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If you were looking for the Trainer class, see Ultra Recon Squad (Trainer class).
Ultra Recon Squad
ウルトラ調査隊 Ultra Reconnaissance Team
Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Ultra Recon Squad.png
Artwork of the Ultra Recon Squad from Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Leader Phyco
Region Ultra Space
Admins Unknown
Base locations Ultra Megalopolis

The Ultra Recon Squad (Japanese: ウルトラ調査隊 Ultra Reconnaissance Team) is an organization that came to the Alola region from the Ultra Megalopolis, a world beyond an Ultra Wormhole. The group's main goal is to investigate Ultra Wormholes, Ultra Beasts, and return the light that was stolen from their home by Necrozma.

In the core series games, its known members are Dulse, Zossie, Soliera, and Captain Phyco. In Pokémon GO, the GO Ultra Recon Squad member Rhi appears.

In the games


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

The Ultra Recon Squad appears in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Depending on the game, a different pair will play a central role while the other two only appear near the end of the game's story. In Pokémon Ultra Sun, Dulse and Zossie will play the central role while in Pokémon Ultra Moon, it will be Phyco and Soliera. Their goals also differ depending on the version of the game: Dulse and Zossie focus on finding out how to stop Necrozma, while Soliera and Phyco focus on how to use Necrozma's power.

The Ultra Recon Squad member DulseUS/SolieraUM use a Furfrou in their first battle and the Ultra Beast Poipole in all subsequent battles.

The Ultra Recon Squad are first seen assisting a pair of Aether Foundation Employees in trying to prevent Lillie from escaping Aether Paradise with Nebby, only to witness Nebby teleporting itself and Lillie away to another location. They are then seen in Iki Town as the player is heading over to the festival, talking about what the people of Alola are celebrating about. After the player defeats Hau, they start commentating on the battle and how they are going to use the content of Alola to stop "The Blinding One".

The second encounter happens when the player enters the second half Route 2. Here, they investigate "The Blinding One" energy signature they detect nearby. They are later seen after the player completes Ilima's trial, where they share their curiosity about the Z-Crystals and the aura surrounding Totem Pokémon. They are surprised to learn about the Poké Balls that the player has before revealing their investigation on Z-Crystals and moving on.

The third encounter with the Ultra Reacon Squad happens after the player finds Nebby in Seaward Cave. Here they explain that they are searching for someone powerful enough to protect "The Blinding One", while also mentioning they have been exploring the concept of Poké Balls. Using the Furfrou they caught, DulseUS/SolieraUM challenges the player to a fight. Upon losing to the player, they will then mention that Cosmog is known to create Ultra Wormholes, which might bring danger into the world(s), but are reassured that the Alolan people will not let it happen. Before leaving, the Ultra Recon Squad then declare they will leave Lillie and Nebby alone as long as the Pokémon doesn't open an portal to Megalo Tower.

The fourth encounter occurs in Paniola Ranch after the player scares away the Sudowoodo blocking the path to Route 6. Here, they express surprise that Sudowoodo isn't a plant despite their appearance while marvelling at how unique Alolan Pokémon are. DulseUS/SolieraUM then challenges the player to a fight using the Ultra Beast Poipole from their home. After the battle, DulseUS/SolieraUM thanks the player for helping them to better understand their Poipole while noting that their battle skills need more improvement. They also mention how the Z-Power Ring reminds them of the light their ancestors once experienced from the "Blinding One", which is their duty to find out about before leaving the area.

The fifth encounter happens when the player enters Dividing Peak Tunnel for the first time. Here they discover that the aura readings in the area are very high, and they are not very familiar with the tunnels. After asking the player if they can control the aura that is in Z-Moves they reveal that their home used to be have a light that affected them similarly to Z-Moves. They proceed to leave the tunnel in order to meet up someone. When the player enters Route 8, it is revealed that it was Colress who the Ultra Recon Squad was meeting with. After chatting with the scientist they leave the route.

