, licensed by Elex Media Komputindo in 2001. The main character Red was given the same dubbed name for main character in the anime, Ali, while his Clefairy was renamed as Kleferi. The localization mostly following the English version. However, some Pokémon names were also changed into its Indonesian names in this manga, usually adapted from its English name, such as Charizard, which was altered as Karizar.

Pocket Monsters manga releases were stopped on April 21, 2003 when volume 12 was running in publish until March 3, 2010, where Elex Media Komputindo published the volume 13. This series was ended by the last volume on April 2010. Since these two latest releases, Clefairy's name was reverted into its Japanese name, Pippi.

Magical Pokémon Journey and Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All, were also translated under the name Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure and Pokémon Petualangan Baru ("Pokémon New Adventure"), respectively. They were licensed by m&c!, the manga and comic publisher owned by Kompas Gramedia Group. Both of them had their original Japanese titles, even their Japanese script was retained on the side of their covers. There were only 7 volumes for PiPiPi Adventure and 4 volumes for Gotta Catch 'Em All.

There are the complete volumes of The Electric Tale of Pikachu under the name Kisah Pikachu yang Menggetarkan ("Shocking Tale of Pikachu"), as well as another version of Magical Pokémon Journey volume 1 under the direct translated title Petualangan Ajaib Pokémon, both were published by Panda Books. These manga are based on Chuang Yi's releases, since they share the same cover theme.

There are two movie adaptation manga by Kemon Kawamoto in Indonesian, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel and I Choose You! Remix, which were published by Elex Media Komputindo on July 24, 2019 and September 16, 2019, respectively.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pre-official era

Before the Pokémon franchise, especially the Trading Card Game that was introduced officially, the Pokémon cards were introduced when they were imported by Sucianto, the founder of Planet Comics, the famous and the oldest Indonesian Comic Store.[44]

Many card sets and theme decks of Pokémon TCG have been sold in the Indonesia's convenience stores and malls starting from the very first TCG set, Base Set, both in English and are uncommon for Japanese versions. Fake cards and booster packs can be found easily with very low prices.

After the popularity began to widespread, several unofficial tournaments are held within the stores' locations in several cities such as Jakarta and Bandung.

Official era

Pokémon TCG logo in Indonesian

The official Indonesian Pokémon Trading Card Game, which is under the localized name Pokémon Game Kartu Koleksi, was officially introduced and was licensed by Salim Group and AKG Games (PT Anugerah Kreasi Gemilang).[45][46] These Pokémon cards can be used at the official international competitions, despite the fact the Pokémon cards were translated to Indonesian, which is the thirteenth language overall.

In May 2019, the Detective Pikachu promotional card with "PROMO" symbol and card number 001/SM-P was given when buying two tickets for the Detective Pikachu movie in some parts of Indonesia. The Grand Launch Event was held at the Grand Attium in the mall of Kota Kasablanka in South Jakarta, between August 8 and 11, 2019,[47][48] which marks the release date of the first Indonesian set on 8 August 2019. The first set, Hantaman Pertama, is matching with the Thai version of First Impact set, which was released earlier that same year.

However, there are misprint name in certain Pokémon cards which were brought from the official Pokédex in Indonesian, such as Haunter (Hantu) and Electrode (Elektroda).[49] The errata cards from First Impact and Legends Awakened sets can be traded at the location of the official tournaments.[50][51][52]

Indomaret, one of Indonesian modern market owned by Salim Group, was also made a promotional card giveaway as a bonus for purchasing the TCG products.

IDpkmn is one of Trading Card Game-related website for Indonesian community.

Booster Packs

Booster Pack Indonesian name Series Release date
First Impact Hantaman Pertama Sun & Moon August 8, 2019
Legends Awakened Kebangkitan Legenda Sun & Moon October 26, 2019
Hidden Shadow Bayangan Tersembunyi Sun & Moon December 30, 2019
Sky Ruler Penguasa Langit Sun & Moon March 10, 2020
Tag Team Collection Koleksi TAG TEAM Sun & Moon July 10, 2020
Sword & Shield Pedang & Perisai Sword & Shield November 21, 2020
Shiny VMAX Collection Koleksi VMAX Berkilau Sword & Shield March 21, 2021
Single Strike Master/Rapid Strike Master Master Serangan Tunggal/Master Serangan Beruntun Sword & Shield May 21, 2021

