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The guardian deities (Japanese: guardian deity) are Legendary Pokémon in the Alola region who protect the islands where they live. Each of the four main islands in Alola has a guardian deity: Tapu Koko on Melemele Island, Tapu Lele on Akala Island, Tapu Bulu on Ula'ula Island, and Tapu Fini on Poni Island. The Island Kahunas are each chosen by their island's guardian deity.

They are also referred to as the tapu (Japanese: カプ kapu), the guardians (Japanese: guardian deity), the sacred guardians (Japanese: guardian deity), the island guardians (Japanese: island's guardian deity), the spirit guardians (Japanese: guardian deity), the land spirits (Japanese: とちがみポケモン Land Spirit Pokémon), or the guardian tapu (Japanese:  カプ island's guardian deity kapu).

The guardian deities are known to take part in battles to decide who is the strongest of them all, and this inspired humans to create the Battle Royal format. They share the signature move Nature's Madness and its corresponding Z-Move Guardian of Alola.

Similar movesets

Lv. 785Tapu Koko.png
Tapu Koko
 Electric  Fairy 
786Tapu Lele.png
Tapu Lele
 Psychic  Fairy 
787Tapu Bulu.png
Tapu Bulu
 Grass  Fairy 
788Tapu Fini.png
Tapu Fini
 Water  Fairy 
1 Electric Terrain Psychic Terrain Grassy Terrain Misty Terrain
Brave Bird Aromatic Mist Wood Hammer Moonblast
Power Swap Aromatherapy Superpower Heal Pulse
Mean Look
Quick Attack Draining Kiss Disable Haze
False Swipe Astonish Whirlwind Mist
Thunder Shock Confusion Leafage Water Gun
8 Spark Psywave Horn Attack Water Pulse
14 Shock Wave Psybeam Giga Drain Whirlpool
20 Screech Sweet Scent Scary Face Soak
26 Charge Skill Swap Leech Seed Refresh
32 Wild Charge Psyshock Horn Leech Brine
38 Mirror Move Tickle Rototiller Defog
43 Nature's Madness
48 Discharge Extrasensory Zen Headbutt Muddy Water
53 Agility Flatter Megahorn Aqua Ring
58 Electro Ball Moonblast Skull Bash Hydro Pump
Moves in bold get STAB. Moves in italics do no damage.

Base stat comparison

Pokémon 785Tapu Koko.png
Tapu Koko
786Tapu Lele.png
Tapu Lele
787Tapu Bulu.png
Tapu Bulu
788Tapu Fini.png
Tapu Fini
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
Total 570 570 570 570

In the games

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Among the guardian deities, Tapu Koko plays the largest role within the games' storyline, appearing before the player picks their starter Pokémon to save them after they fall from a broken bridge with Nebby in tow. Tapu Koko, in recognition of the player's bravery, gives the player a Sparkling Stone, which is later refined by Hala into a Z-Ring. Tapu Koko later appears to defend Melemele Island against the then-unidentified Ultra Beast BuzzwoleS/PheromosaM alongside Hala. After becoming Champion, the player and Lillie visit Tapu Koko at the Ruins of Conflict to give thanks to it, after which the player battles it.

Tapu Fini, while not physically seen, plays a small role in the story as well, granting Hapu the title of Island Kahuna after her grandfather, the previous Kahuna, passed away.

The player can battle and catch the other guardian deities after the credits roll.

In the anime

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The guardian deities of Alola

Tapu Koko first appeared in Alola to New Adventure!, where it gave Ash a Z-Ring. In the next episode, it challenged Ash and Pikachu to a battle, where it taught them how to use the Z-Move Gigavolt Havoc before fleeing. In Trial and Tribulation!, it briefly appears to return Ash's Electrium Z after his battle with Hala. In A Guardian Rematch!, it has a rematch with Ash in front of the students at the Pokemon School, and rescues both him and Pikachu after they fall off a cliff during the battle.

Tapu Lele made its first appearance in Partner Promises!, where it was briefly spotted by Ash at nighttime and healed a scratch he suffered while rescuing a Wimpod trapped in a cave.

In SM044, the four guardian deities were all alerted to the creation of Cosmog.

They all appeared again in SM051 and SM052, in which they performed a ritual by singing to activate the Altar of the Sunne to evolve Nebby into Solgaleo. They also upgraded Ash's Z-Ring to a Z-Power Ring to allow him and Nebby to perform Searing Sunraze Smash to open an Ultra Wormhole.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Tapu Koko first appeared in the Sun & Moon chapter, attacking Sun and Moon. After a short battle it escapes, leaving behind a Sparkling Stone. The other guardians are later mentioned during the Kahunas meeting about the recent sightings of the guardian deities. Afterwards, Tapu Koko saves Moon at Mahalo Trail, when Nebby breaks the bridge as Moon is defending it from Spearow.


  • The guardian deities are the only Pokémon to have an interpunct in their Japanese names.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 守護神 Sáuwuhsàhn
Mandarin 守護神 / 守护神 Shǒuhùshén
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Pokémon strážcem
Denmark Flag.png Danish Øens vagt
Guardian Pokémon
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Eilandbeschermer
Finland Flag.png Finnish Suojelija
France Flag.png French Pokémon Gardien
Divinité gardienne
Pokémon protecteur
Germany Flag.png German Schutzpatron
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Védőistene
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon protettore
South Korea Flag.png Korean 수호신 Suhosin
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Øyernes vakt
Poland Flag.png Polish Boski strażnik
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Guardião da ilha
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Divindade guardiã
Russia Flag.png Russian Божественный хранитель Bozhestvennyy khranitel'
Дух хранитель Dukh khranitel'
Spain Flag.png Spanish Espíritu guardián
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Öväktare
Guradian Pokémon
Spirit guradian

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