The sixth encounter with the Ultra Recon Squad happens after the player defeats Nihilego at Aether Paradise, where they're seen without their masks for the first time. They reveal to the player and Hau that they are working with Lusamine and helping the Aether Foundation with their research on Ultra Beasts. They explain that Nihilego is an Ultra Beast that came from Ultra Space, and that their home dimension's light was stolen by Necrozma, which may one day steal the light of Alola as well. Lusamine reassures them that should Necrozma or any Ultra Beasts emerge in Alola, the Ultra Recon Squad will be prepared to protect the region along with the Aether Foundation.

The seventh encounter occurs when the player reaches Tapu Village, where they are investigating the ruins. The Ultra Recon Squad explains that here is where Necrozma last visited Alola, when it fought against the Guardian deities during its search for light. They also revealed that their ancestors were greedy and wanted to control Necrozma's light, only for the plan to backfire. Their action resulted in Necrozma losing a piece of itself, leading it to become wild and seeking all the light it can find to absorb. Because of this, their ancestors locked the Prism Pokémon away in the Megalo Tower in order to prevent it from escaping and contain its rage. However, the tower has begun to reach its limit, leading to their difficult mission in Alola to find a different way to stopUS/helpUM Necrozma.

The next encounter is back at Aether Paradise during Lillie's rescue, where they block the player from getting to Lusamine. They ask the player to leave Cosmog to them before DulseUS/SolieraUM faces the player in battle. The battle made DulseUS/SolieraUM realize the reason they have no control over Necrozma even with the technology they have, but they are still confident in the fact that the Aether Foundation will use Nebby to send strong Pokémon Trainers through the Ultra Wormhole to stop Necrozma using a device created by Colress to restrain it. So they ask the player not to get in the way of Lusamine before the player goes to face her. After Lusamine goes into Ultra Space along with Guzma using Nebby's power, the Ultra Recon Squad comes into the room, appalled that Lusamine went to face Necrozma for her own selfish reasons rather than to help them. Right before leaving, they then mention that if Lusamine awakens Necrozma, it will take the light of Alola as it tried to do in the past and already did in Ultra Megalopolis.

The ninth encounter happens in the Vast Poni Canyon as the player is heading to the Altar of the SunneUS/Altar of the MooneUM with Lillie. The Ultra Recon Squad, still enraged over Lusamine's selfish actions, challenges the player to one last battle to prove that they can take on Necrozma themselves. After another defeat, they accept their mistake and ask the player to stop Necrozma in their place when it comes to Alola.

The tenth encounter with the Ultra Recon Squad happens at the Altar of the SunneUS/Altar of the MooneUM whenDusk Mane NecrozmaUS/Dawn Wings NecrozmaUM escapes into Ultra Space after being defeated by the player. They are horrified that their fear came to be as Necrozma steals the light of Alola and will steal the light of worlds unless stopped. Lusamine asks for their help in reaching Ultra Megalopolis with the Legendary Pokémon they use to arrive in Alola, but DulseUS/PhycoUM refuses due to her reckless actions. They also notice that Necrozma was distracted by the player's Z-Power Ring as if it desired it. After discussing with Lillie and Guzma, they explain Ultra Warp Ride to the player and how to use it to reach Necrozma.

And so the player uses their LunalaUS/SolgaleoUM to reach Ultra Megalopolis meeting with the other members Phyco and SolieraUS/Dulse and ZossieUM. Here they explain that their people are hiding due to Necrozma who is attempting to regain its true form by absorbing the light taken from the Legendary Pokémon. This process instead causes Necrozma to feel even more pain due to the fact it cannot control the excessive light energy coming from Nebby. After revealing that both the Prism Pokémon and their own world have both suffered for so long, they ask the player to stop Necrozma at the top of Megalo Tower.

The eleventh occurs at Megalo Tower after the player stops Necrozma. The Ultra Recon Squad thanks the player for saving Alola and their world, and says that light will return to their world someday. Noting that Poipole wishes to join the player, they give the Ultra Beast as a gift. The player then returns to the Altar of the SunneUS/Altar of the MooneUM, where the Ultra Recon Squad reveals that Necrozma was the source behind Z-Power and the aura surrounding Totem Pokémon. As thanks they allow the player to continue using their Legendary Pokémon to explore Ultra Space while they decide to remain in Alola to continue their research.