Starter Decks

Starter Deck Indonesian name Series Release date
First Impact GX Starter Deck GX Starter Deck Hantaman Pertama Sun & Moon August 8, 2019
Legends Awakened GX Starter Decks GX Starter Deck Kebangkitan Legenda Sun & Moon October 26, 2019
Hidden Shadow GX Starter Decks GX Starter Deck Bayangan Tersembunyi Sun & Moon December 30, 2019
Sky Ruler GX Starter Deck GX Starter Deck Penguasa Langit Sun & Moon March 10, 2020
Tag Team Collection GX Starter Deck GX Starter Deck Koleksi TAG TEAM Sun & Moon July 10, 2020
Sword & Shield V Starter Deck V Starter Deck Pedang & Perisai Sword & Shield November 21, 2020
Partners V Starter Deck V Starter Deck Teman Sword & Shield March 21, 2021
Challenges V Starter Deck V Starter Deck Tantangan Sword & Shield May 21, 2021

Promotional cards

Main article: SM-P Promos (ITCG)
Main article: S-P Promos (ITCG)

Pokémon merchandise

Indonesia is one of the 85 companies around the world who make officially licensed Pokémon products. The merchandise that available usually comes from North American and Japan releases, such as Trading Figure Game, Monster Collection, and Zukan figures.

Pokémon Tazos

Pokémon Tazos Indonesia version

The quite popular collectible Pokémon Tazos were available, after the popularity of the anime series in SCTV and early Indosiar. These collectible toys can be found in three different snacks, Chiki, Cheetos, and JetZ. They were produced by Indofood Fritolay Makmur, an Indonesian snack food company—joint venture company with PepsiCo. All Pokémon were using English names in these merchandise, except for Growlithe and Arcanine, which using their Japanese names (Gardie and Windie). However, unlike the American releases, the types on the back were completely removed.

The first releases came with two different Tazos, namely Tazos Spin and Tazos Smash. Tazos Spin has several small incisions around the tip, which can be used to assemble and connect in many ways, while Tazos Smash is the flower-shaped Tazos with several crackable gaps. Not only featured 151 Pokémon species, but five human characters are also included: Ash, Brock, Misty, Joy, and Jenny.

The holographic Tazos called Tazos 3D were also available, which are featured the first generation Pokémon with evolutionary stages. After the Johto saga were broadcasted, there were final releases called Pentazo, pentagonal Tazos that identical with Tazos Spin. These Tazos introduced the newly Generation II Pokémon. After several months, some Pentazos can be found outside the snack bags.

Pokémon Coins

Chiki Balls and the promotional Pokémon Coins

Following the popularity of the Pokémon collectible Pokémon Tazos in almost two decade ago, Pokémon Coins were available in 2 packs and can be found in the Chiki Balls snack bag starting on August 2021.[53][54] There are 100 different kind of Pokémon Coins, which includes Pokémon from Generation I to VII.

Choki Choki Pokémon collectibles

The collectible Pokémon Medallion cards, which are similar to the medals from Pokémon Medallion Battle, can be found in the chocolate cashew snacks, Choki Choki, which was produced by Mayora Indah, an Indonesian food and beverage company. There are 160 cards in total with the letter code "MY1" in the first set of Medallion cards, which only contains seven original TCG types. There is another collectibles from Choki Choki with "Surprise" label, which includes several prizes such as Pokémon figurines, Poké Balls, and the promotional cards.

Pokémon anime novelization

Pokémon anime novelizations in Indonesian

There have been Indonesian translations of the Pokémon anime novelization series, which were mostly only published based on episodes from the original series. These novels were translated and published by Panda Books in 2000.

Pokémon Craft Figures

Pokémon Craft Figures are products distributed by Takara Tomy for Southeast Asia countries in 2013.[55] Parts are removed from a card and assembled together to create 3-dimensional Pokémon figures. They were available in Indonesian modern markets and were imported by PT Emway Globalindo.

Pokémon Moncolle Friends

The Monster Collection series exclusively available in Indonesia, Moncolle Friends (Japanese: モンスターコレクションフレンズ Monster Collection Friends), were available in certain modern markets. These figures include Pokémon prior to Generation VI, and they were produced by Takara Tomy and were imported by PT Agata Promar.

Pokémon toys

McDonald's Indonesia made Pokémon toys as Happy Meal promotion.

  • The first promotion was available from February 22 to March 21, 2013
  • The second promotion was available from November 23 to December 14, 2018.
  • The third promotion was available from December 27, 2019 to January 30, 2020.
  • The fourth promotion was available in two periodes; February to March 2021 and April to May 2021.

KFC Indonesia made Pokémon merchandises as Chaki Kids Meal promotion.

  • The first promotion was available on March 2014.
  • The second promotion was available on April 2017.
  • The third promotion, which includes Poké Ball toys that contain a Pokémon, along with the promotional cards was available from February to March 2021.

Pokémon kids stationery

Pokémon XY anime-themed kids stationery such as notebooks, pencil cases, and paper bags were available in late 2016 and officially licensed by Kiky Creative Products Inc.

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