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Ash after catching a Pokémon

Caught Pokémon (Japanese: まえたポケモン Caught Pokémon, mostly referred to as GETしたポケモン Got Pokémon by anime characters, using the English word get) are Pokémon that have been put in the control of a Pokémon Trainer by the use of a Poké Ball, or by trading with another Trainer.

The terms "catch" and "capture" are often used interchangeably in the games and in the anime. In the context of Pokémon Rangers, however, capture also has a separate meaning, referring to the technique a Pokémon Ranger uses to gain a Pokémon's assistance by befriending it, without controlling it as its Trainer.


A Poké Ball after a successful catch in the Sun & Moon series

The catching process typically involves a battle in which the Pokémon is at first weakened and/or affected with a status condition, at which point the Trainer throws a Poké Ball (or upgraded version) at said Pokémon in order to catch it. Catching Pokémon is central to all canons in the Pokémon franchise; a caught Pokémon can be used in battling and for quests to aid Trainers, whereas Pokémon in the wild cannot, except in some episodes in the anime.

In the core series games, Pokémon that are caught do not need to obey their owners; if a Pokémon is traded and the Trainer does not have the Badge required, it may disobey and refuse to execute a move during battles. In the Pokémon anime, even with many Badges or being under original ownership, many Pokémon still may refuse to listen until trust is gained between the Trainer and Pokémon.

Caught Pokémon are stronger than Pokémon in the wild in the games. At the same level, a caught Pokémon will have more points in every statistic than a wild one; this is due to the fact that caught Pokémon gain EVs from every battle they partake in, and therefore, on training, will gain points in their stats based on what they've encountered. This becomes more and more obvious at the later stages of the game, where the higher levels allow for a greater disparity of stats between caught and wild Pokémon, especially those raised from a low level, giving the Trainer a more decisive edge in wild battles.

It's important to note, however, that Pokémon controlled by other Trainers are just as strong statistically (at the same level) as the player's are. Caught Pokémon can level up, learn new moves in battle, and evolve, while wild Pokémon cannot.

Newly caught Pokémon are no stronger or weaker than their wild counterparts, with the exception of innate IV differences. By using some varieties of Poké Ball, such as the Luxury Ball and Friend Ball, a Pokémon's friendship may be higher than usual upon being caught.

Wild Pokémon that are fused with other Pokémon cannot be caught, with prime examples being Kyurem in Black 2 and White 2 and Dusk Mane/Dawn Wings/Ultra Necrozma in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Pokédex entries

Episode Subject Source Entry
EP001 Catching Pokémon Ash's Pokédex To capture a Pokémon, you usually have your own Pokémon battle with the other.
This concludes the entries from the original series.
Episode Subject Source Entry
SM004 Catching Pokémon Rotom Pokédex In order to catch a wild Pokémon, you have to throw a Poké Ball at it after it's been exhausted in battle.
This concludes the entries from the Sun & Moon series.

Captured Pokémon

A Capture Styler

A related concept to caught Pokémon is captured Pokémon, from the Pokémon Ranger series. While catching uses a Poké Ball, capturing requires a Capture Styler, and the captured Pokémon can only be used once for either helping to capture another Pokémon or for its Field Move before it is automatically released. This does not include the player's first captured Pokémon which becomes the partner Pokémon.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 捉到的寶可夢 Jūkdóu-dīk Pokémon
Mandarin 捉到的寶可夢 / 捉到的宝可梦 Zhuōdào-de Pokémon
France Flag.png French Pokémon attrapé
Germany Flag.png German Gefangene Pokémon
India Flag.png Hindi पोकेमोन को पकड़ लिया Pokémon Ko Pakad Liya
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokémon catturato
South Korea Flag.png Korean 잡은 포켓몬 Jabeun Pokémon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokémon capturado

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