The final encounter with the Ultra Recon Squad happens in Route 1 after the player becomes the champion of Alola. They ask the player and Hau for assistance in dealing with two Ultra Beasts known as BlacephalonUS/StakatakaUM who are running amok on Poni Grove in Poni Island due to Necrozma. After giving the player and Hau Beast Balls, they proceed to capture the Ultra Beasts. One caught by Hau is given to the Ultra Recon Squad to be used by the Squad and the Aether Foundation for research, while the other two are caught by the player. They proceed to thank the two for their service and leave the area.

They can be encountered afterwards at the Lake of the MooneUS/Lake of the SunneUM doing research on it along with the alternate world of Alola.


The concept of Pokémon ownership does not exist in Ultra Megalopolis; instead, the people share Pokémon to use their powers. In the Ultra Recon Squad, each duo travels with a Poipole, one of which DulseUS/SolieraUM uses to battle the player throughout Alola. The other is given to the player by SolieraUS/DulseUM after defeating Necrozma at Megalo Tower.

The Ultra Recon Squad also has access to a Solgaleo and Lunala which they use to travel between Ultra Megalopolis and Alola. After witnessing Necrozma absorb Nebby to become its Dusk ManeUS/Dawn WingsUM form at the altar in Poni Island, the Ultra Recon Squad will entrust the player to ride their LunalaUS/SolgaleoUM through the Ultra Wormhole. After defeating Necrozma at Megalo Tower, the player can speak to PhycoUS/ZossieUM in order to switch between riding Solgaleo or Lunala when using Ultra Warp Ride.

For battles

The Ultra Recon Squad keeps battling Pokémon in the Beast Balls they helped develop with the Aether Foundation. Since Ultra Recon Squad members don't "own" Pokémon, it's unknown whether DulseUS/SolieraUM kept the Furfrou following the first battle.

Ride Pokémon
Given away
Poison Unknown
Beast Boost
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Poipole Lv.40
Fairy Status
Venom Drench
Poison Status
Nasty Plot
Dark Status
Poison Jab
Poison Physical

During the post-game, Hau catches a BlacephalonUS/StakatakaUM at Poni Grove and gives it to the Ultra Recon Squad to be researched.


In the spin-off games

Pokémon GO

The character Rhi is a member of the GO Ultra Recon Squad in Pokémon GO.

In the manga

Ultra Recon Squad in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

The Ultra Recon Squad first appeared when Sun and Moon encountered them in Ultra Deep Sea.

In the TCG

Full Art print of Ultra Recon Squad
Main article: Ultra Recon Squad (Forbidden Light 114)

Ultra Recon Squad was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Sun & Moon Series (the Japanese Sun & Moon Era). It was first released in the Ultra Force subset before debuting in English in the Forbidden Light expansion, with an illustration based on the Ken Sugimori artwork of the character. It was also released as a Full Art card in both expansions, with an illustration by Megumi Mizutani. Ultra Recon Squad allows the player to discard up to 2 Ultra Beast cards from their hand. They then draw 3 cards for each card discarded.


  • When using the Alolan greeting, the Ultra Recon Squad members tend to do it in a more mechanical fashion, moving their hands in a rectangular motion rather than a circular one.
  • Phyco and Zossie's names come from seagrass species, while Soliera and Dulse's names come from species of red algae.
  • All members of the Ultra Recon Squad are left-handed, representative of the reverse world they come from, as the player will always start out as right handed.
  • In the Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc of Pokémon Adventures, Moon takes note of the uncommon appearance of Zossie and the other residents of Ultra Megalopolis, pointing out that their hair and eye colors are likely the result of adaptation to their lightless world.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 究極調查隊 Gaugihk Diuhchàhdeuih
Mandarin 究極調查隊 / 究极调查队 Jiūjí Diàocháduì
France Flag.png French Ultra-Commando
Germany Flag.png German Ultraforschungsteam
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Pasukan Ultra Recon
Italy Flag.png Italian Ultrapattuglia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 울트라조사대 Ultra Josadae
Poland Flag.png Polish Oddział Ultra Recon
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ultraesquadrão de Reconhecimento
Russia Flag.png Russian Команда Ультраисследователей Komanda Ul'traissledovateley
Spain Flag.png Spanish Unidad Ultra
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Đội trinh sát Ultra

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